Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide For Her! Part 2 !

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NEW ‘Tile Sticker’ adds to range of tracker devices for finding lost items! Give the Gift Of Peace Of Mind This Christmas!

Sticker is Tile’s most innovative tracker, launched a few weeks ago. The small, waterproof tracker has a 3-year battery life and an adhesive back meaning you can stick it on pretty much any item you don’t want to misplace! The new and improved Slim, Pro, and Mate trackers now feature longer range, louder ring, and improved design, helping you to keep track of the things that matter most.

A Tile is a great gift for a friend or family member who is always losing something, or just for someone who likes to have peace of mind over their items.


Tile Sticker – RRP £34.99 for 2

Available from:, Amazon, John Lewis & Argos

The new Sticker is the easiest tracking solution of all. Small and waterproof with adhesive back and 3-yr battery life, the Sticker provides long term convenience for busy individuals and families. It’s a cost-effective and effortless tracking solution, especially for multiple items.

Tile Slim – RRP £24.99

Available from:, Amazon, John Lewis & Argos

The new Tile Slim now comes in the shape of a credit card, making it ideal for use cases that require a low profile design. Though discreet in shape and size Tile Slim packs a lot of power, boasting a full three years of battery life, and twice the range (200ft) and volume of the original Tile Slim.

Tile Pro – RRP £29.99

Available from:, Amazon, John Lewis & Argos

The new Tile Pro is Tile’s most powerful Bluetooth tracker. Created for those who value high performance, durability and strong design. Now featuring a 400ft range and loudest ring so no matter where your things are, you’ll find them.

Tile Mate – RRP £19.99

Available from:, Amazon, John Lewis & Argos

The new Tile Mate is perfect for the essentials in your daily routine. Mate now comes with a longer 200 foot range, making it easier to use and more reliable.


Unparalleled. Opulence… and precision.


Fleur of England is a high-end luxury brand, known for their unparalleled craftsmanship, opulent materials and precision fit. Stocked in 65+ reatailers worldwide, including Harrods and Harvey Nichols and coveted by The Kardashians and Helen Mirren, the rise of Fleur of England has been quiet but by no means un-noticed.

Established in 2001, Fleur of England is a team of 8 women based in creative hub, Bristol – all the designs are hand-drawn by founder Fleur and then stitched by skilled seamstresses in Portugal, bespoke and luxury from start to finish, a Fleur of England Bra stands out in every lingerie drawer.

NEW! SURIN YOGA WHEEL (High Quality) So Good For Correcting posture after work and rugby !


SURIN is a brand founded and inspired in Singapore. Their first product launch is the high quality yoga wheel which is long-lasting and fun! Shop now and experience it for yourself!

One good idea for Christmas is none other than a prop which is able to help to build up strength and stamina! Meet the SURIN yoga wheel, a high quality, comfortable and strong wheel. Highlights and benefits of the SURIN yoga wheel include :- 1. The SURIN yoga wheel can help you nail those stretches and backbend EASILY. Using a yoga wheel daily, especially one as strong as the SURIN yoga wheel will help an athlete greatly in strengthening the inner core.

2. The yoga wheel is able to help relieve one of backache and is particularly effective for strengthening the spine and correcting one’s posture especially after a tough day at work / practice of rugby.


The brand SURIN is understood throughout the age to mean wise and resourceful, and these have been the founding values on which the business was built. SURIN is a new brand founded in Singapore that seeks continuous enhancement and improvement in their services and offerings for their valued customers in every way. For every product which is selected for their valued customers, they are a brand that pledge to ensure quality and excellence in their products, and will ensure 100% satisfaction from their valued customers.

Jessica Elizabeth Happy User of SURIN Yoga Wheel
Flex N Fly Happy User of SURIN Yoga Wheel
Belvin Pcaviness Happy User of SURIN Yoga Wheel
Laura Finch Happy User of SURIN Yoga Wheel


Has Christmas Nailed

From office parties and festive manicures with yule time cocktails to in-store shopping events, stocking fillers and gifts, London Grace has you covered this winter season!

NEW Gift sets! Stuck on secret santa or a stocking filler? This year London Grace are launching two new gift sets:

GIN-GLE ALL THE WAY (£25) Prep for party season with the perfect combo – nails and cocktails! Add two coats of your favourite festive polish and sip on a delicious Sloe Royale cocktail whilst your nail dry. Just pour Haymans of London Sloe Gin (35ml) into a champagne flute and top up with fizz.

TIME TO SPARKLE (£28) A trio of highly pigmented London Grace vegan and no-nasties nail polishes, filled with glittery goodness! Wear on hands and toes to create perfect, party-ready nails. Both sets are available to buy in London Grace stores, on Amazon and at

Festive Manicures As the last autumn leaves turn red, so do our nails. Turn them festive with a sparkle or two.

Our glitter effect is available as an add-on for both polish and Shellac treatments and prices start from just £2 per nail.

It’s almost time for the Christmas Party!

Whether it’s an office party, an end of year get together or just an excuse to get the gang together, The ‘Grace Space’ private party rooms in selected stores are the perfect venue for celebrations for up to 20 people.

Packages start from £20 per person.

Christmas cocktails

There’s no better way to toast the season than by raising a glass of something tasty with freshly polished nails. On the menu in store this year:

Sloe Royale (rrp £9) a delicious mix of Haymans of London sloe gin, top up with prosecco

Mistletoe Margarita (rrp £9) a jazzed up classic featuring Lime/cranberry juice

Merry Mocha (rrp £7) chocolate lovers will delight at this creamy treat which includes a double shot of coffee, chocolate powder, milk, kahlua and a sprinkling of marshmallows

In-store shopping

Chelmsford store 28th November 6-8:30pm

We’ve combined a few of our favourite things – gin, shopping and pampering, to get you in the festive mood! Relax and sample the perfect gin & tonic from Hayman’s gin and Fevertree, before browsing our fabulous Christmas gifting ideas from Pretty & Personalised, Join and Wolfe & Moon. Tickets cost £18 and include a Hunky Dory polish manicure, complimentary gin & tonic, tasting of Hayman’s Sloe gin & Fevertree tonics, exclusive access to our retail sales and discounts.

BIG LOViE Blankets

BIG LOViE blankets are over the top puffy, soft and fun blankets that will make anyone feel incredibly special.

Soft, luxurious blankets branded with wisdom and love.

“A blanket inherently has a special way to bring comfort, but when we infuse a mission and meaning, it takes it to a new level. Creating that really excites us and is a big reason why we have so much passion for building BIG LOViE.”

BIG LOViE blankets are the gift that get a wow and a squeal!

Collections include:

• Guardian Angel Collection

• Infinite Love Collection

• And Dream Collection (available November 25)

Sold a and Amazon.

BIG LOViE is committed to giving back. Our Share the Love program is a powerful Buy One, Give One offer which donates a blanket for every blanket purchased. We support organizations that are there for children in times of crises to provide warmth and love.

“The BIG LOViE mission is about by creating products that align with causes and messages we are passionate about, and organizations that align with them.” WE are women with a grand plan. We are currently developing blankets that love Mother Earth, celebrate friendships, honor the military and encourage healing. “A blanket inherently has a special way to bring comfort, but when we infuse a mission and meaning, it takes it to a new level. Creating that really excites us and is a big reason why we have so much passion for building BIG LOViE.”

“Our tag line is ‘Wrap up in love®’; ultimately, that’s our goal the world over.”

Sugarbearhair launches Hair and Women’s Multi Vitamins into the UK!

US brand Sugarbearhair has recently launched its best-selling, top reviewed Hair Vitamin and Women’s Multi Vitamin into the UK. The brand, best known for its revolutionary hair vitamins, has expanded its product range to include a Women’s Multi Vitamin.
Hair Vitamins – “For heathy hair, eat two blue bears”
Sugarbearhair’s original blue Hair Vitamins are vegetarian and cruelty-free. Formulated with essential hair-friendly vitamins like biotin, folic acid, and vitamin D, these little bears provide all the nutrients needed to meet your #hairgoals! Packed with five nutrients to support healthy skin, five nutrients to support hair & nails and six nutrients to support energy these Hair Vitamins contain a total of 16 nutrients designed to promote total body wellness!
Women’s Multi – “For total body care, eat two pink bears”

Sugarbearhair’s Women’s Multi is scientifically formulated with vegan vitamin complex and designed especially for women. The sweet and delicious berry flavoured gummies contain vegan sourced amino acids as well as 16 micronutrients to help supplement vitamins and essential nutrients many women may be missing in their recommended daily diet. Designed with folate, a form of Vitamin B-9!

All Sugarbearhair products are made in the U.S.A and are free of artificial sweeteners and flavours. They are free from gelation, dairy and gluten. It’s simple, just chew and swallow two gummy bears a day to get all the nutrients needed for a happy and healthy bear life.
RRP: £28 per one-month supply

Start-Ups, Pivots and Pop-Ups: How to Succeed by Creating Your Own Business, written by two established entrepreneurs, Richard Hall and Rachel Bell, discusses the key disrupters of the “Start Up Revolution” 50+, female entrepreneurs, changing workplace culture, millennial militants with a burning desire to do things their way and experienced professionals who have either been made redundant or become disenchanted with corporate life. This book surfs this new entrepreneurial zeitgeist.

Proven to relieve itchy skin in just 5 minutes

· Balneum Cream is a soothing, easily absorbed cream that reduces itching and hydrates dry skin with the help of two active ingredients: Lauromacrogols and urea

· Leaves skin feeling soft, supple and smooth thanks to the replacement of much-needed oils and locking moisture into the skin

· Proven to relieve itch within 5 minutes, this cream is also suitable for use with eczema and psoriasis prone skin

Helping you to itch less and live more.

RRP £12.99 available to buy online at

My Expert Midwife’s multi-award-winning skincare products and toiletries for pregnant and new mums! What A Great Gift Basket Idea!


For example – their gorgeous smelling Trio of Pregnancy sprays are fabulously natural, essential oil based and designed to combat the unwanted symptoms of pregnancy.

Produced by My Expert Midwife, a company set up by leading midwife Lesley Gilchrist, they offer respite for classic pregnancy symptoms of sleeplessness, nausea and lack of energy.

The sprays – “Relieve the Heave’, “Feel the Zing’ and ‘Press for ZZZs” are a brand new range at My Expert Midwife. Further details below.

& We’d also recommend the following pregnancy gift set could make a much loved gift for a pregnant mum-to-be…

It includes 4 multi-award-winning skincare products for expectant mums and new mums, and comes beautifully wrapped in a white cotton drawstring bag.

The Mum To Be Gift Set follows the journey all the way from pregnancy through to breastfeeding. Each of the 4 full-size products has been designed by midwives to relieve a range of challenges faced by the skin during pregnancy.

These challenges include tight and dry skin on a growing bump; preparing the perineum for childbirth; caring for the perineal area after childbirth; and looking after the nipples while breastfeeding:

Fantastic Skin Elastic (100ml) – helps to moisturise a growing bump and relieve tight, itchy skin
Peri Prep your Bits (30ml) – A massage oil for preparing the perineum, through perineal massage, to help it stretch during childbirth
Spritz for Bits (150ml) – instant post-birth relief for a sore vulva, perineal tear or episiotomy
No Harm Nipple Balm (30ml) – helps to soothe and protect cracked and sore nipples when breastfeeding.
Further details here


London-based healthy snacks company Abakus Foods introduces a Festive Superfood Christmas Stocking!

The Christmas stocking contains a mixed bundle of vegan and gluten-free snacks including Seaweed Crisps in three delicious flavours; cheese, salt & vinegar and lightly salted, as well as Red Dates in three varieties; chocolate coated, soft & chewy, and crunchy crisp. These delicious snacks come with great health benefits. Seaweed Crisps are a source of iodine which helps support cognitive function and functioning of the nervous system, whilst red dates are known for their adaptogenic properties, which can help the body adapt to stress, both mentally and physically.

Give the gift a health with this superfood snack stocking that everyone will love! You can also choose other combinations of Abakus Foods healthy snacks in the stocking to personalise to your taste.

The Christmas stocking has an RRP of £15.99 and is available now on

The perfect dresses for the modern day on the go women. Women with an active lifestyle.

Packable wrinkle resistant clothing for women! To empower these women to worry less about clothing so they can really focus on what else matters!

Cost: $88

Each dress comes with a built in pouch that packs the dress away snuggly. The pouch also comes with an accessories pouch so you can fit any accessories for that dress/attire. It’s perfect for women who need to pack for multiple events in a day.

There is no gift/stocking stuffer that you can give the your woman, wife, signifigant other, or Mom-to-Be or a woman that you love around the Holidays “COOLER” than VagiKool . . . and we mean that literally!

Care & Bloom.

Jasmine Champagne Facial Moisturizer

Wildcrafted Cleanser is a gentle and effective face cleanser providing down-to-earth wholesome nourishment for skin. Formulated with minimal ingredients, it’s ultra-smooth texture and earthy color will remind you of it’s natural, planted based origins. 4 oz. / $55





Amazon: (UK)
Amazon: (US)

Lehigh Valley, PA (November, 9 2019)

Small Mistakes, Big Consequences Develop Your Soft Skills to Help You Succeed (Momosa Publishing LLC, ISBN 978-1-7323016-2-7, e-book ISBN 978-1-7323016-2-7, March 1, 2019, $10.00) is the first book in the Small Mistakes, Big Consequences series.

Written by Anne Corley Baum a well- known Lehigh Valley executive & vice president distribution channels & labor relations for Capital BlueCross, the book is a lighthearted look at the top 16 business mistakes that people make without realizing the potential consequences.

Baum says “her goal is to share lessons that she has learned throughout her career with others so they can learn about those subtle mistakes that can determine their future- the things others won’t tell you, but definitely notice.” She wrote the book to share common small mistakes that people make that prevent them from being successful and to emphasize the fact that our body language and most importantly behavior can have a major impact on how we are perceived by others.

She has spent years serving in leadership roles and teaching leadership to high potential employees on their way to the C Suite. She is a certified protocol and etiquette consultant and has run programs on perfecting your professional image, leadership and executive coaching, how to succeed in the international arena, and dining at the corporate table. She has also led programs for young adults including interviewing and job skills and etiquette and dining programs for children and teens.

Baum states “the book profiles the personality types you inevitably will encounter on your path to success and offers practical solutions to responding to them. Additionally, she sees the book as an indispensable guide to those just starting out in the business world and for those already in the workforce. It’s an accessible, warm and friendly way to identify the common character mistakes that can make or break relationships.

Readers will discover how to:

· Be perceived as sincere and trustworthy

· Empower your team for greater success

· Help team members take accountability for their actions

· Encourage others to listen to your perspective

· Present your best, most professional self.

Facts, data and technical knowledge are only one set of factors that lead to success. Equally crucial is your behavior and how it is perceived by others. “It take time, patience and practice to get it right, but once you have mastered it, your career path is wide open” says Baum.

About the Author:

Anne Corley Baum is the Lehigh Valley executive & vice president, distribution channels and labor relations for Capital BlueCross. Prior to joining Capital BlueCross, she taught leadership to high potentials on their way to the C suite through the executive coaching programs and seminars of her company Vision Accomplished. She has received numerous awards for her leadership, including the Athena International Award and Pennsylvania Best 50 Women in Business. Anne was certified by the Protocol School of Washington as a protocol and etiquette consultant, and holds a BA in Biology from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree in Health Systems Management from Rush University, Chicago IL. Anne resides in Bethlehem, PA with her husband and two children.

About the Small Mistakes, Big Consequences Series:

Small Mistakes, Big Consequences book series is filled with simple, actionable business tips to help you succeed. It’s your guide to navigating the speed bumps on the road to the corner office.

Tribe Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Tribe CBD’s broad spectrum formula contains multiple cannabinoids and terpenes to give each serving the maximum benefits of the hemp plant. You can mix with your beverage or take it straight under your tongue. Contains zero pesticides or solvents, zero THC, and is derived from sun grown USA hemp plants.

Exact Golf Tool


Exact Golf Tool is a perfect holiday gift for any golf lover! We are currently known for our 5-in-1 Golf Tool but we have other great products too! The reason people love our products is they have so many different uses and can be personalized!

The 5-in-1 Golf Tool fits right into your pocket and it’s cigar holder, ball marker, groove cleaner, club holder and divot repair. Check out They will also have holiday bundles available closer to thanksgiving with up to 40-50% off.

The Bondi Shoe Club Launches Completely Recyclable Shoes

Inspired by the scenery of the Sydney’s beaches, The Bondi Shoe Club has today announced their first range of chic tropical printed footwear. The collection boasts an Australian twist on the canvas espadrille and has launched just in time for summer!

With the inaugural collection featuring The Freshwater Flamingos, The Bondi Palm Trees, The Coogee Cockatoos, The Manly Beach Monsteras, The Tamarama Tropical Midnights and The Palm Beach Pi neapples, there’s something for every taste.

The range is Vegan Certified with no animal products used in the shoes. Designed with comfort in mind, the TPR rubber soles and EVA insole provide extra support and durability for those on the go. The casual and colourful designs are fun and ideal for the Australian summer, made from comfortable canvas material. The Bondi Shoe Club only uses vegan certified eco-friendly glue, which doesn’t release any nasty fumes, making it more ethical for those actually producing the product. Shoes are even delivered in a cornstarch postal satchel. All of these materials mean the entire shoe can be recycled!

With sustainability at the forefront of this new shoe range, all packaging is completely biodegradable or compostable and 5% of all profits go to the ‘Fight for our Reef’ campaign by the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Co-Founder Fran McKirdy commented: “In a sea of black and white shoes we are a vibrant and tropical wave of colourful footwear, looking to bring consumers the holiday feeling all year round.”

All shoes are priced at $89. The Bondi Shoe Club can be purchased online via:

Gerrard Larriett loved the historic charm of his pre-war condo, but hated covering his window air conditioner with ugly blankets.

So he began quilting decor-matching AC covers for himself and for friends.

Many improvements later led to this time-tested design that goes on fast and stays put. Now you can enjoy a comfy, chic, and warm room during those harsh winter months.

Choose one of our fun decorative AC cover patterns (like Autumn Leafs, Poinsettia and Snowflakes) or decor-matching solids for yourself and see what a draft-free room and lower energy bills feels like.


SHEER is a revolutionary apparel tech brand for women, with a mission to empower and inspire confidence in women.

Our first product is a LBD (little black dress) with patented hidden shapewear layers – built into the garment. SHEER is not only solving the shapewear problem (…the rolling, digging, pinching, and oh so embarrassing moments) but also it’s a tool to help combat self-hate and promote body confidence for women of all shapes and sizes. Designed and developed in collaboration with a former SPANX executive designer!


With our premium bamboo steamer, you can steam all types of food! Veggies, rice, dumplings, fish, and meat! This high quality, 100% bamboo cooker has an incredible two-tiered design that allows you to cook multiple things at once! Bamboo cookers are a rapidly growing alternative that allows for a lightweight and durable product! Our steaming baskets are an immediate upgrade to any set of kitchenware and will provide endless delicious meals!

HIGH QUALITY DESIGN AND MATERIAL! This 100% premium quality bamboo steamer is made with value and craftsmanship at the forefront! Providing endless cooking and steaming opportunities, this Asian food cooker comes with a variety of wonderful tools helping make it a perfect steam pot for a large variety of kitchen ideas! Lightweight and durable, these steamers are top tier and have no plastic. They are easy to clean and fit in most cooking pots!

Check it out here:

Be Your Own Makeup Artist: Unleash Your Inner Beauty, found at, is the perfect gift that offers a great opportunity to explore various products, share beauty discussions and experiment with makeup – throughout generations!

Written in an easy-to-digest format, along with detailed illustrations, this book is gender neutral, inclusive, and multi-generational. Empowerment and confidence comes from within. Discover how to apply makeup that showcases your unique features!

Available on Kindle (free with the membership) as well as in paperback and hardcover editions. Book highlights include:

Identify your skin type, tone and undertone to find your perfect product

Shop smarter by understanding the ‘business’ of makeup

Learn the tools and brushes for makeup and how to use them properly

With each purchase of the book, you also receive an invitation to join an online community of fellow readers, makeup artists and beauty experts. The community is designed for Natalie to offer additional educational and informative tips and advice as well as encourage readers to discuss and share their makeup journeys.

Waveformers® by HairFlair are the NEW easy-to-use tool for heat-free, damage-free waves with staying power. Combined with the Styleformers® by HairFlair product range, waves will look and feel nourished, silky and smooth seeing you through the Christmas party season and beyond.

As seen at the Julien Macdonald London Fashion Week show S/S20 where Karine Jackson worked alongside celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves on a glamorous, modern take on the bouff ant, and used on Peaky Blinders actress Anya Taylor-Joy, Waveformers® work on the principle of setting hair from damp to dry creating amazing hold. Waveformers® off er an escape from irons and tongs, creating longlasting heat damage-free styles whatever the occasion. Simply pull onto damp hair using the Styling Hook and leave to dry.

Waveformers® by HairFlair come in two sizes, Ocean Flair™ for body and movement and Beach Flair™ for more defi ned waves. Each kit includes two hooks, and the Waveformers® feature an ingenious sky-blue strip on one side to indicate a forward or backward facing wave.

• Create diff erent styles for the Christmas party season, apres ski or at the offi ce • Packs easily for holiday escapes and dries quickly for frizz-free results • Use to re-style curly hair into a more relaxed or defi ned style • Creates a beautiful base for a half or full updo • More staying power than heat-styled waves • Kind to the environment: no electricity needed, durable design with a lifetime guarantee

The HairFlair brand is synonymous with all curl types and ethnicities and the flagship Curlformers® tool range curls with care.

Illuminate Labs Inc.

Illuminate Labs are a high-end supplement brand which has gotten fantastic reviews from health-conscious women and influencers because of how they are changing the dietary supplements industry. Their biggest customer demographic is middle-aged women.

What Illuminate Labs does differently is they test all of their products. They contract a third party lab to perform the testing and they will only sell the products to you as a consumer if they pass testing. Illuminate Labs performs testing on finished products whereas many manufacturers do testing on raw materials, which isn’t as accurate because contamination could occur during the manufacturing process.

Here are their three in stock products from their herbal supplements line:

1) Ginkgo Biloba Pills

2) Panax Ginseng Pills

3) Ceylon Cinnamon Pills

Narrow Bridge Candles (, is a California candle company specializing in sustainable practices and candles made from 100% beeswax.


Amongst its many products, the company offers an Annual Hanukkah Subscription featuring Hanukkah candles for all eight nights and colorful Hanukkah gelt. The subscription can be ordered online on Narrow Bridge’s website. Gift-givers can choose between several options including sending a one-time gift to loved ones, or having the shipment come for several years.

The company also offers Seasonal Subscriptions that comes four times a year at the beginning of each season and includes candles, and holiday ritual items or herbs relevant to the season. There are also multi-use candles and Creative Ritual boxes for those in your audience who want something a little more non-denominational. All of Narrow Bridge’s candles are hand-dipped and poured and free of dyes and fragrances.

The unforgettable Thandiswa Mazwai The Intimate Show LIVE at The Lyric, Gold Reef City!

Gold Reef City (, SA’s most loved local entertainment spot, is very excited to bring you an almost sold out season finale of the star-studded 2019 Bassline Live at The Lyric ( series with Thandiswa Mazwai The Intimate Show. Thanks to Bassline Live – in partnership with Radio2000 – Thandiswa ( will be lighting up the stage on Saturday, 30 November with her undeniable stage personality and presence.

Thandiswa, an award-winning South African musician whose career spans over 25 years, needs no introduction. She was part of the vanguard movement that created a post-apartheid dance music genre called Kwaito and over the years has cemented herself as an indelible part of the cultural landscape of South Africa with several award-winning solo albums including her magnum opus “Zabalaza” released in 2004 and awarded the “Album of the Decade of Freedom” by the Pan South African Language Board.

Get your tickets from before they sell out! The three shows before this season finale sold out in record time, so get your tickets today to avoid disappointment. Tickets start at R250 per person, the show starts at 20h00.

For more information on what’s happening at Gold Reef City Casino & Theme Park, visit

Get Social:

Follow us on Twitter @GoldReefCitySA or keep up to date with our news on Facebook @GoldReefCitySA#LoveGRC

Obesity is a significant factor in 50% of the most common pet illnesses, according to MORE TH>N data

· Six of the 12 most common pet insurance claims can be significantly affected by obesity – these conditions are on average more expensive to treat, increasing the cost of the claim
· MORE TH>N received 9,203 claims and paid out over £8m for those six conditions in 2018
· MORE TH>N will provide new dog insurance customers with free membership of PitPat Life in November, and users can earn up to £100 cashback for walking their dog

MORE TH>N has revealed that, of the 12 most common pet insurance claims reported to it in 2018, half can be significantly affected by obesity.

This means that being overweight or not having enough exercise could contribute to the development of, complexity of, or recovery from these conditions. The data has been released by MORE TH>N, which insures cats and dogs, to highlight how damaging obesity can be to pets’ health.

It shows that claims typically cost more for these conditions, averaging £900 compared to £722 across the top 12 conditions overall. This is most likely because obesity can make it harder to treat these types of illnesses, driving up vet fees.

Overall, MORE TH>N received 9,203 claims and paid out over £8m for the top six obesity-influenced conditions in 2018. Obesity can affect a wide range of conditions to varying degrees, so the impact is likely to be even more widespread than that. This issue is largely caused by pets not getting enough exercise, while also having a poor diet.

To help pet owners keep their dog healthy, MORE TH>N has partnered with PitPat to offer free membership to ‘PitPat Life’ for customers who take out a pet insurance policy in November[1]. The membership includes a free PitPat dog activity monitor, which can be attached to a dog’s collar to track their exercise and weight. PitPat data on over 15,000 dogs in the UK shows they are active for an average of 100 minutes each day[2].

The monitor works with a free app that sets a daily exercise goal based on the dog’s breed and age, and users earn points for reaching their goal. These points can be exchanged for prizes, including up to £100 cashback for MORE TH>N customers, making keeping their dog healthy even more rewarding.

Andrew Moore, Director of Pet Claims at MORE TH>N, and a qualified vet, said:

“As an insurer and a former vet, I regularly see the issues pet obesity can cause and it’s a worrying trend. Pet owners are responsible for keeping their pets healthy, but the truth is many cats and dogs aren’t getting enough exercise.

“PitPat Life helps dog owners to understand the amount of exercise their best friend needs, and it motivates and rewards dog owners for taking the initiative. As an incentive, with MORE TH>N you can earn money for walking your dog – customers who consistently reach their dog’s daily exercise goals can earn up to £100 cashback as a thank you for keeping their dog healthy. Although an equivalent doesn’t yet exist for cat owners, we hope that they are doing everything they can to keep their feline friend healthy too.”

Andy Nowell, CEO of PitPat, said:

“Every owner wants to do the best for their pet, but sometimes we all need a little help. PitPat Life is the fun and simple way to make sure your dog gets the right amount of exercise and the perks and prizes membership offers are a great motivation. We’re delighted that MORE TH>N are giving their dog insurance customers membership of PitPat Life and think the opportunity to earn £100 for walking your dog will get tails wagging across the country.”

Diet also plays a crucial role in keeping pets healthy, so MORE TH>N has provided advice on managing your dog or cat’s diet here:

Haynes Flavoured Spirits Manual, by Tim Hampson, £14.99 ( – ISBN 9781785216695) – a practical guide to adding character to your favourite spirits. Infusion is fun, inventive and a great way to impress your guests.

With easy to follow clear instructions, this book contains more than 30 recipes for making liqueurs and infusions, featuring a wide range of tastes and ingredients from blackberries and chili to Turkish delight and chocolate. This is the essential practical guide for anyone wanting to explore the world of spirited infusions, whether to create the most amazing bespoke drinks collection, make the most of seasons fruits and foraging trips, or host sparkling cocktail parties.

· Bluffer’s Guide to Christmas, Boris Starling, £6.99 ( – ISBN 9781785216619) – top tips on planning the best Christmas ever and how to get through the festive period

Gone are the days when the Christmas run-up meant December 1 onwards. Nowadays no arbitrary date is too early (or too late) to start celebrating the most important event on the calendar. Wherever you start, suddenly you’re back at 25 December. Roy Wood famously wished it could be Christmas every day. Well, old sparkly beardie finally got his wish, and here’s the definitive guide to help us navigate our way through the maze of holly and mistletoe to the gift that keeps on giving.

The Bluffer’s Guide to Christmas will help you get the most value from Christmas at the least cost to your wallet and sanity. It will teach you everything you need to know and say about the origins and evolution of the biggest religious feast of them all (in case that should be overlooked). But, most importantly, it will see you safely through the Holy Festival of shopping and indigestion just in time to prepare you fully for the next one.

· Bluffer’s Guide to Entertaining, William Hanson, £6.99 ( – ISBN 9781785216503) – how to be the perfect host/hostess

The Bluffer’s Guide To Entertaining, by leading etiquette expert and TV personality William Hanson, reveals all the necessary rules and protocols about everything from ‘working a room’ to selecting the right food and drink for different occasions – all by applying a few easy-to-learn hints and techniques with charm and panache.

· Bluffer’s Guide to Etiquette, William Hanson, £6.99 ( – ISBN 9781785212383) – all the do’s and don’ts you need when it comes to etiquette

Instantly acquire all the knowledge you need to pass as an expert in the world of etiquette and high society. Know what to say, what not to say, where to be seen, and what and what not to wear. Never again be found wanting when asked if someone is a PLU or a NQOCD, why port should be passed to the left, or how many air kisses you should aim at the proffered cheek of someone you barely know. Arm yourself with the essential words or phrases which have entered the etiquette lexicon from prerevolutionary France, and know not to mix up your droit du seigneur with your noblesse oblige. Bask in the admiration of your aristocratic hosts as you enquire politely about the place à table, pronounce confidently on whether the going is heavy or soft, and hold your own against the most sneering of posturing parvenus.

Written by experts and offering readers the opportunity to pass off appropriated knowledge as their own, the Bluffer’s Guides provide hard fact masquerading as frivolous observation in one witty, easy read.

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The Wellbeing Bouquet

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As the days get colder and darker – and the sniffles begin to set in – the winter months can leave many feeling a little under the weather. Fortunately, award-winning online florist, Serenata Flowers, has created the perfect floral remedy to keep you happy and healthy throughout the winter months.

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Two white oriental lilies, often used in aromatherapy to treat headaches and depression, add a touch of sophistication to the arrangement and are accompanied by high altitude roses which are renowned for their healing abilities and relaxing scent.

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Santa Shortage: A third of Santas potentially missing, just two days before Christmas

The UK could be facing a worrying Santa shortage, with just two days to go until Christmas.

According to data by Simply Business, one of the UK’s only providers of professional Santa Claus insurance, there could be over a third less Santas doing the rounds this festive season.

Analysis of 250 requests for policies revealed a 35% drop in the number of Santa Claus’ looking for cover, compared to the yearly average over the past three years.

The number of grottos, meanwhile, has rocketed, with 2019 seeing a 50% increase on the average of the last three years. Could it be left up to the elves to spread festive cheer this Christmas?

Bea Montoya, Chief Operating Officer at Simply Business, commented: “With just two days to go until Christmas, we’re seeing a worryingly lower number of Santa Clauses in operation this festive season. Given the sharp increase in the number of grottos across the country, we feel compelled to call for all Santa Clauses to report for duty immediately, to prevent Christmas from being cancelled this year.”

Heathrow reveals the top festive questions every parent should prepare for at Christmas, as Santa’s workshop is unveiled underneath Terminals 2 and 5

‘How does Santa get to every house in the world in one night?’ is the most frequently asked festive question amongst children under 10
Over a third (35%) of parents tell children it takes Santa’s elves a year of preparation to prepare for the big night
Heathrow keeps the magic alive as it unveils a collection of periscopes, revealing the buzz of elvish Christmas preparations happening underneath passengers’ feet

Given the magical feat achieved by Santa and his team of elves each year – it’s no wonder 2.6 million1 children up and down the country wonder and question their parents about Santa’s delivery logistics.

To help parents this Christmas, Heathrow has unveiled a magical installation of periscopes at Terminals 2 and 5 that will allow children (and adults) to immerse, and witness, themselves of the inner workings of Santa’s incredible logistical feat for the very first time.

By peering through the periscopes, innovative 360-degree films will give passengers the chance to watch a range of elvish activity taking place right underneath them – with scenes from Santa’s Toy Factory, Department of Wrapping and Mail Room all acted out by Heathrow’s very own colleagues. The scenes reveal Heathrow’s long held secret: that Santa, like many others around the world, relies on the UK’s hub airport to get to where he needs to be during the holidays, and what’s more, has built his entire workshop right underneath Heathrow’s terminals.

The revelation follows new research2 by Heathrow, which shows the toughest questions kids under 10 ask their parents in the run up to the big day – with the top question being “How does Santa really get to every house in the world?”

How does Santa really get to every house in the world? (32%)
How come Santa doesn’t run out of time delivering presents to children all over the world? (24%)
How does Santa know what I’d like for Christmas? (24%)
How does Santa know if I have been naughty or nice? (23%)
Do Santa and his elves make all of the toys? (22%)
How can Santa speak all the different languages around the world? (14%)
How do Santa’s elves know how to make toys? (12%)
How many elves work with Santa? (12%)

As the UK’s global gateway connecting more than 200 destinations around the world, Heathrow makes the perfect destination for Santa to base his workshop – with its long runways, cargo facilities and world-class air traffic controllers, Santa can deliver around the world on schedule. Operating at near-full capacity, Europe’s largest airport expects 6.5m passengers to go in and out of its doors this December3 with 255,133 passengers expected to fly in and out on the busiest day – December 20th – alone.

Until now, parents around the UK have had to rely on telling ‘tall tales’ to keep the Christmas magic alive for their children, such as:

It takes Santa’s elves year-round preparation in the workshop for the big night – they help Santa with his Naughty/Nice list and keep tabs on children’s whereabouts for when he is doing his rounds (35%)
No one knows, its magic (33%)
Santa’s reindeers have special powers: they can balance on rooftops, can see well in the dark, and can travel at lightning speed (33%)

But it’s not just children who Heathrow is keeping the magic alive for, nearly three quarters (74%) of British adults say they still believe in the magic of Christmas.

Elizabeth Hegarty, Director of Customer Relations & Service commented: “Christmas is a magical time, whatever your age, so we are excited to offer all our passengers the chance to see right into Santa’s workshop, seeing first-hand how hard his Heathrow elves work.

“December is a busy time for Heathrow, with lots of families travelling over the Christmas period. This experience hopefully provides a little festive fun during their time at the airport – and helps parents to answer curious children’s questions!”

The films can be viewed by passengers travelling through the departure lounges at Terminals 2 and 5 throughout December.

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REVEALED: Romeo Beckham’s staggering online earnings

The Beckham boys have over 15,000,000 Instagram followers between them
Each sponsored video uploaded by Romeo could be worth £11,000
David Beckham could earn £200,000 every time he posts on Instagram
He’s one of the most recognisable teenagers on the planet, and a single post on Romeo Beckham’s social media could be worth tens of thousands of pounds, new research shows.

The 17-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham has developed a huge online following on the back of his parents’ wealth and fame – and it seems he cashes in on that by making vast amounts of money out of his millions of Instagram followers.

Social media is continuing to rise as a powerful marketing tool, with celebrities charging thousands for a sponsored post promoting a brand or product to their followers.

New research has shown that if Romeo was to take advantage of his status as an influential online figure, he could charge sponsors up to £8,000 per sponsored post.

A new Instafam study, by OLBG, reveals that his 2,400,000 followers could earn him a massive £7,801 per post on the social media site – and even more for a video.

Estimates by Instafam suggest those with 500,000 followers earn an average of £1,667 per sponsored post. This equates to an average earning of 0.0033p per follower, 0.0032p per sponsored post, 0.0049 per video and 0.0011p for each story.

The Beckham children have all been lucky to grow up with a famous surname. Brooklyn, a model, wannabe photographer and failed footballer could earn a massive £38,031 per sponsored post, putting him well out in front of his siblings.

Cruz could still earn £5,280 per post with over 1.5 million followers – more than five times (5.3) what the average UK nurse would make in a month.

However, David Beckham remains the family member with the highest achieving potential. The former England captain has almost 60,000,000 Instagram followers, meaning his potential earnings could be as high as £190,806 for every single post.

And the Beckham’s are not the only children to be making fortunes off the fame of their parents.Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr, the daughter of tennis champion Serena Williams, already has an incredible 600,000 followers despite being just two years old.

That means despite being unable to operate her account, she could still earn almost £2,000 per sponsored post

To see the full list of sporting children and their legendary parents’ Instagram statistics, check out our tool:

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