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FAM Sports, an innovative company specialising in sports performance, today launches its innovative training aid ‘CHECK™’ to the UK market. Aimed at professional and recreational athletes requiring strength, explosive power, skill and coordination, as well as coaches and medical experts, the CHECK™ device, app and online service helps users to optimise training, avoid over-training and reduce injuries by assessing their neuromuscular readiness and recovery. CHECK™ is available now for £170 until 15 Jan from CHECK™ online store

Many athletes continue to train even when they’ve not recovered properly which can decrease performance and possibly lead to overtraining syndrome, making them prone to injuries. With CHECK™, users get a real time assessment of their physical performance, determining the level of strain the muscles have gone through and their current state.

CHECK™ works by using electrodes to send a low-voltage current through the body to stimulate the nerve-muscle connection. The muscles intensity and delay of the reaction is measured and the Training Readiness of the athletes is assessed in real-time.
It is a scientific fact that the collaboration between the brain and muscles is the key performance driver in any sport. Cardio-vascular assessments (such as HRV) are not optimal for strength, skill and co-ordination intensive sports.

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Developed in Finland in co-operation with athletes and Finnish sport scientists, CHECK™ is a total solution, which includes an assessment device, smartphone application and a cloud service. The CHECK™ assessment takes approximately 30 seconds and is easy to do. It should be done everyday, preferably after users wake up but always before their first training session.

The CHECK™ Smartphone app (currently compatible with Android 4.0-4.2 and iPhone 4s, 5, 5c/s along with iPad3 and Mini) provides a simple and fast overview of the assessment results including the instant CHECK™ Training Readiness Index and CHECK™ Recommendation for today’s exercise. Results are stored in the CHECK™ cloud and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Already being used by a number of professional footballers, NBA and NFL teams, CHECK™ is aimed at athletes engaged in sports requiring strength, explosive power, skill and coordination. This includes most of the team sports e.g. football, hockey and rugby, individual sports e.g. tennis, golf and athletics, fight sports e.g. boxing and wrestling as well as general fitness, cycling, running, cross fit and bodybuilding. CHECK™ also works in endurance sports such as running or cycling, providing additional information to heart rate based assessments.

Price and availability:
CHECK™ is available now for £225 from CHECK™ online store

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