InTouch TV Presents: Vids from the III XV FINALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RBAI 15 v Campbell College 3 – RBAI ARE THE CHAMPIONSSSSS OF ULSTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rab got em, Rab got the vids – check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [youtube d0NkL-InOhs] [youtube zbmHGWrdxH8] [youtube 54eczkHOtE4] [youtube r0aVB6CWdPw] [youtube w_iyHRVzsI0] [youtube vo9zmlOexzo] [youtube xTw-_BP66_0] [youtube ApMau750Zh0] [youtube 8SX8U2ilrQY] [youtube YZP7OpWRk00] [youtube WeZOLuRjZfA] [youtube TMn-wvgRAAo] [youtube 9tK0Bxj4ZM0] [youtube 788xwd1RHkU] [youtube TxRdgtlOdf4]

InTouch Rugby TV Presents: Action Vids Form Ulster Rugby U19s v Ulster Rugby U18s

Rab Irwin covered this game on Wed and got the following clips – CHECK IT OUT – these guys are solid units making massive strides as a team. [youtube H_RagQwM5PI] [youtube i2Q6bmMBkZY] [youtube YqxIOUOkXR4] [youtube OxxWcWG3HBI] [youtube io6scim494E] [youtube DOuQ0fQka6I] [youtube NODciGSH9zQ] [youtube wCIi-Or6pzQ] [youtube AMf9rxvRnng] [youtube XHVZV1RR7hY] [youtube PUHtdV7ybXk] [youtube 053XkHuqCgE]

♫ ♪ INTOUCH TV PResents: Neil Hinds’s Black, White & Red Army Wallace High School Medallion Burst Into The Medallion Final!!!!!!! Pitch Invasion!!!!!!!!!!! Vids Of Tries!!!!!!!!!!!! 700 Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! Rab Irwin Reports From Osbourne Park

Wallace are in the final of the Medallion Shield 2012!!!!!!!!!!!! They burst through the semi final and the hoards of supporters burst onto the pitch to celebrate with the black red and white army …….. on wallace high……. oh wallace high…….. oh wallace high is wonderful………………….. oh walace high.. is wonderful…..oh wallace high is wonderful! […]

Rab Irwin Interviews A Very Proud: Mike Rodgers ~ Coach ~ Sullivan Upper I XV: Post Schools I XV Bowl Final VICTORY! 2012 + Report & Pictures

[youtube _Lf4xVYMV3Y] The Northern Bank Ulster Schools’ Bowl final, featuring Belfast Royal Academy and Sullivan Upper School was held at Pirrie Park on Thursday 8th March. Both teams brought groups of enthusiastic supporters with them and the scene was set for a good game. CLICK HERE FOR 100+ of pictures of this game The Sullivan […]