R.B.A.I Medallion Have Won The Carwyn James Rugby festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have just recieved reports in from RBAI socials that the Medallion side have won the Carwyn James Rugby festival. Stops This achievement adds the 3rd trophy to the School Cabinet. Stops This is incredible. Stops We will be interviewing them as soon as possible. Stops This happened somewhere near Venice. Stops The final was against […]

InTouch TVV Medallion Rugby Magicians RBAI Have Done the double!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ulster 7s & Medallion Shield Championsssssssssssssss Yasser Omar & James Hume comment post Ulster 7s VICTORY!!!!!!!

This side were incredible, we met them at about the midway point and the said they had just beaten everyone they continued on through and next thing they’ve just won the finalllllllllllll. Absolutely outstanding season and a very very special group of players who, these boyz are superb players and a superb team, C U […]