InTouch TVV Andersons Men win all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Green Armys Stephen Finlay & Inspirational Player Michael Cartmill comment post SEVENS VICTORY

The Green Army Ulster Spartas will not be lying down, Andersons men are a breed apart and showed their metal in an absolutely inspirational set of performances across the park at the Ulster Sevens where they were clinical, decisive and magnificent throughout the day, Coach Stephen Finlay and player Michael Cartmill comment post VICTORYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY History […]

Danske Bank Schools’ Cup Final NEW SHOTS From The Historic Game For Both Schools’ LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MCB 3 in a row! Sullivan 1st Final ever. We have never witnessed a spectacle so amazing as the atmosphere, noise and drama of the run onto the pitch of both these teams. The build up excitement to this game was fever pitch, the music, the supporters, the teams and the game itself simply nuclear! […]


What a game, what a game what a game, AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MCB WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION?????????? AOOOOOO AOOOOOO AOOOOO CLICK HERE for the SHOTSSSSSSSSS An absolutely incredible game, Methodist College were so focused as where the very very good Sullivan Upper School. This gentlemen is PERFECT! Quote Rab Irwin (Pro Photographer) “Methodist College are producing a […]

Danske Bank Ulster Schools’ Cup Final preview 17th March 2014 Sullivan Upper School v Methodist College. By Barney McGonigle

Danske Bank Ulster Schools’ Cup Final preview 17th March 2014. Thirty one teams started out on the adventure of the 2013/14 Danske Bank Ulster Schools’ Cup when the draw for the Round 1 games was made in November. Twenty nine Danske Bank Ulster Schools’ Cup games have been played with game number thirty scheduled to […]

Schools Cup BBC Interviews / Game Footage Sullivan Upper v Coleraine Academical Institution includes interviews with Willie Anderson & Ross Todd

Two Incredible semi finals last week and BBC were there to cover the action. Game 2 saw Sullivan Upper play Coleraine Academical Institution, the official Danske Bank Schools’ Cup Organisers report is below from this game and the BBC have interviews live now on their website CLICK HERE for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OFFICIAL REPORT The second Danske […]