National Rugby Hero, All Black Slayer and Cooke RFC player Grace Davitt a role model competed in Saturdays Omagh Sevens Open Competition which Cooke Won.

I can safely say that from the instant that you see Grace play you know she has the magic, did she always have it, i don’t know, does she and all the players have to work incredibly hard to achieve the athleticism + mental processing power / knowledge required to succeed, thats a big yes! […]

Irish Rugby International, Grace Davitt, Amy Davis & Stacey-Lee Kennedy Comment On Everyone Working as One for the full 80 Minutes Post Winning 25 – 0!”!”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This team does every time is work as one. Grace Davitt comments post Ireland 25 v England 0 – add to that they are consistently playing best rugby we have ever played – and theres more! [youtube H09EWYj3pD0] [youtube smcxQWBNZbc] [youtube 7hA1_SiVdCo] Interviews with Lauren, Ashleigh, Larissa, Fiona, Captain & Coach to follow “go girls, […]