Q&A Grace Davitt Irish Rugby Centre Ladies World Cup Player 014 – Paris 014 RUGBY WORLD CUP!!

Q&A Grace Davitt Irish Rugby Centre Ladies World Cup Player 014 – Paris 014 RUGBY WORLD CUP!!

Name: Grace Davitt
Age: 31
Club: Cooke RFC
Position: Centre

Q: Who is the best player you have ever played with or against?
With its Jo Sullivan she was an unbelievable 10 and centre i used to just love playing with her. She played with Ireland for years.

Q: What has been the biggest support to your rugby career?
My Family and friends but especially my Mother as she has travelled all around the world to watch us play, she has been a huge support to me.

Q: If you hadn’t become an international rugby player. What would you have been?
I would still be playing Gaelic or Hockey and would have a lot of free time!

Q: Combining two professions as both a Maintenance Technician and a rugby player, how difficult is it for you to manage the two in your life?
No its actually grand, you find the time to fit both in. I have just enough time to train before work and after as i do shift work.

Q: What was it like when you played your first match for Ireland?
Absolutely terrifying, like getting the call to go on the pitch in Spain, half of me didnt want to go on but once i got on the pitch i was fine, it was just a game of rugby.

Q: What were some of the things that kept you busy when you weren’t on the pitch or weight room?
I love cycling, and with having my own house there is always plenty of housework and jobs around the house, i love going camping and any outdoor activities.

Q: Whats your favourite dress code?
Casual, smart is my main style

Q: When you travel with the team, who has been the best roommate and why?
Amy Davis because she always has a great selection of movies to watch

Q: What part of your game have you most improved over the years and what part still could use some work?
I think my decision making has definitely improved and that has come with training, experience and coaching, everyone can tackle and pass its knowing when to tackle and when to pass. I’d always like to be a bit faster, your working on everything all the time.

Q: Now… Taking a moment to talk about life off of the pitch… What’s something that most people don’t know about you?
I’m actually quite soppy but not many people see that side of me.

Q: Favourite food?
Mams bacon and cabbage

Q: Favourite band or musician?
The Script, pink and any music in the charts really.

Q: Who is your dream date?
David Beckham

Q: What is your nick name?
Dav or Gracie

Q: One word to describe you?

Q: What role does tech now play in rugby?
It has a very positive role, it is great for video analysis and watching clips of our training but it can be negative when people don’t interact if they are on their phones. We actually have a rule of no phones at the dinner table so we all chat and get to know each other better.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you ever got?
Never give up, just because you got knocked down, you fight harder to get back up.

Q: Fashion Icon
I don’t have one, i’m so behind the times when it comes to fashion, i spend most of day in rugby kit.

Q: What sorts of skills/conditioning does it take to compete at this high level?
I think the conditioning we used to do, was to get fit, now its rugby specific your doing down and ups simulating games, fireman lifts, drags, its not just running, its multi speed, and up and off the ground, passing is a massive skill, another huge one that i love doing is tackling and rucking, it needs taught at a basic level at all levels.

Q: You obviously are all over Twitter and have lots of followers. What do you like about it?
It’s great for getting the word out there about women’s rugby and keeping people up to date with what we are doing.