National Rugby Hero, All Black Slayer and Cooke RFC player Grace Davitt a role model competed in Saturdays Omagh Sevens Open Competition which Cooke Won.

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I can safely say that from the instant that you see Grace play you know she has the magic, did she always have it, i don’t know, does she and all the players have to work incredibly hard to achieve the athleticism + mental processing power / knowledge required to succeed, thats a big yes! I do know this, i will never forget feeling part of the journey of about 5 years that led to the girls beating the All Blacks last summer in Marcoussis.

What a privelege and an honour to have in our midst Grace Davitt All black slayer along with the rest of the team. I will never forget it.

For professional images from Sandra Armstrong at the Omagh 7s on Saturday at which all the athletes were excellent and Cooke were champions, CLICK HERE

I look forward very much to building relationships with the emerging female players who it is an honour to support.

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