Razor getting bunged up!? Check this out >>> shaverescue.com

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Razor getting bunged up!? Check this out >>>


Have you ever heard someone complain about shaving? If you have, it’s probably because they are experiencing some discomfort like pulling and tugging or nicks and scrapes! Much of the discomfort that is felt from shaving can be attributed to the collection of shave gunk that accumulates throughout the shave. Most people can relate to tapping their razors against the sink or running it under water for prolonged periods of time in an effort to get that clean blade feeling.

Shave Rescue is a brand that is dedicated to Making Every Shave Better and their Original Rescue Brush might just be the solution. It is a thoughtfully crafted, hands-free brush that efficiently cleans that gunk out of your razor, leaving it poised to perform in the way it was intended. It’s high-quality feel is a result of being made in the USA using quality components throughout. In a world of hi-tech gadgets, the Original Rescue Brush is proud of its lo-tech functionality and simplicity. The WOW comes from, “why hasn’t someone thought of this before?”

Price: $24.99 each


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