ColdZyme® this handy portable orally administered spray helps to treat and alleviate the common cold… (clinically proven)

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ColdZyme® this handy portable orally administered spray helps to treat and alleviate the common cold… (clinically proven)

As we are always looking to strenghten our go to defences and hedge against future problems that can and will arise in the course of living. Normally we have been less than on top of the situation with regards to the common cold. Actually we have been totally exposed to out of the blue attacks from this common virus which can have totally healthy 30 and 40 and 50 years olds battling to stay alert and vital and full of the energy to take on lifess challenges and become super successful!

Ok! So our preparedness to avoid the issue surrounding contracting a cold and being in this unhealthy scenario which can leave us not quite at our best for multiple weeks has taken a massive leap forward recently!  We discovered ColdZyme® a class III medical device which forms a protective barrier in the mucous membrane in your throat which can help stop the virus from causing illness..

And can provide the following benefits…
• Shortens duration of a common cold if used at an early stage.
• ColdZyme® starts forming a protective barrier immediately.
• ColdZyme® can reduce the number of days of illness by up to 54% or up to 3.5 days

The active enzyme barrier catches cold viruses and disables its ability to infect cells, so that the body can get rid of the virus in a natural way.

• To be used when exposed to cold virus or when cold symptoms occur.
• Suitable for adults and children over 4 years.
• ColdZyme® is unique as it protects the throat from the cause of the common cold – the
common cold virus.

• ColdZyme can reduce the number of training days lost due to common cold in elite athletes.
• Easy to use
• Traps – The glycerol creates an osmotically active barrier.
• Deactivates – The trypsin inhibits the viruses’ ability to bond, deactivating their ability to
infect cells.
• Protects – The barrier protects the oral cavity and throat, allowing the body to naturally
clear the mucosa of deactivated viruses.
• Triple action – traps, deactivates, protects
• ColdZyme is classified as a class III medical device (under the MDD) Other claims
• Clinically proven
• Sugar free
• Lactose free
• Gluten free
• Preservative free

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