Prep is done Rugby World cup 2019 is set to kick off!

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Prep is done Rugby World cup 2019 is set to kick off!

Prep is done for the male Rugby World Cup 2019 for the players, its basically all in place now for players in terms of who is going, the final team lists have and are bing submitted as we write to world rugby and the game plan will already be in place after four years of prep for the tournament. the competition is being held in Japan for the first time a country who dazzled world rugby last time with the heart stopping victory over a top tier side and previous winners South Africa. Springbok supporters and in fact many people in rugby are still talking about that game 4 years ago which kicked of the first few days of action at the 2015 tournament.

Surprises are sure to happen again as quite a bit of change has occurred since 2015… and the conditions are very different in Japan compared to the UK.

Coaches will be finalising last minute prep and perhaps getting out their early to Japan to get climatised and familiarised with the stadia and even catch a day or two in Japan itself to explore the magnificent Japanese civilisation and millennial old empire at least. The experience is the dream of a lifetime for many of the players and fans and represents a massive leap forward for world rugby and everyone involved to be showcasing the contact sport of rugby on the Asian continent with the premier tournament in all rugby.

The organisational feat by the Japanese will match that by the UK in 2015 who worked closely with Wales at the time to host the tournament and put on a simply breath taking spectacle with incredible fan participation and buy in as stadiums were well and truly packed and the UK experienced an incredible upsurge in trade and commerce at the time and really set the bar for just how much revenue can be generated by the host nation!

No one is comparing, Japan is a growth sector for world rugby and the Japanese have pulled out all the stops to put on a truly super tournament that will be keenly contested by the all the world top nations who have made it to the finals! the playoffs and qualification process have all taken place and that’s it, its kicking of in just a matter of days really as the teams playoff for the ultimate crown of Male Rugby World cup champions 2019!

Truly the potential as a milestone for rugby is combined with incredible fan participation and a real cheer of come on for the players and coaches to deliver the best they can and provide through that process what is sure to be a feast of champagne rugby and incredible skills from finely tuned athletes in peak physical condition who will dazzle spectators and showcase the sport of rugby to the Asian audience and of course live up to the core values of the sport.

Entertainment venues and websites are catering for fans with incredible offers on internet games and entertainment and viewing channels providing coverage and opportunity to compete over scores and results! the player of the tournament and dream team will emerge in time as the top rugby players in the world will be there and keen to live up to their potential!

So anyone going and anyone watching then enjoy and not long to go now before the kick off and tournament commences!

Very best wishes!

Intouch Rugby Japan 2019 Editor



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