How to Wash Your Rugby Uniform

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How to Wash Your Rugby Uniform

Rugby is famous for being a full-on sport. Lots of contact and, generally, lots of mud. Which can make cleaning your uniform after a game or practice really difficult!

We’ve gathered all the information you could ever need for washing your rugby uniforms and making sure that it’s bright and clean.

Before The Wash

There are some steps you need to take before you throw your uniform in the washing machine, since the chances are it’s pretty dirty!

If your uniform is covered in mud, then you need to deal with it straight away because that will make it a lot easier. Don’t let it sit in your sports bag! Pour some warm water into a basin or bucket and push your uniform around in it to remove the clumps of mud.

Once you’ve done that, check your uniform for stains. If you find any, then rubbing some vinegar or baking soda directly on them will help lift them before you wash your uniform.

Next, check what your uniform is actually made of so you can choose the best machine setting. Usually, rugby uniforms are made from cotton, nylon or polyester – sometimes they’re a mixture of several materials.

During The Wash

Before starting the main wash for your uniform, put it into the washing machine for a pre-wash cycle. This will ensure that you aren’t washing your clothes in dirty water!

If your uniform is made from polyester, then you need to put it in a cold wash, otherwise it might shrink. You also shouldn’t use fabric softener, since this will create a waxy coating all over the fabric.

Make sure that you’re using a heavy-duty, biological detergent, since this will lift all of the dirt and biological detergents are better for eliminating things like mud or blood from your clothes.

No matter what your uniform is made from, make sure you turn it inside out before washing it. This will preserve the colour, which is important if you play on a team!

If you prefer, you can hand-wash your uniform in the sink by rubbing the uniform on itself with detergent in the water.

When you’re washing any heavily-soiled clothes, you’ll need to choose a higher spin speed on your washing machine, since “spin speed is almost directly connected to how clean your clothes can get”. Source – Appliance Hunter.

After The Wash

Once you’ve put your uniform through the wash, you should hang it up or outside to drip dry, especially if it’s made of cotton. A machine dryer could shrink clothes that are made from cotton.

If you’ve taken your uniform out of the machine and there are persistent stains, then apply a stain remover directly to that spot and create a paste. Rub it in and then rinse your uniform.

Tips for Keeping Your Uniform Clean

There are some things you can do to make washing your uniform easier:

Take a change of clothes with you to practice or the game, so you don’t have to stay in your uniform. Airing your rugby uniform out, even just for 10 minutes or so, can help eliminate odours

Try not to keep your kit in a sports bag for extended periods. Bacteria thrive in dark, moist environments which is exactly what your sports bag will turn into with dirty rugby kit in it. Remove your uniform from the bag as soon as you get home and start the washing process.

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