New sports well-being check available from Randox Health Checks

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Most of us only visit the doctor once we start to show symptoms, but what if it was possible to drastically increase your chances of getting well again by identifying any health problems much earlier?

Randox Health Checks is an exciting new concept in preventative healthcare allowing you to take control of your own health. Using cutting edge biochip technology Randox Health Checks can provide an accurate, fast and non-invasive health check giving you and your doctor an accurate picture of your true health.

To maximise the benefits of exercise it is important to establish your overall health. Our new sports well-being check is suitable for both fitness enthusiasts and highly active individuals. It can be used not only to get a picture of your health and wellbeing but to assess the success of training programmes, predict future performance, measure improvement and to indicate injury prone parts of the body.

Overtraining is a major concern, responsible for impaired performance and fatigue, during both training and daily life. A Randox sports well-being check however will allow you address the situation and adjust your fitness regime appropriately before any damage occurs.

Our sports well-being check incorporates 75 different tests in total and is designed to evaluate all major organs within the body including the heart, liver and kidneys. A cardiovascular profile is included in the check and is used to assess the risk of developing coronary heart disease. It is important for both athletes and sports enthusiasts to be aware of their lipid /cardiovascular profile especially if they are over the age of 40. A poor lipid profile could mean you are putting yourself at risk of a cardiac event if training irresponsibly. The complete sports check also includes tests for muscle damage, anaemia, thyroid function, antioxidant status, inflammation and infection.

Our sports health check is suitable for both males and females of all ages; the test can even be carried out in the comfort of your own home. Alternatively you can visit our walk in facility in Crumlin. All that’s required is a simple, non-invasive blood sample with the test lasting only 30-45 minutes. Results are provided in the form of a comprehensive written report which is fully explained to all clients by our expert medical team. We guarantee total confidentiality and our promise to you is that no personal information will be released to any third party.

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