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For Him: Sexual Mastery Activation Cards.

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For Him: Sexual Mastery Activation Cards

Rebecca Lowrie is a Somatic Sex Therapist in the UK. This year she created The Sexual Mastery Activation Cards for Men and they are a fantastic addition to any gift basket for him!


How would it feel to have a magic wand that
• activates your sexual confidence and know-how
• awakens the sexual mastery ‘energy system’ already contained within you
• awakens your natural ability and capacity to be an amazing lover
• broadens and deepens your understanding and experiences of intimacy and sexuality
Imagine having 52 magic wands!

That’s exactly what the Sexual Mastery Activation Cards for Men are.

Why they should be included:

These cards will help men step into the fullness of who they are which ultimately benefits everyone around them (and the whole world!). They will let go of years of shame, fear, and conditioning around intimacy, pleasure, love, and connection and be able to create the life and love life they desire.

Wouldn’t the world be a more peaceful, joyful, healthier place if more men were open-hearted, embodied, and holding their power well?

The cards cost £30 + postage.

Find out more about them here.

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