BOOK: Unearthing the “Gift”: From the Hanging Gardens to personalized products, discover what makes an unforgettable gift! by Vinayak Mahajan

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Unearthing the “Gift”: From the Hanging Gardens to personalized products, discover what makes an unforgettable gift!
by Vinayak Mahajan

“A best or perfect gift is merely rooted in perception – How can an object itself be the best or perfect gift? The secret behind a well-received gift is the recipient’s psychology, the human psychology. What you have to do is just spark the right emotions in the receiver’s brain. How? – this is what is unearthed in this book. Happy reading!” – Vinayak Mahajan (Author).

This is a one of a kind book on gift giving. There isn’t any other book like this online or offline currently as this takes into account human psychology principles and its role in making a well received gift. It is based on the work done by top psychologists around the globe who are researching the art and science of gift giving, and provides a solution to challenges such as confusion and overthinking that people face while finding a gift for a special person – which could be, but not limited to family members and friends. This book also discusses some modern day problems that the advent of social media has created or fueled, and provides solutions to them using the research and studies done on brain psychology. Also, it takes into consideration the trends, data, demographics, history as well as cultural diversity and its influence on gift giving. If you are interested in learning about how to practically give a well-received gift this “gifting” season a.k.a holiday season, this book is for you!

Having said that, I realize that this book may create a great deal of controversy. It has never been easy to elucidate the definition of a “perfect gift” – of any kind, in any context – because a gift is not an absolute entity. The gift never decides whether it can be liked, it’s the receiver. Sometimes the receivers themselves are not confined to being mere humans , as even penguins try to find the perfect pebble to give their partner and crows leave shiny objects for people who feed them. Although animals have limited options, humans on the other hand have an enormously large variety of products to choose from. And this is what creates this whole dilemma of confusion and overthinking regarding gifting – so called Giftophobia!

Moreover, one major attribute of gifting that both animals and humans share is “Feeling”. Why are gifts shared? A simple answer to this could be to make the receiver happy, whether it’s an animal or a human; to make them feel ecstatic, jump out of joy, and perhaps just to make them smile. The best thing to notice here is that this happiness is not only limited to the receiver, but it is equally reciprocated by the giver. And this is where the other side, which is the dilemma, begins – if the gift is not received well, the negativity is amplified on either side. This is what creates the whole cycle of overthinking, being perplexed, and finally procrastinating buying the gift until the last day when one finally opens up Google and searches – “What should I gift mom?”, “What is the best gift for a girlfriend”, “Perfect gifts for fathers day”, “Sentimental gifts for a husband” and the list is never ending.

While one searches for these topics, all that comes up in the search results are the blogs or ads from people who are trying to sell – when they themselves do not know the root cause of this question. People who are marketing and listing their products in the form of blogs or videos or magazines or any other billboards to blockchain based review systems.

Now the question arises – how can one give the feeling by gifting? The answer is not giving feelings, the answer would be that the feelings already exist; you just need to find a way to bring those out. The best part is that human sentiments, emotions, or feelings are fundamentally the same. Although the entity that arises from these emotions tends to differ for people, the psychology remains the same. Now, if this made sense, you are ready to read this book!

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