Christmas Gift Guides / Ideas For Everyone Special Part 6

We’re dreaming of a GREEN Christmas! THEY ARE TOTALLY RECYCLED !!!! The countdown to the best Christmas ever has officially begun, so make sure you’re ready with a 100% […]

We’re dreaming of a GREEN Christmas! THEY ARE TOTALLY RECYCLED !!!!

The countdown to the best Christmas ever has officially begun, so make sure you’re ready with a 100% personalised and 100% recycled British Christmas Jumper!

After last year’s non-Christmas, 2021’s festivities are hopefully going to be an occasion to remember, with friends and family all being able to celebrate together again. To mark what will hopefully be the best Christmas ever, British Christmas Jumpers are proud to launch their superb new range of 100% recycled, personalised family jumpers.
Customisable with up to 10 characters and available for Mum, Dad and Kids (from age 3-4) the whole family can get into the festive spirit!

In addition to these fantastic family sets, British Christmas Jumpers have a range of stunning sustainably made styles, knitted in England from 100% Recycled Yarn (60% Regenerated Cotton/40% Recycled Bottles). These include everything from kids cute ‘Polar Bear Fairisle’, women’s sophisticated ‘Vintage Dancing Stags’ to men’s cosy ‘Christmas in Wonderland’ styles.

British Christmas Jumpers are committed to much more than simply making sure you look your best on Christmas morning – they are also committed to producing sustainably sourced garments which are locally produced and are made with the environment, fair trade, and fair pay in mind. They don’t import their jumpers, so customers get great value for money as well as keeping their carbon footprint low.

With an average of 24 recycled PET bottles in a standard sized jumper, British Christmas Jumpers are not only good for spreading Christmas cheer, they are also good for the planet too!

The long tradition of quality textiles in the UK is something the British Christmas Jumpers factory have been proud to have been a part of for over thirty years (and counting!), and their fantastic team of knitters and sewers have made a range of jumpers which are not only perfect for showing off your Christmas spirit – they are hard wearing, high quality and made to last.

British Christmas Jumper’s founder and owner, Snahal Patel commented
“The sustainability message is very important to our customers”
“Over the last year we have seen a shift away from manmade fibres, and 100 per cent increase in the amount of recycled Christmas jumpers that we have produced.”
So, invest in a British Christmas Jumper which will last you a lifetime – pulled from the wardrobe every year without fail. Build a family tradition with a jumper for everyone. Something which will bring back memories, identify you and your unique personality and best of all – will put a smile on the face of everyone who sees you wearing it!

Award-winning Beauty Device PMD Clean now comes in Silver Edition

Innovative beauty device brand PMD has launched a new luxury version of its best-selling PMD Clean skincare device.
The PMD Clean PRO Silver (RRP £179) is designed to take your skincare routine to the next luxurious level.
This device is available from Harrods and as well as selected online retailers:, and .
The PMD Clean PRO Silver combines innovative self-heating ActivewarmthTM technology with Sterling Silver to give you a spa-worthy skincare routine from home.
Use the side with silicone bristles to gently deep cleanse your skin while stimulating collagen production; then turn the device around to use the side with the heated Silver massage plates to open the pores and help your skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin, leaving your complexion looking and feeling more radiant.
Plated with pure silver, the PMD Clean PRO Silver massager provides both antibacterial and anti-ageing benefits.
The silver plate works in conjunction with the targeted vibrations of the massager to encourage products to sink deeper in the to the skin. Combine this with the unique ActivewarmthTM feature of the device and your skin will be looking and feeling more youthful in no time!
The PMD Clean PRO utilises unique SonicGlowTM technology, which uses over 7,000 vibrations per minute to remove the skin’s impurities by breaking down the dirt and oil from within the pores to reduce the formation of spots and blackheads, and leave skin looking clearer. The PMD Clean Pro also operates at the perfect frequency to lift, firm, and tone the skin.
This devices have four different settings, two for cleansing and two for massaging in serums, allowing you to fully customize for your unique skin.
The silicone brush bristles are gentle and can be used for all skin types, while the precious metal side of the brush head can be used after cleansing to massage serums and moisturisers into the skin, allowing them to penetrate deeper.
This is where the ActivewarmthTM action of the device will work in conjunction with the SonicGlowTM vibrations to enhance the absorption and effectiveness of skincare products applied to the skin.
These handy beauty devices are coated with an ultra-hygienic silicone, which is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, waterproof and incredibly easy to clean.

About PMD Beauty
PMD Beauty is based in Utah (US) and develops innovative at-home beauty devices that allows consumers to get salon-worthy results in the comfort of their own home. The PMD Beauty brand launched in 2010 with its best-selling beauty device the PMD Personal Microderm. The device has won several beauty awards and has a loyal fan base amongst beauty bloggers and beauty editors worldwide. The brand has since expanded its product range with the PMD Personal Microderm PRO, the PMD Kiss, PMD Clean and now the PMD Clean PRO.

The morning after the night before

Know anyone who needs to leave the house by car first thing in the morning but who might be at risk due to drinking alcohol the night before? Of course, we all like to think that everyone we know, including ourselves, are sensible and would never drink and drive especially when feeling hungover – but what if we didn’t have a hangover and didn’t know that we were doing just that without being aware of it?

And at Christmas with alcohol consumption so much higher, everyone needs to make absolutely sure that they don’t risk their licence, their life or the lives of others in an accident. Any alcohol remaining in your body the next morning can impair your judgement, reduce concentration and speed of reaction. Remember there is no rule of thumb as we all process alcohol on an individual basis.

So, give the gift of safety to a friend or relative this year – or even an early Christmas gift to yourself – with a pocket sized personal breathalyser from AlcoSense.

The AlcoSense Lite 2. £44.99

The AlcoSense Lite 2 is the entry level personal breathalyser in the AlcoSense range. Designed in the UK and easy to use, it fits into the palm of your hand and gives a clear alcohol reading in seconds. For the technically-minded, it uses an intermediate level semi-conductor alcohol sensor – and has an adjustable drink drive limit for any UK or Irish limit. Simply turn it on, wait for it to count down to zero and then blow until it beeps. Easy! A few seconds later your alcohol reading will be shown on screen, along with an alert if you are close to or over the limit.

So this year, have a happy not a ‘merry’ Christmas on the roads!

Stockists: Halfords online and in-store,, and Boots stores.


The Corn Whisky a unique limited edition whisky

• The Oxford Artisan Distillery is an award winning distillery
• Corn Whisky is limited edition with only 830 bottles available
• The distillery grow their grain at local farms including Highgrove
• The Corn Whisky is floral, herbal, creamy and spicy, with notes of shortbread, raw nuts, banana and ginger cake

The Oxford Artisan Distillery launches a series of experimental whiskies titled Grain Stories, with the inaugural release of Heritage Corn Whisky.

Each expression in the new collection will focus on Master Distiller Francisco Rosa’s research into different heritage grains combined with a variety of distilling and maturation processes. The name is also indicative of the creativity and experimentation planned for the bottlings, giving the distilling team plenty of room for play.

Francisco comments: “Every whisky we produce has its own narrative and with our exclusive use of heritage grain, the different varieties we use play a vital part – it is these distinctive grains which are the thread that binds every chapter in this tome of Grain Stories whiskies.”

The distillery’s regenerative and organic farming partners, led by their Head of Grain & Sustainable Development, John Letts, grow the heritage grains, the likes of which have not been grown in England for centuries. The Oxford Artisan Distillery is the only distillery in England to use these populations, painstakingly sourced and bulked up over many years, and now grown sustainably using ‘restorative’, carbon-negative methods.

Heritage Corn Whisky has a particularly unique, and serendipitous, origin. Letts grew up in Canada surrounded by fields of modern hybrid corn used to make products like corn flakes and high fructose syrup. A few farmers grew multicoloured corn (technically North Eastern ‘flint’ corn) that was once grown by native people all over North America. Some also grew a slightly sweeter corn – the ancestor of modern ‘sweet corn’ – which has a mutation that prevents the sugar initially stored in the seed from turning into starch (flour) as it ripens.

In 2010 John collected samples of both ‘flint’ and ‘sweet’ corn from gene banks all over the world and added this to seed he’d obtained from Canada. He planted all of it in a large research plot in his garden and allowed it to cross-pollinate for 5 years., which produced a genetically-diverse population with a large range of cobs with multicoloured seeds. After every harvest he selected out the earliest ripening plants with the healthiest and most productive ears.

In 2017 John harvested about a ton of corn – by hand! Half of this was dry, but the other half was still damp and began to germinate (malt) on the barn floor as it was being cleaned. What at first appeared to be a disaster was actually an opportunity. John comments: “I flaked and crushed all of this maize and sent it to the distillery in a panic… and the team immediately put it in the distilling vat.”
The grain ratio the team used contained 51% corn (a mixture of ‘sweet’ and ‘flint’ corn seeds), half of which had germinated (malted) along with 34% rye, 10% wheat and 5% malted barley. Lactic maceration was undertaken prior to mash, and the corn was fermented dry as a paste after milling and before mixing with water and the other grains for three days boosting creamy characters and textures.
Having been fully matured in New American oak for three and a half years, the highly active wood has gifted the creamy spirit sweet vanilla, allspice and cinnamon notes.

Francisco comments: “The second most abundant grain used is rye which is quite noticeable through its spicy character, but the corn is oily and its charm comes through with butter and biscuity notes that elevate the spirit. The whisky is full of the distillery’s characteristic floral and herbal tones coupled with shortbread and unroasted nuts, while banana and ginger cake flavours interplay with the whisky’s smooth velvety mouthfeel, finishing with spicy and green grass vibes.”

Heritage Corn Whisky is a first from a British distillery. It has been bottled at 50.4 % ABV, and the batch consists of 830 bottles, priced at £95 for 50cl and will be available exclusively from the distillery’s website.

Silverpure™ Makeup Removing Cloth. After a game, before or after an event and everyday, comfort and effectiveness…. just clean it off and go!

This is a quick, easy and sustainable way to wipe away makeup (you only need water for it to work!). It can be used as part of your daily cleansing routine, but it is also perfect for the gym, fitting easily into your bag and drying quickly after use. Just throw it in the washing machine when needed!

The Silverpure™ Makeup Removing Cloth allows you to say goodbye to wasteful cotton wool and environmentally unfriendly face wipes.

The Silverpure™ Makeup Removing Cloth (RRP £28) and is available from

The reusable cloth itself is made up of tiny microfibers that, when wet, cling to makeup and gently lift it from the skin. You do not need to use any creams or makeup removers at all, making this perfect for people with sensitive eyes and skin that find mainstream makeup removers irritating.

It can even remove stubborn liquid lipstick and waterproof mascara! Perfect for party makeup this festive season!

Furthermore, the Silverpure™ Makeup Removing Cloth is infused with antibacterial silver. It will not harbour or spread any bacteria, making it incredibly hygienic. Use day after day worry-free, because you’re saving your skin, AND the planet.

Are you looking for the best Christmas gift to announce? Here it is! – an affordable book series that empowers hope, love, and joy for the entire family!

The Santa Series (

The Santa Spirit series includes 5 books to help both children, teens, and adults rediscover the joyful and generous messages the Santa figure was designed to deliver. Rather than seeing Santa just as a
singular person from the North Pole, we all can be Santas! Embracing diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism, these books help us focus on how we can deliver the Santa Spirit of loving kindness every day to everyone anywhere!
We all need to rediscover the Santa Spirit – it’s not just for children and can help shape the world of today and tomorrow to be a nicer, kinder, better place. These books provide very cool ways to do it!

Why these Gifts are Important

• COVID has given us a year full of struggle and strife – the books give a COVID-friendly approach with at-home activities that families can do together with minimal or no additional expense.
• Parents may face a dilemma of how to explain Santa Claus to children – these books give them ways to avoid “lying” to their children about Santa.
• The Santa Spirit allows for downsizing the cost and commodification of Christmas while encouraging the generosity of kindness, which costs nothing.
• Today’s children and families are diverse, so a diverse Santa is needed.
• Children learn what adults teach them – the series supports parents and adults with ideas that encourage positive values and behaviors.
• The books provide hundreds of fun things people of all ages can do to create fun and holiday magic!

The Books
Reimagine Santa: The social construction and transformation of Santa Claus yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The most comprehensive book yet about Santa is directed at thoughtful adults who want to know how Santa became pervasive, how to handle him, and the best ways to transform him in an inclusive, diverse, and respectful world.
The Santa Spirit is a beautiful picture book that shows how the Santa Spirit is shared by people of all ages and types. It is culturally diverse and inclusive and moves children away from seeing Santa Claus as a person to being the spirit of joy and loving-kindness that anyone can have.
The ABCs of the Santa Spirit for Adults. Adults need to rediscover joy and loving-kindness in their own lives before they can create it for children, and this book gives them hundreds of ways for everyone can find it and share it.
The Legend of the Santa Stocking,a family-focused book around replaces major gift-giving with the creation of stockings into which family members place notes about what they value about one another to create “the best Christmas ever”.
A Santa Spirit Advent Calendar Book: COVID Editionis a set of activities and readings that families can do to create a joyful, no-cost holiday season. It gives 24 days of fun activities that people can do without leaving home during the Advent season awaiting Santa’s arrival.

Discover more about the Santa Spirit at:
Main website:


The Santa Spirit is inclusive to all genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, family compositions, ages, religions, cultures, nationalities, and abilities

(603) 498-5985
Dr. Vissing is a pediatric sociologist and Santaologist, author of 15 books, an international human rights expert, founding director of the Center for Childhood & Youth Studies and Professor of Healthcare Studies at Salem State University. She uses a mom-scholar approach to the Santa Series books.
Thanks for your consideration of my work!


Yvonne M. Vissing, PhD
Professor, Department of Healthcare Studies, Harrington Bldg.
Director, Center for Childhood and Youth Studies,
Policy Chair, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Center website

Iconic French Liqueur-Maker, Giffard, Invites Consumers to ‘Tweak Your Tipple’ this Festive Season

Elevate classic mixed drinks this winter with Giffard’s top liqueur recommendations, for stunning cocktails in seconds

Giffard, the producers of liqueur and syrups across Europe, is recommending its top festive liqueurs as a quick way to bring traditional drink mixes to life this Christmas. As festive celebrations look set to resume, why not try something different when it comes to cocktails and mixed drinks, and ‘tweak your tipple’ with Giffard liqueurs.
Every Giffardliqueur is made in France, from natural ingredients, with infinite options for creativity and innovation. This festive season, Giffard is recommending six authentic French flavours; start with your liqueur, add a spirit and mixer of your choice, et voila!

Festive tipples range from a ‘Santa’s Margarita’, made from raspberry liqueur, tequila and lime juice, to a ‘Gin-gle Bells’ with blackberry liqueur as the base for your signature gin and tonic. Giffard’s top suggestions for winter liqueurs also include newer flavours like peach and rhubarb, as well as its iconic Crème De Menthe, which is the ultimate addition to festive hot chocolates.

Still family owned after five generations, the French brand originated in Angers in the heart of the Loire Valley, and is known for producing liqueurs and syrups since 1885. Its products are renowned for their quality and authenticity, and have become one of the favourite liqueur brands for bartenders around the world, used by the globe’s top mixologists. Making cocktail creation easy with the uncompromised taste of natural fruits, you can find Giffard’s guide on how to ‘tweak your tipple’ below:

Giffard’s range of liqueurs is available to purchase through Ocado, at RRP £17 and you can find full details on the brand at and @giffard_liqueurs_syrups

Funky phone accessory gives people peace of mind… Ideal stocking filler for under £20


As seen on TV, PhoneHug is a versatile, funky, phone accessory, that fits all popular smartphone models. PhoneHug super grips around the top and bottom of your phone and attaches to you, via a lanyard offering security and freedom to every adventurer. An ideal Christmas gift for smartphone addicts of all ages.

Manchester-based photographer turned entrepreneur Sam Fairbrother and her husband Geoff Barke invented PhoneHug in 2013. The idea started out as a rough drawing and after a journey of many prototypes, PhoneHug has developed to fit all popular smart phone models.

PhoneHug is made from recyclable silicone and is available in a range of vibrant colours. It’s the perfect piece of kit for people who love the outdoors such as: winter sports, water sports, festival goers, travellers, hikers and dog walkers. anywhere there’s a risk of loss or damage to your phone.

The product is useful to a wide customer base from millennials to the elderly and is a boon to those with health issues and disabilities.

PhoneHug® can be worn in several ways with a lanyard of your choice; across the body; over the shoulder, around the wrist, over the neck or clipped to a belt; In addition the back-strap acts as a finger loop, money clip, cardholder or a place to store earphones; PhoneHug® can even fit onto a bottle neck, creating a DIY tripod to watch or film, ideal for those zoom meetings or house party occasions, helping you and your friends be together when you’re not together.

Designer, Sam Fairbrother commented:
‘PhoneHug is a wonderful product that we’re very proud to have developed. It’s unique in the phone accessory market because, it’s the only holder that has a strong and robust loop, grips tightly to the phone and is easily fitted or removed in seconds.
It’s an absolutely massive proud moment for us when we’re out and about seeing people using our product, it’s priceless! And we love the fact that because we are bringing value by reducing anxiety for so many people, it gives us the opportunity to plant trees! 🌳’

5 reasons why I love our funky PhoneHug

• It fits on my phone in seconds
• Gives me an extra pair of hands
• Finger loop to steady phone when taking pictures / calls
¬¬• Find it difficult to lose or drop my phone
• Acts as a tripod for video calls

Retail price is £11.95 for PhoneHug®: an affordable item and an ideal gift! It’s simple and easy to use – PhoneHug® stretches to fit and super grips to your phone in seconds (case or no case), giving you and your phone peace of mind. A no brainer for the price of one month’s insurance and of course, it’s a Christmas gift that everyone can enjoy.

Hubble & Bubble Soap Bath Bombs Bath Salts, Gift Sets, Wedding Favours wax melts and reed diffursers
Vegan Friendly

Welcome to Hubble & Bubble.

You will find us in Crawley, West Sussex,we have been trading since April 2013 and on

All our products are fully certified and in-line with the current European Cosmetic Regulation (EC 1223/2009).

All products come labelled with ingredients and weight. Our products are SLS free,Vegan and cruelty free & suitable for sensitive skin.

We are trying to be as eco-friendly as possible by using recyclable, biodegradable packaging. All our bath bombs come in organza bags whilst our soaps come in washed Jute Bags ready to give as gifts.

Siggy Loves Sausages: a Terrific Tale with Tantalising Tasty Treats and Sweet Rewards by Brian Frederick

Can Siggy Keep His Word? Will this sweet little sausage dog be able to resist his favourite tasty temptations, stay true to his pledge, and save a Big Birthday Surprise?

Join Siggy, as he learns about the happiness that comes from keeping promises, during his romp through a fast and fabulous adventure that takes him into the deep dark woods, where magic sometimes happens

About the Author
Children’s book author Brian Frederick knew he wanted to be a writer at a young age, having won praise and awards for his early stories. When he writes, he finds himself entering a bubble of creativity, allowing his mind to wander into an imaginary world.Whether the story is about embracing enthusiasm and good cheer, or finding gratitude in the little things, Brian’s characters are blessed with good fortune. In Brian’s picture book, Siggy Loves Sausages, the magical little dog Siggy is rewarded for his positivity-with a sausage, of course!Brian’s background includes being a “bit of a lawyer,” but prefers writing stories rather than writing writs. His philosophy is that a great book is one that shares the beauty in everyday life. His relatability to children is evident, even if it involves fairies, as is in Siggy and The Phlower Phairies. Brian’s hope is that his stories provide happiness and enjoyment to his young readers.When he isn’t writing imaginative life lessons for children-whilst listening to loud indie rock music on headphones-Brian enjoys following Manchester United Football Club and walking with his wife, Havinder. Together they live in a small nature reserve, where their house is alive with birdsong and woodland critters run around the trees like a fairytale forest. A perfect haven for storytelling.To get sneak a peek at upcoming books, visit –This text refers to the paperback edition.

Buy at :-

Serbian Star Soprano Marija Jelic
Makes American Debut with ‘Power of Destiny’
Showcase at Carnegie Hall

American pianist Anthony Manoli, Serbian soprano Marija Jelic (photo credit Jovana Obradovic)

Serbian rising star soprano Marija Jelic made her American premiere at the legendary Carnegie Hall, presented by New York Artist Management. Her grand debut in the states highlighted an enchanting evening of music alongside American pianist Anthony Manoli.

“Power of Destiny” showcased Rachmaninoff’s Russian songs, opera arias written by master composers Verdi and Puccini including repertoire from Turandot, Madame Butterfly, Forza del destino, and Otello.

The audience was enamored by Marija’s performance, giving her and Anthony immense ovations between each number. Notable attendees included Serbian consuls Olgica Vlacic and Tamara Vujovic, as well as philanthropist Jean Shafiroff.

Marija has performed with Jonathan Tetelman, and this season has sung alongside Elīna Garanča, Placido Domingo and Jose Cura. Her impressive and emotive sound will be highlighted with her renowned acting abilities as she takes the stage. Classical takes of each song will impress all ages in the audience with relatable movements and stunning renditions by the soprano.

A beautiful tapestry of music throughout the night will be created by the artist who has a unique background and history. Marija was born in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. Later in life she completed a Faculty of Electrical engineering at University of Belgrade and learned singing as she finished master studies in opera.

In 2017 Marija passed an audition for an opera studio in the National Theater in Belgrade and started to sing small and main roles in opera productions. Marija was performing in the opening of Ohrid summer festival 2020, Beethoven 9th symphony in Plovdiv summer festival, Micaela in Carmen concert version with Elina Garanca in Ljubljana summer festival 2021, concert with Jerusalem symphony orchestra and production of La Boheme with role of Mimi in Israel and Estonia in 2021.

Later in main halls and concerts in Serbia her talents were witnessed with biggest orchestras in Serbia “Stanislav Binicki” at Kolarac Hall, Radio television orchestra, orchestra of Serbian National theater and she performed in Belgrade summer festival.

Following this stage of her career were performances in the opera gala concert at the German summer festival in Wernigerode. From there she went on to sing a Parisian requiem in Moscow International Music Center. She was singing ten concerts with St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Darrel Ang (Mariinsky Theater) in National Library in Beijing, Dongying Grand theater, and Liniy Snow Lotus Theater.

Marija debuted with the role of Mimi at the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad. She performed Micaela at Croatian National Theater in Osijek. She was also singing in Moscow with Bryansk Governor Orchestra and St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra in St. Petersburg. She was also singing in the city of Bryansk (Russia) with the Bryansk governor orchestra.

For more information on Marija, please visit:

Day of the Dead is an annual Mexican fiesta that acts as a positive celebration of life, with friends and family gathering to cherish and remember their dearly-departed.

To mark the occasion on British shores, between 20th October and 3rd November, visitors to Wahaca’s restaurants can enjoy a specially-created cocktail to accompany their celebratory taco feast. To round off the joyful vibe, each restaurant will be soundtracked by a special Day of the Dead playlist, as well as being decked out in traditional papel picado, with handmade altars inspired by the traditional ofrendas set up each year in homes across Mexico to honour loved ones.

Raise a glass to the dearly departed with La Ofrenda, a limited edition cocktail created to accompany the feasting menu in partnership with top notch tequila Gran Centenario. Inspired by (and named after) the colourfully-decorated altars where offerings are made in honour of those that have passed, La Ofrenda is freshly shaken with pomegranate, lime, triple sec, Gran Centenario Blanco and finished with a volcanic lava salt rim and edible flowers.

An Unlikely Journey from the Orphanage to the Boardroom
By Ed Hajim

At the age of 3, Ed Hajim is kidnapped by his father, driven cross-country, and told his mother is dead. He presses his face against the car window, watches the miles pass and wonders where life will take him.

Where you’d least expect.

In a memoir filled with human drama, wisdom and timeless life lessons, ON THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED: An Unlikely Journey from the Orphanage to the Boardroom (Skyhorse; March 2, 2021) tells the improbable story of how Hajim bounced from foster homes to orphanages, in a daily struggle to survive, to living the American dream as an accomplished Wall Street executive and model family man with great moral fiber and the means to give back to a world that seemed intent on rejecting him.

It’s a powerful story touched with family trauma, deprivation, and adversity balanced by a life of hard work and philanthropy.

“While his childhood travails of loneliness, isolation, and poverty would have broken most people, Ed channeled his survival instincts and conquered his inner demons to become a loving family man and a beloved leader of people,” says Raj Echambadi, Dunton family dean at D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University.

Hajim served as a senior executive at such firms as E.F. Hutton, Lehman Brothers, Furman Selz and other financial institutions, regularly transforming fledgling operations into profitable growth machines. His life accomplishments were rightfully acknowledged in 2015 with the Horatio Alger Award, given to Americans who exemplify the values of initiative, leadership, and commitment to excellence and who have succeeded despite personal adversity.

On the Road Less Traveled is packed with anecdotes of how Hajim used his ingenuity to achieve his goals and also provides insight into what he learned from some of his life’s defining moments:

• “My childhood disadvantages became advantages in later life.”
• “By living in 15 to 20 different locations, I learned how to adjust to different circumstances, became good at it, and almost looked forward to it; I was not afraid to change.”
• “Tough situations, hostile and abusive, taught me how to appreciate good times and handle difficult situations with less anxiety.”
• “My lack of a present family forced me to seek out external mentors and better understand the need for partners/people who cared.”
• “By being alone, I developed self reliance and was not afraid to be self-directed.”
• “Being very poor produced a drive for financial independence and appreciation for money.”
• “Not having control produced a strong drive to seek freedom as a goal.”
• “Later in life I realized that my childhood seemed to give me a foundation for recognizing the need for balance between self, family, work and community.”

Throughout his career, Hajim was guided by his instincts to know when a situation had run its course. “Sometimes it’s better to sever ties and leave on your own, even if the next step is unknown,” he writes. “That’s often the road less traveled, but it’s so worth the journey.”

The “unknown” also played a major part in Ed’s personal life, when a long-kept secret he couldn’t possibly have imagined was revealed.

Joel Seligman, president emeritus of the University of Rochester, says, “Ed Hajim’s On the Road Less Traveled does full justice to a remarkable life lived by a remarkable man. You will learn much about why one man who began with nothing achieved so much and did so much for so many.”

ED HAJIM, the son of a Syrian immigrant, is a seasoned Wall Street executive with more than 50 years of investment experience. He has held senior management positions with the Capital Group, E.F. Hutton, and Lehman Brothers before becoming chairman and CEO of Furman Selz. Hajim has been the co-chairman of ING Barings, Americas Region; chairman and CEO of ING Aeltus Group and ING Furman Selz Asset Management; and chairman and CEO of MLH Capital. He is now chairman of High Vista, a Boston-based money management company. In 2008, after 20 years as a trustee of the University of Rochester, Hajim began an eight-year tenure as chairman of the university’s board. Upon assuming that office he gave the school $30 million—the largest single donation in its history—to support scholarships and endow the Edmund A. Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Through the Hajim Family Foundation, he has made generous donations to organizations that promote education, health care, arts, culture, and conservation. In 2015, he received the Horatio Alger Award, given to Americans who exemplify the values of initiative, leadership, and commitment to excellence and who have succeeded despite personal adversities.

By Ed Hajim
Skyhorse; March 2, 2021
$24.99; 296 pages
ISBN-13 : 978-1510764248

IVY – Ivy is the only health and wellness tracker created for women by women. Designed as an elegant bracelet that monitors your biometric data, physical activity, and mental health, Ivy knows what you need to do to level up your self-care routines and reach peak performance.

Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar (BB-USBC)- Blazin’ Security! Competition crushing visibility of 350 yards. Be seen by traffic and save your pet’s life. Top Technology! Slimmest individual bulb strip and on/off box. Cheap collars have short, inconsistent LED strips or bulbs too big to slide through sizing clips. Don’t let your pup look silly with a half-lit neck when we offer 360 degrees of illumination. Lithium-ion battery saves money and offers extended use without the hassle of buying strange batteries. Charge From Any Device! It runs over 8 hours. Track your glowing pet when camping, in the backyard, on evening hikes, or when lost at night. Quality Construction! Three modes (on, strobe, blink). 1″ wide high tensile nylon. Any time, any weather, illuminate and protect your canine. Available in assorted colors.

ButterTree Blankets
Sister Blanket – A sister is always there for you no matter what; it is one of the greatest gifts not everyone gets to have. Through the highs and the lows, she has always had your back. So let her know just how much she means to you with this luxurious gift blanket that feels like a warm embrace. It is the perfect gift to celebrate her special day or continue making memories together. At ButterTree, we do NOT use digital print for design transfer. We use a high-quality dye process that thoroughly blends the colors with individual fibers. This ensures a high-definition design that won’t fade or bleed. Our cozy gift blankets are longer than others, lightweight, and breathable. Available in a variety of colors.

Mom blanket – Embrace her in luxurious comfort and a beautiful design with meaningful sayings of motherhood. Made with the high-quality Mom deserves, this throw blanket is a gift you will be proud to give and a present she’ll cherish forever. At ButterTree, we do NOT use digital print for design transfer. We use a dye process that fully blends the colors with individual fibers. This ensures a high-definition design that won’t fade or bleed. Our cozy gift blankets are longer than others,lightweight, and breathable. Available in a variety of colors.

Anything is Possible Wrap Bracelet – The perfect inspirational gift for yourself or for your loved ones. Hebrew quote bracelet “Anything is Possible”. In Hebrew it pronounced “Hakol Efshari” Never say can’t, don’t, won’t – believe that “Anything Is Possible”.

Safegrate- is an incredible kitchen gadget that miraculously protects everyone’s fingers (even someone as young as 4 yrs old) in time for Christmas gifting. Designed and invented by Lori Turk of April Ideas after cutting herself multiple times in her kitchen grating food, the easy-to-use SAFEGRATE™ is guaranteed to easily help everyone in the family grate any size or kind of food with any grater they already have at home.

Plastic Welding kit – This 80-Watt welding iron heats up quickly to a maximum temperature of 525 degrees F and can easily handle repairs on various plastic materials. Great Repair for Car bumper, Dashboard, Kayak, Canoe, Riding Toys. The welding iron comes with a standard multipurpose welding iron, sand paper, 2 stainless steel wire mesh, 20 plastic welding rods, 2 welder tips, and wire brush. (No Battery, No Harmful Toxic Chemical listed in DOT Hazmat Regulations)

Mini Chop Saw – Creates Precise Smooth Cuts on Wood, Plastic, Soft and Light Metals (Aluminum, copper, brass). Make miter cuts from 0° to 45°. Fast 7800 rpm. Include 3 blades: 2″ HSS, 2 5/16″ HSS blades, and 2″ black cut-off wheel with a 3/8-Inch arbor can cut up to 1/2″ Diameter. Cut 273 5.56 Brass Cases, Arrow Shafts, Small Craft Hobby Projects, Miniature Woodworking.

Steering Wheel Controller for Nintendo Switch (2 Pack)- TalkWorks Steering Wheel Controller for Nintendo Switch is sold as a 2 pack and transforms your joycon controller into a deluxe Mario kart steering wheel (see images for details) for Mario kart and other switch wheel racing games for head-to-head driving competition. This Mario Kart Wheel for Nintendo Switch will entertain the whole family for hours and has the perfect fit for users of all ages – not too big or too small and fits comfortably in your hands for all switch racing wheel games – wheels are joy-con L and R compatible with open button space – for car games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Magnetic Power Bank – Wireless Portable Charger – The TalkWorks wireless magnetic power bank is fast-charging and works with the iPhone 12 series as well as MagSafe iPhone cases. Its compact size is ideal for travel without compromising charging speed. Designed specifically for the iPhone 12 series, this iPhone 12 wireless charger is compatible with the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 mini. It magnetically snaps on with a simple click. Our iPhone wireless charger allows you to quickly charge your device while in use. The compact, reduced size of the power bank is designed for a more comfortable hold as the magnetic phone charger takes up less space. This MagSafe power bank has both a USB-A port with a USB-C power delivery. An LED indicator light allows you to easily see the battery level. This snap-on charger has 5,000 mAh.

Kids Headphones – Kids can comfortably plug-in to all their favorite music, movies, and games–without disturbing others–thanks to the AmazonBasics on-ear headphones for kids.

2-Player All-in-One Portable Table Tennis Set- The Portable All-in-One Table Tennis Set is what you need if you want to play table tennis, but don’t have a proper table! Play anytime, on any table! Complete with a retractable net, 2 high-performance table tennis paddles, and 3 white balls. Includes a premium case for easy storage and travel.

Sherpa Chai –
Sherpa Chai has been small batch brewed in Boulder, Colorado by Sherpas from Nepal since 2014.
It’s the best tasting, most authentic chai that’s brewed with only the highest quality ingredients. We use all-natural, organic, non-GMO ingredients such as: Nepali black tea, fresh pressed ginger, turmeric, cardamom, clove, and vegan cane sugar.
Our generations-old, Nepalese recipe comes from our founder’s mother. Sherpa Chai is Sherpa owned and operated and is committed to giving back to the community.

Liquid Diamond’s Guide to Seasonal Sparkle converts non-wine buffs for life, not just for Christmas
Liquid Diamond, the premium wine and Prosecco brand created to make wine more accessible to Millennials and Gen Z-ers, has released its tips so consumers can enjoy a sparkling Christmas.
The first wine brand to feature emoji tasting notes, brand founders Alex Green and Matthew Johnson have overturned the traditional approach to selling wine to help modern consumers, who are short on time and overwhelmed by choice, to buy award-winning wines at a glance. The Liquid Diamond team has now applied this thinking to make this year’s seasonal celebrations elegant and effortlessly enjoyable.
Alex Green, co-founder of Liquid Diamond, comments: “The wine industry is guilty of taking itself too seriously and in the process can alienate consumers who just want something nice to drink. Whether it’s gifting, hosting or serving fabulous food & drink, everyone strives for perfection, especially at Christmas, and we want to make this simple. Consumers will put themselves under a lot of pressure to make this December even more memorable to make up for last year’s disappointment. With a few hacks, and a few more bottles of wine, festivities can be even more special without being stressful.”
Liquid Diamond’s Five steps to a Sparkling Christmas 🎅🎄💍🍾
From “Thank You” to “Spoil You”, Liquid Diamond solves gift dilemmas
Put some celebratory sparkle underneath the tree for stylish recipients who like to be seen sipping on something special. Liquid Diamond offers a signature bottle of either its Prosecco DOC or Prosecco Rose in an attractive gift box. Stunning inside and out this wine appeals to the Instagram generation and saves time on wrapping!
Single 75cl bottles are available for £20 RRP or push the boat out for that “extra” special person and get one white and one rosé, 2 x 75cl bottles for £30 RRP.
From a stylish soiree to an evening with friends, treat guests to a brilliant glass of wine
Liquid Diamond makes hosting enviable social events easy. The bottle’s glamourous labels have diamond strength and won’t peel off even when wet. Liquid Diamond recommends enjoying its wines ice-cold – save precious fridge space by submerging bottles in wine coolers filled with iced water and keeping them outside to chill in the December air. Encourage guests to help themselves for effortless entertaining.
Flawless wines to pair with every festivity
Fake it as a top sommelier with spectacular food and wine pairing tips from Liquid Diamond and complement festive flavours with superb sips.
Liquid Diamond’s Prosecco DOC, £12 RRP for 75cl, has apple, pear and peach notes. It partners perfectly with smoked salmon so can be enjoyed alongside Christmas morning breakfast or classic New Year’s Eve canapés – or anytime in between! Whereas the Prosecco Rose, also £12 RRP for 75cl, is full of ripe red berries and works fantastically with pizza and nachos.
Featuring crisp citrus and kiwi flavours, Liquid Diamond’s new Sauvignon Blanc is an impeccable accompaniment to fish dishes but also cuts through the richness of Boxing Day turkey curries. 75cl is £10 RRP.
A moment for me
High expectations and pleasing friends and family can leave us feeling overwhelmed and stretched too thin. Wellness is an important part of Liquid Diamond’s ethos; the bottle design is inspired by healing crystals and a percentage of profits is donated to Mental Health First Aider Courses.
Take a break from the hustle of Christmas shopping and endless parties to reconnect and laugh with close friends and loved ones, open a bottle of Prosecco and forget seasonal stresses. Make sure you always have a bottle of sparkle ready for impromptu gatherings and pick up 6 x 75cl of Liquid Diamond Prosecco DOC or Prosecco Rose for £72 or a full case of 12 bottles for £120,.
Perfect your pour with sparkling serving secrets
Liquid Diamond recommends serving Prosecco ice-cold and immediately after opening. Serve in flutes and pour at a 45-degree angle to savour the sparkle but avoid spills. For an elegant finish, dust the rim of your glass with edible shimmer dust.
For a festive twist, the team has created a Sloe Royale – Pour 25ml Sloe gin in a Champagne flute and top up with Liquid Diamond’s Prosecco Rose, which features the flavours of ripe raspberries, blueberries and cherries. Add frozen berries for a sophisticated garnish that also keeps things cool.
Liquid Diamond wines and Prosecco are available from selected retailers and on Amazon.

Gadget Gifts for Adventurers
Keep every adventure on track with the award-winning Curve and new Curve Bike from Vodafone’s
smart tech range this Christmas
*click on the images below for the hi-res version*
*select A4 landscape or A3 before printing this email*

From £20 (£2 per month service fee on a 24-month subscription)

Vodafone’s Curve tracker is a smart GPS tracker designed to give them peace of mind that their possessions are safe while they’re on an adventure. Whether it’s their keys,
backpack or travel wallet, through Bluetooth Proximity Indicator and Beep to Find,
they’ll receive alerts from Curve straight to their mobile phone if their items leave a
designated area. Its lightweight and compact design, keyring accessory and
waterproof rating (IP67) means it can attach to and track pretty much anything.

Curve Bike

Curve Bike
From £79 (£3 per month service subscription)

Vodafone’s Curve Bike is a tracker with a smart rear brake light designed to give them
confidence on their adventures while alerting them if their bike moves without them. With an
ultrabright LED that automatically brightens when braking and a built-in GPS tracking device
and siren, they’ll have the peace of mind that both them and their bike are safe. Plus, Curve
Bike is durable and waterproof (IP67 certified) so it is ready for any conditions that are thrown its way.

Treat someone to a little luxury with a De Vere eGift Card

De Vere is offering a selection of eGift Cards, making it even easier to treat a loved one to an experience at a De Vere hotel – perfect for a winter escape. Available to purchase online up to the value of £500, the eGift cards can be redeemed against a luxury overnight stay, dinner, afternoon tea, spa treatments or even a round of golf.

De Vere’s portfolio of historic mansion house estates and distinctive contemporary hotels are situated on the doorstep of some of the country’s most famous local attractions and beautiful landscapes. The gift of a De Vere eGift card offers the recipient the chance to enjoy such delights as a stay at De Vere Cotswold Water Park – surrounded by a nature reserve and beautiful lakes; Champagne afternoon tea at De Vere Beaumont Estate, near Windsor, located within 44-acres of stunning grounds; a round of golf at De Vere Wokefield Estate or a relaxing spa treatment at De Vere Tortworth Court; a countryside escape to De Vere Latimer Estate nestled in an Area of Outstanding Beauty in the heart of Buckinghamshire; or a visit to De Vere Horsley Estate, home to 19th-century mansion house, Horsley Towers which featured in Netflix series ‘The Crown’.

De Vere’s Wellbeing at Heart programme ensures a healthy and safe stay for guests and a safe working environment for its team members. With the support of ChemEco, De Vere has carefully crafted a range of new measures including enhancing the already meticulous deep cleaning of bedrooms and public areas. This includes regularly sanitising public areas using jet action ‘misting’ technology which uses hard acting yet environmentally friendly solutions from ChemEco.

For more information and to purchase a De Vere eGift Card please visit eGift Cards are available in denominations from £10 to £500 and can be pre-purchased for delivery on a specific date.

*Terms and Conditions apply:

1. Gift cards can only be used for goods and services in De Vere hotels within the United Kingdom.
2. The purchased gift card will expire 12 months after purchase and any remaining balance thereafter will be reduced nil and forfeited.
3. The gift card is not a cheque guarantee, credit, debit or change card and cannot be exchanged for cash.
4. No change will be given but the balance may be used for future purchases within the expiry date.
5. Balance enquiries can be checked online or at the hotel.
6. We will not be held responsible for lost or stolen cards – protect this as you would cash.
7. While gift cards are redeemable at all De Vere properties at time of purchase, individual hotels are subject to being sold, renamed or rebranded and honouring the gift card for bookings or transactions at these hotels will be at the hotel’s discretion.
8. We reserve the right to amend Terms and Conditions.

The gift of stress-free, perfect meat cooking this Christmas from MEATER

Leicester, XXth September 2021 – Whether it’s wrapped up under the tree for someone who loves to cook, or in the kitchen ready to help with all the roast dinner preparations this Winter, the MEATER smart wireless meat thermometer is the perfect kitchen gadget for Christmas 2021.
As families look forward to being back around the table together, the traditional Christmas dinner will be the highlight of the day this year. Avoid dry turkey or it being pink in the middle and wow your dinner guests with perfectly cooked meat as MEATER ensures you #roastitright.
Thanks to a patented smart-guided cooking system providing estimated cooking times and resting times, you can plan ahead and set your mind to all the trimmings and spending time with your friends and family while the MEATER monitors the turkey for you. It will even send alerts to your mobile device, such as when your meat has reached perfection. Simply connect the MEATER to any smartphone or tablet.
MEATER ensures safe, succulent and satisfying results every time. Whether that be for cooking a heart-warming roast for family and friends, roasting the turkey, ham or goose on Christmas day, or for those summer BBQs.

Tech lovers will enjoy the feature rich app, busy parents can enjoy the freedom to get on with other tasks, and budding chefs have access to a massive, subscription-free, library of recipes. This simple to use, must-have culinary gadget is cooking 2.0!
With the MEATER meat thermometer:
 You have the freedom to cook meat to your personal preference while ensuring it is safe to eat.
 No more under or over cooked meat! You can achieve perfectly cooked meat every time.
 You can experiment with different types of fish and cuts of meat with confidence.
 Step away from the oven or grill! You can enjoy less time cooking / thinking about cooking, freeing up time to socialise, prep or simply relax.
 Save money – dual sensors monitor the cooking temperature making sure your expensive meat is never wasted ever again.
MEATER options:
The Original MEATER, SRP £79.00 – The first truly wireless smart meat thermometer. This meat probe, with dual temperature sensor, connects with Bluetooth mobile devices within 10 meters.
MEATER Plus, SRP £99.00 – All of the bells and whistles of the original MEATER with an extended 50 meter wireless range. Thanks to a built-in Bluetooth repeater you can monitor your cook from a smartphone or tablet and receive cooking alerts while enjoying more freedom away from your BBQ, smoker or kitchen.
MEATER Block, SRP £279.00 – Perfect for the cook and BBQ enthusiast, the MEATER Block stores and charges up to four MEATER Plus probes ready to cook and monitor four delicious meats or fish simultaneously. In addition to access to the MEATER app via Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth to Wi-Fi range extension), these probes also boast Standalone Mode – so if you don’t have Wi-Fi, no problem! A touch control screen allows you to cook easily, with built-in speakers providing audible notifications. MEATER Block also includes free, numbered probe clips.
To find out more about MEATER Plus visit MEATER.

The official Harry Potter Fan Club has announced the launch of its new Christmas themed pins to its set to Pin Seeking collection – Christmas at Hogwarts and Christmas in the Great Hall.

Christmas in the Great Hall Pin: Release date 1st of December, RRP £12.95.

Celebrate the festivities with this Christmas in the Great Hall enamel pin. The perfect gift for Harry Potter fans, this finely detailed, layered pin embodies the annual celebration of Christmas at Hogwarts, with a decorated Christmas tree and wreaths set in front of a magical Great Hall backdrop.

Christmas at Hogwarts: Available now, RRP £14.95

Hold onto your memories of the holidays with this Christmas at Hogwarts pin. This pin features a festive Hogwarts castle decorated with snowflakes and a snowy owl. Encircling the image are descriptive words from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: “Muddy Grounds Were Revealed One Morning Covered In Glittering Frost. Inside The Castle There Was A Buzz Of Christmas In The Air”. The pin is finely detailed, making it the perfect stocking filler for Harry Potter fans!

As well as the Christmas-themed show off your house pride with the House Sets; distinct 6-pin sets featuring iconic emblems of their Hogwarts house, including your house crest, scarf and banner.

HuGG Clay Mask – 100ml

Perfect for a pamper night with your pals and a glass of wine! This clay mask from HuGG combines essential oils and mud from the Dead Sea it will leave your face feeling hydrated and moisturised.
Use daily or when needed. Apply liberally to dry skin ensuring the pores are totally covered. Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. For the ultimate unwind, apply while indulging in a CBD salt bath.

Perfect present for beauty lovers

Available for £34.99 at

HuGG Coffee Body Scrub – 100ml

Wake up and smell the coffee!

Give your skin a boost to perfection and help maintain a youthful glow with this caffeine inspired scrub enriched with CBD from HuGG. Thanks to the coffee butter and essential oils your skin will feel moisturised and your pores tighter – making you the fairest of them all!

Apply liberally to wet skin, and massage into the skin using circular motion from head to toe – rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Perfect present for beauty lovers

Available for £34.99 at

Provacan Premium Gold Balm 300MG – Suitable for Vegans

This premium high-quality balm is great for targeted application to release joint stiffness and aches and pains after exercise.

To relieve and relax, simply apply a small amount on the target area and gently massage the balm into the skin until it is well-absorbed.

Perfect present for fitness lovers and a great stocking filler!

Available for £34.99 at

Provacan Premium Gold CBD Oil Spray 600MG / 1200 MG – Suitable for Vegans

This spray is perfect for those who want the benefits of plant-based CBD to soothe aches and pains, but don’t want the added stress of measuring oil drops.

Using the spray is easy – just a spray or two under the tongue every day is all that’s needed to experience the empowering benefits of quality hemp extract enriched with coconut and rapeseed oils.

Perfect present for fitness lovers and a great stocking filler!

Available for £39.99 (600mg) or £69.99 (1200mg) at

Provacan Blemish Control Gel – 15ml – suitable for Vegans

Natural antioxidant, anti-sebum formula for blemish prone skin.

Provacan’s CBD Blemish Control Gel incorporates natural infusions of tea tree oil, aloe vera, and other plant-based oils and CBD to hydrate the skin and reduce swelling and redness. This gel is perfect for daily use to ensure you maintain an ever-youthful glow!

Perfect present for beauty lovers

Available for £22.99 at

Provacan CBD Bath Salts 100MG

Relax and unwind during a painful and stressful time with a long, warm bath with the added benefits of CBD.

Made with only the finest salt from the Dead Sea and Himalayan salts, Provacan CBD Bath Salts can provide a relaxing and calming soak to melt away menopausal symptoms such as headaches and joint stiffness.

Perfect present for beauty and fitness lovers

Available for £19.99 at

Provacan Age Control Eye Cream 15ml

Maintain a strong, firm and youthful you! Why not try this infused CBD Age Control Eye Cream?

It is specially formulated by dermatologists specifically with Matrixyl 3000 to help stimulate and promote the natural development of collagen.

For best results, apply morning and night daily after using a cleansing face wash – leaving skin looking healthier, brighter eyes and reduction of visible wrinkles. It is 100% free from parabens, artificial colours, sulphate material, and alcohol solvents.

Perfect present for beauty lovers
Available for £24.99 at

Provacan CBD Sun Lotion SPF 30

Whether you are planning to jet off for some winter sun or for everyday use to protect your skin.
Provacan Sun Lotion SPF 30 absorbs easily into your skin leaving it feeling light and hydrated and is suitable for use on sensitive and delicate skin. It is 100% free from parabens, free from artificial colours, and vegan.
Perfect present for fitness and beauty lovers

Available for £28.99 at

Provacan CBD Capsules 180 MG / 720MG – Suitable for Vegans

Perfect for those who want to destress and relax! Provacan’s premium capsules are enriched with CBD for easy, accurate dosing to help relieve headaches.

Made from HPMC wood pulp, the capsules are free from gelatine and perfect for vegans. They are flavourless and simple to take – simply swallow a capsule with a sip of water.

Perfect present for beauty and fitness lovers

Available for £19.99 (180 mg) or £49.99 (720 mg) at

Provacan Premium Gold Gummies 100MG – 100% Vegan & Vegetarian

Feeling stressed and distracted from a long day? Provacan’s Premium Gold Gummies are vegan-friendly, fat-free and naturally juicy to help you relax and unwind at the end of your day.

Made with fruit fibre pectin and not gelatine, we recommend taking two of these vegan gummies a day to soothe your mood.

Perfect present for beauty and fitness lovers!

Available for £12.99 at

IMPACT – CBD Arnica Balm – 300ml – Suitable for Vegans

A sports bag essential, IMPACT’s CBD Arnica Balm is a natural sports formula designed to help ease muscular strains – for both pre and post workout. Once applied users will feel a warming sensation to support recovery.

Perfect present for fitness lovers and a great stocking filler!

Available for £34.99 at

IMPACT – CBD Power Balm – 300ml – Suitable for Vegans

Impact Power CBD balm offers cooling relief for aching muscles, shoulders or necks; it can also be used for back pain or general muscle discomfort.

Perfect present for fitness lovers and a great stocking filler!

Available for £34.99 at

• Happy Linen Company expands its kids’ bedtime range with new pyjamas
• Bright and playful pyjamas to make bedtime a dream for kids, parents, and grandparents alike
BEDTIME CAN be a challenging part of the day for parents and little ones too, but a new range of pyjamas are helping to get children excited for their bedtime routine.
Happy Linen Company has unveiled its new pyjama collection, featuring adorable designs and bright colours to match every child’s personality and passions.
The latest venture from the kids bedding specialists, Happy Linen Company’s pyjamas have been designed in line with brand’s mission of making bedtime a dream for children, parents, and grandparents alike.
Available exclusively online and in a variety of sizes, the range of pyjamas is made with 100% BCI cotton, making them so comfortable that your little one won’t want to take them off! What’s more, all pyjamas are delivered with a matching cotton pouch, perfect for gifting and easy storage.


Let your little one’s beam with festive joy this Christmas in these fun glow in the dark pyjamas. Adorning an adorable Jurassic design, the Festive Dinosaur Pyjamas are a perfect gift to give children either on Christmas morning, or ahead of the big day to get them in the festive spirit. Available in sizes 3 years – 7 years, children will be excited about getting ready for bed thanks to these pyjama’s quirky and bold design. What’s more, the glow in the dark features will offer reassurance to any little ones who struggle with fears of the dark or anxious thoughts at bedtime.


Inspire stories of magical kingdoms and mythical creatures with the Castle Unicorn Pyjamas. Perfect for little ones with active imaginations and a love for fairy tales, these affordable, high-quality pyjamas will keep children comfy and cosy at bedtime. Featuring charming princesses, enchanting unicorns, and sweet colours, these pyjamas are available in sizes 3 years – 6 years.


Encourage your little ones to discover something new with these adorable Dinky Dinosaur Pyjamas, complete with pre-historic pals. Available in sizes 3 years – 6 years, these pyjamas make a great gift for young children. The bold colours and fun illustrations will encourage children to get ready for their bedtime routine, whilst the cosy cotton will help to make sweet dino-snore dreams a reality.

Rosebud Preserves Celebrates with Triple Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2021

Rosebud Preserves is celebrating having won a 3 Star Gold at the 2021 Great Taste Awards for its Damson Fruit Cheese. A 3 Star Gold is the top award that judges can give a product.

Damson Fruit Paste for Cheese (£5.50/125g)
A sweet/sharp and vibrant fruit preserve, naturally set with unrefined sugar.
Damsons 120%, unrefined cane sugar and fresh lemon juice.
The awards judged over 14,113 products from 108 countries. Of these products only 218 products (1.5% of the total products entered) were awarded the prestigious 3 Star Gold Award for being ‘extraordinarily tasty’ products.
Elspeth Biltoft, founder and managing director of Rosebud Preserves, says: “We are absolutely delighted to win a prestigious 3 Star Gold, Great Taste Award for our Damson Fruit Cheese. As a relatively new addition to our catalogue this preserve was made from the fruit of a single orchard in the Lyth Valley, Cumbria. We were really pleased with its deep Damson plum colour, bright intense flavour and silken texture and so glad the judges endorsed our choice.”
Judges at the awards made the following comments about the Damson Fruit Cheese:
“Beautifully balanced sweetness and tartness – it is vibrant and sings in the mouth. Such a delicious tang.”
“ The natural flavour of the fruit has been allowed to shine bright. Masterful.”
“Characterful hedgerow flavours…unctuous and juicy with honest and natural Autumn notes.”
Elspeth continues: “We very much hope our customers agree with the judges’ comments that it would make a fabulous addition to any cheeseboard, especially alongside a buttery, firm, brie-style cheese and we are thrilled with this endorsement.”
All the entries at the awards were blind taste tested by food critics, chefs, restaurateurs, retail buyers, cooks, producers and a host of food writers, journalists and social media influencers
All the three star award-winning products will be re-judged to find this year’s regional Golden Fork Trophy winners and the Great Taste Supreme Champion 2021. These final results will be announced at the Great Taste Golden Fork Reception on Sunday 17 October, at the Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate.
Rosebud Preserves has been making its jams, marmalades, chutneys and jellies at Masham, North Yorkshire, since 1989. The company was started by Elspeth Biltoft and her founding principles, to source local produce whenever possible; to cook traditional
recipes; and practice time honoured techniques, without the use of additives, preservatives or pectin; remain the same today.

Harrods enters the limited-edition sneaker market welcoming The Edit LDN

● Launch: The Edit LDN opens its first UK boutique with Harrods in a 2,000sq ft space to showcase the latest in limited edition sneaker fashion
● Luxe meets fashion: The partnership will offer greater choice and accessibility for Harrods shoppers as The Edit LDN expands its proposition
● Opportunity: Demand for limited edition sneakers has soared, a marketplace worth $6b a year and expected to hit $30b by 2030

6th October 2021, London: The UK’s leading online store for limited edition sneakers and high-end streetwear The Edit LDN, today announced the opening of its first ever UK boutique store in Harrods, one of London’s most famous department stores. Harrods visitors will be able to see, experience and buy the latest limited-edition sneakers from The Edit LDN.

Already popular with royalty, celebrities and footballers, The Edit LDN is a leading online destination that sells the hottest and hardest to get sneakers and streetwear from brands including Yeezy, Jordan, Off-White and collaborations through to Supreme, among others to a wide community of fashionistas, collectors and investors. Just as premium sites like Farfetch address the fashion world, The Edit LDN showcases the latest sneakers and high end streetwear. They connect premium resellers with a highly engaged, price agnostic and eager audience.

Moses Rashid, founder and CEO of The Edit LDN commented: “We want to expand and increase accessibility for people who want to own limited edition sneakers around the world. Being the first sneaker reseller in Harrods is a proud and milestone moment for the company and its great to see such a global mega brand engaging with the sneaker market, moreover, that we’re the catalyst to make that happen. Harrods offers an amazing customer journey to their global customer base and this aligns completely with our approach, to offer the best in class service. In 18 months, we have expanded our community of buyers from avid sneaker fans to TV and film celebrities as well as professional footballers and royal families around the world. Opening in Harrods is a logical next step as we bring our unique proposition to their customer base”.

The Edit LDN has established itself as a trusted source of authenticated and high quality new and pre-loved streetwear and sneakers. Their unabating focus on speed (to deliver purchased goods), customer service engagement and ensuring all goods are authenticated has been testament to the growth of the platform and community.

Simon Longland, Head of Menswear at Harrods commented: “Over the past three years, menswear at Harrods has undertaken a huge transformation, that has been visible through our brand curation as well as the physical shop floor. Our goal has been to transform the menswear experience at Harrods and embrace the most important and desirable trends on the market, and the launch of The Edit LDN continues that strategy. Bringing The Edit LDN’s industry expertise to Harrods ensures that our customers have access to the latest and most exclusive styles on the market through a service level which is unmistakably Harrods.”

Looking ahead, Moses added: “This is a marketplace worth $6b a year globally and will grow 5x by 2030. The demand for sneakers is growing every day and we are at the heart of servicing this trend. It’s been a remarkable 18 months since we launched to now opening in Harrods, the world’s most iconic department store. We are in hyper growth and headed in the right trajectory as we scale the business globally. Our on-going funding round will enable us to move faster and achieve our goals“.

NEW Chococo Milk & Dark Christmas Trees

NEW Chococo Milk & Dark Christmas Trees filled with chocolate presents (£25.00/265g each) – Gorgeous trees for the centre of your Christmas table, each with six delicious chocolate gems hiding inside. Perfect for the family to share with chocolate to suit everyone! Each is hand-decorated with a holly leaf design.

45% Venezuela origin Milk Chocolate Tree – with award-winning sweet Dorset Sea Salt Caramel, warming (and award-winning) Spiced Rum, tangy Orange and caramel Gold chocolate, studded with crunchy cocoa nibs, gems inside.

67% Madagascar origin Dark Chocolate Tree (vf) – with warming Spiced Rum, spicy smoky Chilli Caramel and smooth Cashew Nut Butter gems inside.

Chococo’s whole Christmas range comes in 100% plastic-free packaging. Chococo cares about the impact of its packaging on the environment and always has done – 100% of their packaging, including their mail order boxes, is plastic-free and is recyclable, compostable or reusable.
All Chococo’s chocolate is sustainably sourced, from its Cocoa Horizons chocolate made with 100% sustainably sourced cocoa, including its bespoke 45% house milk chocolate made with Venezuela origin Sur del Lago cocoa beans, to Direct & Raisetrade chocolate produced in country of origin by Martinetti Cocoa in Ecuador, Chocolaterie Robert in Madagascar and Casa Luker in Colombia.
Chococo has been a pioneer in being one of the first UK chocolatiers to make truly fresh chocolates, with no additives or preservatives, with local ingredients. Championing local, seasonal produce is part of the DNA of Chococo and over the years they have worked with food and drink producers across the South West using local honey, sea salt, preserves, fruits, wines, spirits and cream to craft its mouth-watering and deliciously unique creations.
Chococo’s passion for flavour has resulted in them winning 100 fine food awards to date including; Great Taste Awards, International Chocolate Awards and Academy of Chocolate Awards.

NEW Chococo Chocolate Penguins in milk, dark and gold chocolate
NEW Chocolate Penguins in milk, dark and gold chocolate (£10/120g) – These delightful cubist hollow chocolate penguins are a must for any kid or grown-up’s stocking this year. They come in three Cocoa Horizons chocolate flavours: 45% Venezuela origin milk chocolate, 67% Madagascar origin dark chocolate (vf) and Gold caramelised white chocolate. Each penguin comes hand-decorated with splatters of white ‘snow’, is gently wrapped in tissue and nestled in a kraft presentation box.

(vf) – vegan-friendly

Fruits for Cheese Gift Box from Rosebud Preserves

• Fruits for Cheese Gift Box (£15.95) – Three unique products to pair perfectly with the all-important Christmas Cheeseboard. It contains: 1 x Apple Butter (113g), 1 x Damson Fruit Cheese (113g) and 1 x Pear and Brandy Conserve (113g). LINK:
The company has been making its jams, marmalades, chutneys and jellies at Masham, North Yorkshire, since 1989. The company was started by Elspeth Biltoft and her founding principles, to source local produce whenever possible; to cook traditional recipes; and practice time honoured techniques, without the use of additives, preservatives or pectin; remain the same today.
All the products are available from

Perfect Prezzies For Pet Lovers
Pimp Dog Chew, £4.20 from Gift Ideas

Pimp your pooch with this hilarious chew toy. As much for your entertainment as it is theirs, seeing your canine friend with his pimped out smile will never get old!
Dog Treat Selfie Clip, £7.15 from Amazon

Get that perfect pooch shot! Top grip has softer material for a variable size treat. Icon is printed on it as indicator for treat. Easy-grip clip attaches to phone & dog treat. Getting your dog to sit still, (even if only for 5 seconds) was never easier!
A version is also available for your feline friend… The Kitty Phone Clip, £10 from Trouva

Attach this irresistible cat toy to your phone and get your cat to look up for the purrfect photo! Fits all phone
Fetch Bottle Opener, £15 from Trouva

Made of beech wood, this dog-shaped bottle opener stores bottle tops in its mouth like a frisbee.
Cat Butt Magnets, £10.99 from IWOOT

Hilarious animal butt magnets. Plastic animal butts perfect for displaying everything. Set of 6. Sizes vary but approximately 1 to 2 inches.
Doggy Fake News Toy, £10 from Kikkerland

What’s that? Mutt Mayor is Barking Mad?!?! Good thing your dog can’t read. Doggy Fake News Toy is a fun, squeaky novelty toy for dogs of any size. The puppy plush is great for tug-of-war, fetch, and chewing fun. Emblazoned with tongue-in-cheek, (fake) dog headlines such as the infamous ‘Labradoodle Walks on Moon’, this toy is as much fun for owners as their furry friends! Kikkerland’s Doggy Fake News Toy is the perfect size for any breed.
Daisy The Dachshund Planter, £17.50 from Menkind

A planter shaped like the world’s happiest dachshund dog!
Doggie Bag Clips, £5 from Kikkerland

Keeping food fresh can be RUFF. This cute set of 6 bag clips makes it so dog-gone easy!
Tick Tool, £6.50 from Kikkerland

Party’s over, ticks! Tick Tool is a travel-sized comb that conveniently attaches to your keychain, belt, or bag for on the spot tick removal. The cute canine comb helps you inspect your pet’s coat, and remove ticks, insects, burs, and mat while you’re out and about!
Cat Yoga Magnets, £13.50 from Oliver Bonas

Purr-perfect for any Yogi Cat lover! These five hand-painted kitties will add a touch of zen to any magnetic surface or refrigerator! Designed by Eiko Simada! Meow-maste!
Welcome To The Family Dog Kit, £13.50 from Kikkerland

All you need for your new dog: identification charm, dog whistle/clicker, collar light and new dog care guide.
Cat Dominos, £8 from Amazon

Cat Dominoes is the game that all cat-lovers will want to get their claws on! Simply match pairs of pussycats to become the cat’s whiskers.

A version is also available for your best Pooch… Dog Dominos, £8 from Amazon

Simply match pairs of pooches to become top dog.
Celebri Cats Puzzle, £15 from Amazon

Complete this 1000-piece puzzle to reveal an A-list cast of famous felines, and see how many celebrity cats you can recognise. Featuring Katy Purry, Jude Paw, Uma Furman, David Meowie and many more.
A version is also available for your best Pooch… Celebri Dogs Puzzle, £15 from Amazon

Featuring Kim Kardachshund, Collie Parton, Will Sniff, Dave Growl and many more!

3D Wooden Puzzle, £7.15 from Amazon. Both Cat & Dog versions are available.

Enjoy puzzles, but fancy a challenge? This wooden puzzle from Kikkerland adds a third dimension! No tools or glue are needed to make this little dog or cat- simply push out the pieces and assemble! Unlike traditional 2D puzzles you don’t need to worry about rolling it up and away, as it stands on its own.
Dog Birthday Kit, £10 from Kikkerland

Celebrate the birthday of your best friend in style and make him feel special. Bake a cookie, put on the party head and decorate the room!


Northern Ireland homes more Disco and House music fans than any other region according to new research by OREO. The enlightening research, which explored the music listening habits of the nation, also revealed a musically divided country with each region possessing its own unique musical taste.

The research also revealed insights into the relationship between music and our social lives with Londoners and the Welsh being revealed as the most likely to argue with family about what’s on the car radio. Northern Irish on the other hand would rather listen to music than go on holiday and half of Mancunians have met a longstanding friend at a live music event.

When it comes to taste, Londoners have an eclectic music taste but love Hip Hop and Rap the most. Yorkshire and Humber on the other hand love Indie Music, which comes as no surprise with iconic bands such as Pulp, Artic Monkeys and the Kaiser Chiefs all coming from the region. Meanwhile, Scotland has the most love for Classical Music and Northern Ireland can’t get enough of Rock and 80s classics.

Although the UK is divided by its musical preferences, we are united by our love for music with Brits citing listening to music as their favourite thing to do, beating travelling, going out for dinner and watching TV.

OREO commissioned the research to discover how much music connects the nation and is now on a mission to compile a playlist of the UK’s favourite tracks that will unite Brits, no matter where we are.

The cookie brand has already toured the nation as part of its OREO Taste of the Nation Tour to ask people to tell them their favourite songs and is now asking all music lovers across the country to help curate the ultimate unifying mixtape by submitting their top tune in an online survey (

The most votes songs will compile the OREO Taste of the Nation Mixtape which will be available to stream on Spotify and when the definitive sound of the UK is revealed in mid-October.

Bryony Tate, Brand Manager for OREO UK&I, said: “We were blown away by the findings of our research and to discover such contrasting musical preferences from regions only miles apart. At OREO, we believe music has the power to connect people in playful ways and now we want to bring the nation together through their united loved for music. We are excited to be creating a mixtape that is made of songs loved and voted for by the public and can’t wait to see what tracks are put forward. We hope all Brits will have their say and help us compile the ultimate mixtape for all to enjoy!”

Key findings of the research also include:

• Although, 58% Brits claim that music makes them feel connected to those around them, 53% of people also admitted that they’re not fans of their partners, friends or families’ taste in music and even more struggle to choose what songs to play at group gatherings (60%)
• Most Brits (66%) listen to music every day and a staggering 81% connect music to happiness
• Classical, Pop and Rock music are Scotland’s most loved genres
• 51% of Scots find their partners, friends and/or families music taste’s irritating
• 65% of Northern Irish listen to music every day and 40% listen to six to ten hours of music a week
• 41% of Northern Irish think their music taste is better than their friends and families.

To submit your favourite song for the OREO Taste of the Nation Mixtape, please visit Voting for the mixtape closes at midnight on Wednesday 5 October 2021.

For more information, head to OREO’s Instagram @oreouki.

As the 70th festive chart topper of all time is about to be unveiled this Christmas, meet the first-ever official guide to every Christmas No. 1 between 1952 and 2020 … and an affectionate look at a national obsession.

• Who has had the most Christmas chart-toppers – The Beatles, Cliff Richard or The Spice Girls?
• Which quintessentially British Christmas favourite was recorded on a sweltering summer’s day in New York?
• What was the all-star British Christmas No. 1 that outsold the entire rest of the Top 40 in its first week on sale?
• Whose festive classic reached No. 2 at the time and took a further 30 years to reach the No. 1 spot at Christmas?
• Which X-Factor winner was denied the Christmas No. 1 by an unseasonal rap-metal record that was already 16 years old?

Here in the twenty-first century bagging the Christmas No. 1 is still regarded as one of the most prestigious achievements in pop music. Each year, as the calendar flips into December, the national conversation begins about this year’s runners and riders – pundits make predictions, arguments break out between family and friends, fan campaigns are organised on social media and betting shops open their books.

Since Official Chart records began our preoccupation with the Christmas No. 1 has (quite literally) snowballed into a full-blown national obsession. During that time a dizzying parade of established superstars, boy bands, girl bands, comedians, choirs, talent show winners and just about everyone in between have taken all-time classics, seasonal smashes, novelty pop tunes, cover versions, comedy records and blockbuster film themes to the pinnacle of the Christmas Singles Chart.

And yet until now there’s been no definitive guide to this peculiarly British phenomenon. Self-confessed chart obsessive Michael Mulligan’s eye-opening and endlessly informative The Official Christmas No. 1 Singles Book draws on Official Charts Company data to dig into the stats and tell the story behind every single Christmas chart topper from 1952’s ‘Here In My Heart’ by Al Martino to 2020’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Eatin’’ by LadBaby. Each No. 1 comes fully annotated with mind-boggling facts and stats about the songs and the artists behind them. Along the way these chart-toppers are placed firmly in context with every decade given a dedicated summary outlining the prevailing cultural, musical and technological developments of the era. There’s even information about every year’s official runner-up, the Christmas No. 2, and its Christmas Top Ten.

The Official Christmas No. 1 Singles Book features charts of the biggest-selling and highest-streaming Christmas No. 1s of all time as well as informative diversions into those Christmas classics you’ll be surprised never quite made it to the top spot and the weird and wonderful Christmas songs you’ve probably never heard of (and might be grateful you haven’t). There’s also a Christmas No. 1s quiz to test the folks after Christmas dinner, and outstanding written contributions from Pete ‘Mr Hit Factory’ Waterman, and Radio 1’s Scott ‘Christmas No. 1’ Mills. Light-hearted in tone and devilishly addictive, The Official Christmas No. 1 Singles Book deserves to stand as the definitive guide to one of pop’s most joyous and enduring traditions.

Only one question remains…who will take home the coveted Official Christmas Number 1 2021? You’ll have to wait and see on that one. This year’s race kicks off Friday 17 December with the 70th annual Christmas Number 1 winner unveiled from 4pm on Christmas Eve on BBC Radio 1 and Then join Official Charts throughout 2022 to celebrate 70 Years of the Official Singles Chart.

Pre order copies of the book here – Amazon, Waterstones

Orbit Adds New Drought Feature to B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Timers to Help Consumers Conserve More Water

Advanced feature update leans on scientific and local drought data to adapt to appropriate waters usage during drought conditions

Salt Lake City – Sept. 28 2021 – Orbit, the leader in smart watering with B-hyve technology, announced a major app feature update that helps address drought conditions in a geographic area by monitoring use, need and weather patterns. B-hyve launched this feature to provide their customers with a better way to manage water usage during drought conditions.

Built to provide better control of watering during drought seasons, B-hyve’s new feature ties into a customer’s local drought data and weather forecasts, automatically adjusting to use less water while still keeping plants healthy.

How it Works
When using the drought feature in the app, customers can identify the level of drought for their location based on the D0 – D4 drought scale at and set the appropriate drought level for their zones based on the recommendation for their location. Using smart technology, B-hyve will adjust the watering schedule to reduce water use during drought conditions. As drought conditions change, users can update their settings in the app with the press of a button.

“Aridification in the West is at crisis levels, and it never fails to surprise people how much water it takes to run their sprinklers,” said Stuart Eyring, CEO of Orbit. “We need to take a much more scientific approach if we want to do our part in alleviating chronic shortages in our water supply. Our new app feature gives homeowners the ability to save water, keep their yard plants healthy and contribute to drought management that is localized for their conditions. Smart technology is a pathway to keeping lawns healthy and conserving water.”

Following local recommendations during drought conditions is a good start, but it’s usually given as broad, general guidance. For example, this summer in Utah, property owners were asked to water twice per week, but during recent monsoon storms, no watering was needed for up to two weeks.

Each of our individual contributions in reducing water use leads to significant savings for the whole area. During a recent rain event in Utah – with drought conditions at historic highs – B-hyve users saved an estimated 317.6 million gallons of water just through automatic rain delays. This is equivalent to 480 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Orbit’s major water savings during these storms points to the transformative impact smart watering can have in addressing and improving water sustainability.

For more information about Orbit’s products, please visit

Freshly Cosmetics.

● Long-wear formula, natural finish.
● Deeply nourish your eyelashes thanks to its vegan and antioxidant formulation powered with vitamin E + K.
● Strengthens and stimulates eyelash growth.
● Silicone-free, 99% natural ingredients.

Pump up the volume!
Perfect for getting your eyelashes aflutter, Freshly’s Infinite Eyelash Mascara boasts a waterproof formulation, is non-clumping and is fool-proof to apply, with the darkest black finish to intensify your lashes. Enriched with vegan candelilla wax, to protect and disinfect eyelashes, Infinite Eyelash Mascara gives maximum impact whilst improving rather than damaging lash strength. Powered with plant-based ingredients, this nourishing formula also includes Castor Oil to prevent premature eyelash fall, Abyssinian Oil to increase elasticity, vitality and strength and Olive Oil for long-lasting moisture. Suitable for even the most sensitive eyes, Infinite Eyelash Mascara gives healthier-looking lashes with no clumping, flaking or crumbling.

Natural Cosmetics your skin and planet will love!
Founded in February 2016, Freshly has been championing clean beauty with a mission to create innovative and healthy natural cosmetics based on the needs and dreams of customers.
The Freshly Cosmetics Makeup collection contains natural active ingredients that not only stay on your skin all day but actually care for your complexion.
Whether you are looking for a cruelty-free foundation, natural lipsticks or bronzers, mascaras or eye shadow, you’ll find the best natural makeup for your makeup
bag with Freshly Cosmetics.

All Freshly Cosmetic products are 99% natural, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and suitable for all skin types.



Nexar Beam GPS Full HD 1080P Dash Cam available from Amazon for an RRP of $119.95 and Nexar for £99.95

High-res imagery here
Nexar Beam GPS is a sleek and compact plug and play dash cam that can easily be concealed behind the rear-view mirror. Recording crisp and clear 1080p full HD video, the dash cam also has a super wide lens with a 135-degree field of view. The parking mode feature offers 24/7 security and can sense even the slightest impact to a vehicle and starts recording immediately, even when the car is parked. Footage can be downloaded to the user’s phone as soon as it connects to the dash cam so can be viewed immediately; offering true peace of mind. With a built-in G-sensor supporting variable sensitivity, the dash cam can auto-detect any sudden knock or collision and lock the crucial footage and the built-in GPS module can link the location of the vehicle to the footage. This can then be used as vital evidence for claims or insurance purposes with users being able to access the required footage easily and quickly.

Nexar has developed its own proprietary software and the companion app allows for live streaming of all video footage directly to your phone and uses AI to detect important moments and save them as easy to find clips. Incidents can be reported and files shared and viewed immediately with an insurance company or the police through the app. The footage is backed up to the cloud without any limits, and all of it is incredibly easy to use and navigate around.

The Nexar Beam GPS comes with a free 32GB microSD card already installed but users can opt to upgrade to a bigger capacity with up to 256GB. Best of all, though, Nexar offers completely unlimited cloud backups without a subscription, so drivers can avoid the extra cost and have the same ability to save any video to the cloud. Ideal if the dash cam is ever stolen or damaged, as footage can still be viewed and accessed from anywhere. The video clips can be wrapped together with important data into a report and uploaded immediately using a one-click report function. Additionally, Siri voice command may be used to send messages to others whilst on the road in the Nexar Groups app which will show the location if the driver is delayed.


Audio Sunglasses and Glasses for men and women from Fauna – RRP $299 – Now $199.99 on Amazon and also available for RRP £249 on UK Amazon – Now £249 in the UK from Maplin

High resolution images of the Fauna range linked HERE

Fauna are designer glasses with open ear sound technology inside. Supporting you in the most pleasant way possible in your everyday life: By providing you with additional acoustic content. They are comfortable to wear thanks to high-quality acetat and bluelight filter. Top notch USound Mems technology makes the design discrete and the user interface easy to handle.

Whether you are walking, riding a bike or driving by car, you can listen to audio safely while doing so. The design of Fauna enables you to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while being conscious of your environment. Fauna is a designer audio eyewear brand that creates fashionable eyewear which delivers crystal clear sound. These high-end, water-resistant audio glasses are made of high-quality materials with a 2-way sound system for crystal clear sound. The first audio glasses without chunky temples that actually look like glasses, the revolutionary product protects a wearer’s eyes from sun or blue light whilst providing a vivid sound when listening to music, audiobooks or watching a movie with integrated microphones for voice assistants and making phone calls.

The tiny lightweight micro speakers and microphones are integrated into the frames of Fauna glasses, giving hours of great audio without compromising on comfort. The audio module in each temple and each module includes a patented MEMS microspeaker, an electrodynamic speaker, a touch-pad, associated electronics and a battery. Two microphones are also integrated into the right temple with beam-forming and echo cancelling. The temples remain slim and lightweight despite all the electronics inside with both glasses weighing just 50g.

The range have high-quality Italian acetate frames with adjustable temple lengths, a standard in the eyewear industry and optimal for fit and wearing comfort. Fauna Audio Glasses come with a charging case that allows re-charging of the glasses on the go up to 5 times and connects via Bluetooth with a smartphone or PC; a specific app is not required. The glasses are controlled by touching and swiping on the temples.


BuddyPhones® Cosmos+ wireless ANC kid-proof, kid-safe headphones to protect little ears from increasing tech exposure available in Cool Blue, Rose Pink, Sun Yellow, Grey Matter, Deep Blue and Snow White from, and $99.99/ £99.90/ €85.11.
High-res images can be accessed here

The Cosmos+ wireless active noise cancelling headphones are great for kids to use from remote learning and in-school computer lessons to gaming, listening to music and watching videos. With children now using technology for education as well as entertainment the Cosmos+ provide a new level of protection for children’s hearing. Although noise induced hearing loss cannot be reversed, it can be prevented by ensuring young ears are suitably protected. The best way to protect children from progressive hearing loss is to equip them with a pair of headphones that limits how loud the volume can go. Using a built-in, always on, sound control circuit to cap the volume at levels recommended for children by the World Health Organization, BuddyPhones® are tailor-made for kids to be the toughest, safest sound solutions available.

With a slew of new audio features, fun designs, a range of colours; Cool Blue, Rose Pink, Sun Yellow, Grey Matter, Deep Blue and Snow White and volume limiting capability the BuddyPhones® Cosmos+ are ideal for use when studying, when watching films or listening to music whilst still ensuring hearing health is protected.

The BuddyPhones Cosmos+ brings an upgrade to ONANOFF’s flagship wireless kid’s headphone with a high quality detachable boom mic and 3 SafeAudio® settings to choose from. With these 3 different listening modes of 94dB TravelMode, 85dB KidsMode and 75dB ToddlerMode, the headphones can be tailored to the child’s needs and environment. ONANOFF‘s patented StudyMode® helps isolate voices from other sounds, producing crisper, clearer vocals that will help young scholars to focus when studying or watching lessons. These different audio settings can be tailored to the child’s educational needs, at home or in school. The foldable headphones with soft protein PU leather ear pads also include a BuddyLink for sharing so siblings and friends can easily watch and play together.

The BuddyPhones® Cosmos+ boast a 24-hour battery life for wireless use or a wired connection option, making them ideal for keeping children entertained whilst travelling or on long car trips. The Cosmos+ now features new, more durable designs, a travel case for easy transport, and a fun and eye-catching design using a process called “In Mold Design” to produce intricate artwork on the ear cups with a premium finish that is fully scratch resistant.

Puro Sound Labs Junior Jams children headphones – great Bluetooth headphones for kids. Safety, Comfort, Durability, and Quality! $79 from Amazon US and £89.99 from Amazon UK

High resolution images available HERE
The Puro Sound Labs Junior Jams are premium kids’ headphones from the company, named the best and safest child headphones. Volume-limited safe to 85dB, the Bluetooth safety headphones that earned them the top safety pick by the New York Times and Good Morning America.

Durably built with aluminium construction that is lightweight and comfortable. These Puro kids headphones were built to handle any rough play. Daisy chain sharing allows two headphones to listen to the same source device simultaneously. No more fighting over who gets to watch or listen. Everyone can listen at the same time, making them great for travel and trips with young kids. 22 hours playback with 200 hours standby. Folds flat and rotates for travel. Made from protein leather. Microphone for 2-way calling. The perfect gift for kids aged 2-13, the Junior Jams are the future of Bluetooth headphones for kids!

Available in Blue, Green, Pink and Purple

Xplora XGO2 Android children’s smart watch available from Amazon for an RRP of £99.99 (UK ONLY)

High-res imagery here
The Xplora XGO2 is an affordable yet feature rich smart watch with mobile phone and GPS tracking capabilities. Completely GDPR compliant, it is an ideal first phone for children aged 5-12. Running on Android 4.4 with a 1.4” capacitive touch colour LCD screen and a resolution of 240 x 240, it is easy to use and is incredibly responsive with its 1.2 GHz Quad Core ARM Cortex A7 frequency, 512MB RAM and Spreadtrum SC9820E chipset. When wearing and using the device, children have the ability to make and receive voice calls from pre-saved numbers only, so they can communicate with friends or family without the risk of receiving any unsolicited calls. These contacts can be managed on the parent’s app to ensure children are only talking to trusted contacts. The watch does not feature social media, making the safety of children using it a priority. The device can also receive and reply to text messages including text, emojis, images and voice messages. With a 0.3-megapixel camera and 4GB storage, there is also plenty of room to store photos.

Including a 700mAh battery providing 72 hours of standby battery and working with Wi-Fi as well as 4G, 3G and 2G connectivity, the watch ensures reliable connectivity and is also IP67 water resistant so can survive a rainy day or messy play session outdoors! One of the most exciting features on the XGO2 watch is the step counter which encourages children to stay active and to be rewarded for this! With in-built G Sensors, the XGO2 accurately tracks kid’s steps which earn them Xplora Coins to be used in the ground breaking and award winning Xplora Goplay Platform. This aims to motivate children to spend more time taking part in physical activities offline in exchange for virtual rewards that can later be redeemed online via a gaming platform.

Including many features that are designed to keep kids safe whilst being online, the emergency SOS button can be pressed by the child if needed and will notify their emergency contacts of their location. The XGO2 also uses multiple services to show the devices location (GPS + Wi-Fi + LBS) to ensure it is accurate. There is also the option to setup Safety Zones around key locations such as home and school so alerts can be sent if children exit these areas. School Mode can also be activated so that there are no distractions in class with just the watch clock displaying but all calls and messages disabled. Whilst School Mode is on however, parents are still able to track the watch location and the SOS function is still active.

Make every day feel like Christmas with OPPO
London, UK – 12 October 2021 – Spread the festive cheer by gifting this year’s most-wanted gadgets from OPPO. Whether you’re looking to treat the whole family or give that special someone a Christmas present they won’t forget, OPPO is top of the gift list this year.
From 5G smartphones with dazzling screens and awesome cameras to wearables to upgrade your fitness routine, OPPO’s gifting range has something for everyone. Music lovers can dial up their Christmas anthems with OPPO’s selection of true wireless earbuds to rock around the Christmas tree in style.
Here is OPPO’s round-up of the latest connected devices to take the stress out of Christmas gifting this festive season:
Treat yourself – money no object: Find X3 Pro (RRP £1,099)

• Take Christmas movie marathons to the next level with a 1 Billion Colour 120Hz Display
• Unleash their inner photographer with the DSLR-level camera and shoot every finishing touch in microscopic detail with the microlens
• A speedy 5G phone to keep up with all their Christmas plans
• Long-lasting battery life and rapid charging speeds to keep you going through Christmas and beyond
• Super sleek design, available in Gloss Black
For the trendy, entertainment obsessed: Find X3 Neo (RRP £699)

• Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in style with the Find X3 Neo
• Shoot like a pro with the 50MP camera, perfect for capturing festive family memories in picture-perfect clarity
• Charge up to 100% in just 35 minutes, giving you more time to relax this Christmas
• Immerse yourself while streaming holiday favourites on-the-go with a snappy 90Hz 3D curved Super AMOLED display
• Ultra-sleek design, available in stylish Starlight Black and Galactic Silver For the photographer: Find X3 Lite (RRP £379)

• Snap crystal-clear portrait shots to level-up their Instagram game this Christmas
• Vibrant, crisp screen to zone into Netflix holiday movie marathons
• Super-affordable 5G smartphone to stay connected for less this festive season
• Stunning colourways available: Astral Blue, Starry Black and Galactic Silver
For the on-the-go Instagrammer: A54 5G (RRP £219)

• Don’t slow down this holiday season thanks to a day and a half of battery life and snappy 5G connectivity
• Capture treasured Christmas memories with the best-in-class camera, boosted by Ultra Night Mode to enhance shots taken in low-light conditions
• Slick colourways available in Fluid Black and Fantastic Purple For the social media savvy: A94 5G (RRP £299)

• Catching up with loved ones is easy thanks to 5G, making video calls crystal-clear
• Banish battery worries this Christmas season with Super Nighttime Standby mode, preserving battery life overnight
• Get a front-row seat to this season’s hottest holiday entertainment with a crystal-clear AMOLED screen
• Sleek, minimalist design to suit any party outfit, available in Fluid Black and Cosmo Blue
For the work hard, play hard: OPPO Watch (RRP £229)
• Sleigh Christmas gifting with the most-wanted wearable of the season
• Switch seamlessly between work and play with targeted work-out modes and five exercise sensors
• Take personalisation to a new level with AI-powered watch faces to match every Christmas party outfit
• 21-day battery life with Sleep Tracking and always-on heart rate monitoring to see you through to the New Year in style, available in Black, Pink Gold and Silver Mist For the fitness fanatic: OPPO Band (RRP £40)

• You’ve made a list and checked it twice – the OPPO Band delivers on style and price!
• Kickstart their New Year’s fitness journey with activity bars to fill throughout the day
• Tracks a wide range of favourite sports, from running to cycling
• Real-time heart rate and SpO2 monitoring makes the OPPO Band the ultimate health partner this festive season
For the stylish music lover: Enco Free2 (RRP £89)

• Rock around the Christmas tree with the Enco Free2 true wireless earbuds
• Jingle all the way with 30 hours of battery-life
• Strike the perfect chord with Active Noise Cancellation to gift a truly immersive sound experience
• Perfect for the on-trend music lover, available in black and white For the audiophile: Enco X (RRP £149)

• Co-created with Dynaudio, unwrap the gift of best-in-class audio this Christmas
• Crank up the Christmas classics with Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation
• 25 hours of music playback for non-stop festive tunes with intelligent touch controls for music on-the-go
• On-trend design, available in black and white

Magic of I. 2022 Astrological Planners now available
in the UK

Magic of I. (‘Incarnation’), is an Australian & North American brand offering Astrological Planners, journals and tools to help guide on personal journeys through life. Already well-established in North America and Australia, Magic of I. is now launching in the UK & Europe, with planners dedicated to the timezone.

The Magic of I. 2022 Astrological Planner is a powerful tool for creating magic and living in alignment with the cosmos. Anyone with an interest in the moon and natural cycles can benefit from following the energies of each day and the elements that underpin our existence.

The planners are for advanced astrologers and amateurs alike – with 272 pages packed with astrological data and guidance, including 36 pages of introductory information and a detailed guide to navigating the journal to get the most out of it depending on the user’s goals.

Magic of I. is also a partner of 1% For The Planet, and all of its products are made using vegan leather, FSC sustainable paper and compostable & recycled packaging. Each order is carbon-offset with the brand’s partner Pachama.


Kovered bags are the gift that keeps on giving – literally. Not only are they handmade from reclaimed leather and heritage canvas, each one comes with a 100% no-quibble lifetime guarantee.

The bags are spacious and created for modern life thanks to neat laptop compartments, as well as being the most timelessly stylish item in your wardrobe.

The range includes classic backpacks, messenger bags and holdalls, as well as new for the festive season – The Eden collection.

Every single bag is handmade and built to last while the ‘no quibble’ lifetime guarantee means that as unlikely as it is, should you need a replacement, it’s yours! That’s Kovered’s unique promise and part of its pledge to put the ‘life’ into lifestyle.

The timeless designs come in a variety of here-to-stay neutral colours and are finished with modern must-haves to provide commuters and travellers with a bag they can use again, again and again. Eden, meanwhile, is available in five bold shades from buttercup yellow to sky blue making it the ultimate everyday companion.

Launched in 2013 and with over 15,000 bags already in their forever homes, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t already got one.

Customers can use code SOLUTION for 15% off – but hurry, offer ends on 31 December, 2021.

All orders placed by 22 December, 2021, are guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas.

Here are some of our favourites for Christmas 2021…

The Eden Backpack [black, grey, blue, yellow, moss green – £49.00 (RRP) [AS SHOWN IN YELLOW ABOVE]

The Eden is a fun, compact and agile backpack with full-width zip-top protection and a distinctive design. The hardwearing vinyl material ensures your valuables are kept safe no matter what the weather or activity. The internal compartments are large enough for a day’s essentials while the comfortable shoulder straps plus carry handle make this a master of stylish mobility. It’s perfect for the daily commute, afternoon exploration, or as a weekend adventure bag.

• Capacity: 14L
• Dimensions: H42cm x W31cm x D11cm
• Weight: 0.2kg
• Hardwearing vinyl material
• Inside lining and 1 interior compartment with 1 zipped exterior pocket
• Fits up to a 17” laptop
• Reinforced base, trim and zippers
• Adjustable back straps
Taw waxed canvas rolltop backpack, in brown and black – £89.00 (RRP)

Made from heritage canvas and reclaimed leather, this bag has it all – take it to the office, the city or the mountains and it will handle whatever life throws at it. A large capacity, deep filled backpack, this sleek design offers a protective laptop compartment while the roll top hood lends vintage vibes. Magnetic fasteners on leather straps provide contemporary practicality while side pockets add further storage versatility. A waxed coating protects your belongings against moisture, making it adventure ready.

• Capacity: 27L
• Dimensions: H50cm (rolled) / H65cm (unrolled) x W37cm x D12cm
• Weight: 1.4kg
• Reclaimed leather
• Waxed heavy 18oz cotton, double lining and 2 interior compartments with 1 zipped interior pocket
• Fits up to a 17” laptop
• Adjustable backstraps
• Reinforced base, trim and zippers with natural wax protection
Humber waxed canvas holdall, in moss green – £105.00 (RRP)

Kovered’s ruggedly handsome Humber holdall is a large capacity bag with a spacious zipped interior. Fusing modern functionality with bygone vintage style combines all of today’s desired features including adjustable straps, with a timeless, wanderlust feel. Full-grain leather straps and carry handles are attached by robust steel rivets and quick-release clasps, which add to this unisex carryall’s striking personality.

• Capacity: 45L
• Dimensions: H36cm x L51cm x W23cm
• Weight: 1.5kg
• Reclaimed leather
• Heavy 18oz cotton with hand finished wax and moisture protection
• Durable cotton fabric double lining, 2 interior compartments and 1 zipped interior pocket
• Adjustable over shoulder straps
• Durable brass zips and double stitching
Tamar canvas backpack, in grey – £79.00 (RRP)[AS SHOWN ABOVE]

Compact and agile, the Tamar comes complete with full-width zip-top protection with a distinctive earth-brown reclaimed leather hood. Over-straps with magnetic fasteners finish the boyish good looks. Perfectly proportioned and laptop friendly, the separated internal compartments are large enough for a day’s essentials while the comfortable shoulder straps and carry handle make this a master of stylish mobility. It’s perfect for the daily commute, afternoon exploration, or as a weekend adventure bag.

• Capacity: 14L
• Dimensions: H42cm x W31cm x D11cm
• Weight: 1kg
• Reclaimed leather
• Heavy 18oz cotton, double lining and 2 interior compartments with 1 zipped interior pocket
• Fits up to a 15” laptop
• Reinforced base, trim and zippers
• Adjustable back straps
• Lightweight waterproofing applied to perfectly protect from bumps and scratches
Mersey waxed canvas messenger bag, in black – £75.00 (RRP)

The Mersey messenger-come-satchel is an unashamedly nostalgic nod to the classical age of canvas and leather. Thanks to its fully zipped protective laptop case and organiser, it’s simultaneously modern making it ideal for your digital day. Internal protective pockets and external zipped compartments, ensure this classically styled organiser means business. With a robust carry handle with adjustable shoulder strap, this is heritage style perfectly wedded to future-proofed functionality with a timeless rugged charm. Ideal for him, her, the office, or a day out.
• Capacity: 8L
• Dimensions: H33cm x W44cm x D8cm
• Weight: 1.2kg
• Reclaimed leather
• Heavy cotton with natural wax protection
• Durable cotton fabric lining and interior pockets
• Fits up to a 16″ Laptop
• Adjustable over shoulder straps
• Robust brass zips and double stitching
For further information, please visit


Media contact

All media requests are being managed by Lucy Yates at Honest Digital Comms.

T: 07720 089 712

Notes to editors:

“Kovered believes in sustainability. Recyclability is a minor part of this. For us, this is about societies moving away from consumption-based measures to asset-based measures. Gross domestic product is a measure of consumption, not maximising our enjoyment from the least resources.

“For Kovered, this means making products that last. Kovered will provide you with a product that will last you your lifetime. If it fails in any way for the rest of your life we will replace it.” Ben Collinson, brand owner.

Established in Bath, England, in 2013 with sustainability at its core, the bags are hand finished in the UK, and today, over 15,000 people are proud Kovered bag owners.

As well as being sustainable (all bags are made from natural canvas and reclaimed leather and are shipped in 100% recyclable packaging), the bags are high quality and offer a true lifetime guarantee with a ‘no quibble’ returns policy.

With a wide array of products (26 products in 11 designs) including backpacks, holdalls, messenger bags and heritage style water bottle holders, there’s something for everyone.

Customers also benefit from:
• Free worldwide delivery
• 90 day hassle-free returns
• Lifetime guarantee on all bags

The James Bond movie series has proved it truly has a ‘license to thrill’ after being named the UK’s favourite big screen franchise, according to new national research revealed today1.

The study, carried out by Showcase Cinemas to celebrate the release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage starring Tom Hardy, sees almost one in five (16%) Brits pick the iconic secret agent franchise, with the magical Harry Potter series coming in second (13%), and action-packed Indiana Jones (12%) rounding off the top three.

However, the charismatic Professor of Archaeology wasn’t to be completely outdone, as Harrison Ford was crowned UK’s favourite actor/actress in a franchise with one in five votes (20%). Sean Connery’s seminal performance as James Bond (18%) followed in second place, with Johnny Depp’s raucous portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean (16%) coming in third.

In a battle for the ages that’s fit for a Hollywood script, DC overcame Marvel, as Batman was named cinemagoers’ favourite superhero (14%), narrowly defeating fellow DC fan favourite Superman (12%).

The UK’s favourite movie franchise villain was easily the most hotly contested category, with Hannibal Lecter and Darth Vader scuffling for top spot. Ultimately, the cannibalistic serial killer Lecter (19%) proved marginally more menacing than the Sith Lord (18%).

In honour of Tom Hardy’s role as Eddie Brock/Venom, Showcase Cinemas polled Brits to find out their favourite actor or actress who inherited an iconic role. Outgoing Bond Daniel Craig stole the show with over a quarter of the votes (26%), whilst the late, great Heath Ledger came in second place for his Oscar-winning portrayal of the Joker in the The Dark Knight (18%). Meanwhile, Johnny Depp took third for his colourful performance as Willy Wonka (14%), a role made famous by Gene Wilder in 1971.

In a result that will send Pixar fans to infinity and beyond, a quarter of people chose Toy Story as their favourite animated franchise, with loveable green ogre Shrek coming in second (18%).

The older generation preferred the Wallace and Gromit series, with around one in five people aged 55-64 (21%) and 65 and over (19%) selected the stop motion comedy as their favourite animation.

Mark Barlow, UK General Manager for Showcase Cinemas, said: “The big screen has provided us with so many legendary movie franchises over the years, it’s tough to choose a favourite. However, with No Time To Die proving to be a box office smash, it comes as no surprise that the iconic, action-packed James Bond films have been crowned the UK’s favourite, having wowed British cinema fans for decades!

“It was also interesting to see film fans’ views on actors/actresses who take on an already established role, with Tom Hardy replacing the likes of Topher Grace to become Eddie Brock/Venom. We can’t wait to see him reprise the role in the Venom sequel when it hits the big screen in just a couple of weeks.”

Harry Potter poses a big gender and generational divide, with almost twice as many females (16%) selecting it as their favourite franchise when compared to males (9%). And while 18–34-year-olds largely opted for the Potter movies as their number one franchise, James Bond was the most popular selection for people aged over 35.

There are almost twice as many Harry Potter fans (27%) in the North East as in any other region, with Wales, West Midlands and Yorkshire coming in joint second place (15%).

The sequel to the 2018 film Venom, Venom: Let There Be Carnage lands at Showcase Cinemas nationwide on October 15th, with tickets available now:


1. JAMES BOND (16%)
4. STAR WARS (11.9%)
5. LORD OF THE RINGS (11.2%)
6. TOY STORY (9%)
9. STAR TREK (7.6%)
10. DIE HARD (7.5%)

It’s the most wonderful time of year –
Merrythought’s 2021 Christmas Bear revealed!

Britain’s oldest remaining teddy bear manufacturer, Merrythought, is bringing a special Christmas sparkle to 2021 with the launch of its brand-new Christmas Teddy Bear.
The Christmas bear, which is one of the Shropshire-based firm’s most sought-after teddy bears. The 2021 teddy bear has today been unveiled after months in development.
Hand-crafted in the firm’s Ironbridge factory from the finest snowy-white mohair plush, the beautiful bear is dressed in a satin-lined, berry-red pure cotton velvet coat with elaborate winter floral embroidered detail.
Managing director Sarah Holmes, the great granddaughter of the company’s founder Gordon Holmes, was delighted to unveil this year’s bear.

“The past couple of years have been strange for us all but 2021 has brought us back together and time with family and friends is even more special than before.
“We’re excited to finally release the details of our Christmas bear and hope he brings joy to families across the world as we celebrate Christmas this year.”
With a cosy hood and fudge-coloured faux fur trim to keep out the cold during the winter nights, the bear’s adorable outfit is neatly secured with gold ribbon adorned with matching faux-fur pompoms.
His left paw is embroidered with a coordinating flower design, interwoven with the iconic Merrythought wishbone and the year 2021.
Hand stitched by a dedicated team of 20 in the firm’s 91 year old factory, it’s a delicate 15 stage process that requires the finest materials and skills.
“Each bear is handcrafted lovingly here at the World Heritage Site of Ironbridge,” Sarah continued. “A Merrythought teddy bear is made with love, given with love and, we hope, will be loved by generations to come”.

The bear, of which only 250 will be available, is priced at £185 and is presented in a luxury gift box. It is available to buy at,uk

Introducing New Jewellery Brand, Tranquillity: Mindful Jewellery to Bring you Back to the Present.

Having personally experienced extreme levels of anxiety, Tranquillity founder Dan Kaminski drew on his background in psychology, and passion for mindfulness, to create an exciting new brand of spinning rings, that allows wearers to feel empowered and to retain control over anxieties presented by daily life. Tranquillity lets you feel amazing both mentally and physically.

Having always been interested in the mind, Daniel started his career path with a degree in Psychology, swiftly followed by a Masters in Occupational Psychology, focussing on Psychology in the workplace, he then joined a fast paced start-up only to notice first hand the effect stress and anxiety can have on individuals, including himself. Sound familiar? Cue Tranquillity.

Through much research surrounding body language, various coping mechanisms and many conversations with friends and family as well as the realisation Daniel was not alone, Tranquillity’s spinner rings were born. Seamlessly coupling mindfulness with contemporary style, Tranquillity’s beautiful sterling silver rings subtly allow the wearer to diffuse daily anxieties with their discrete movable features. Striking yet soothing, each ring is designed to bring the wearer back to the present moment wherever they are and create a sense of calm.

Aside from the popular spinning rings, Tranquillity also offers a further 6 jewellery collections, including a mens range. These include the beautiful ‘Balance Collection’ which is centred around cultivating stillness, self love and restoration. The beautiful green malachite stone, which features in this collection, has been used since Egyptian times to protect and is believed to clean toxins both emotionally and physically of the person wearing it.

Daniel Kaminski says of the success of Tranquillity; “We wanted to create a brand that was about the community and empowering people to overcome limitations that anxiety had placed on them. The response was completely insane and we sold out immediately and carried on doing so for the first few months. The best thing about the whole journey so far is the feedback we’ve received and how the brand has helped people in more ways than we could imagine”

Prices start from £40

Ophelia was created by Istabul-born, Sine Icli in 2016. Sine studied a Masters in Fine Arts and always felt an affiliation with clay-work due to her mother who is an artist and being brought up surrounded by creativity.

The idea of Ophelia came from a combination of a dream and a personally loved character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The inspiration derives from space, cosmos, galaxies and nebulae. The whole universe is depicted in the designs – making up some of Ophelia’s many wonders. Ophelia aims to capture a part of space, with traces of the moon and galaxies in every bespoke piece.

The current collections come in a range of large plates, and different sized bowls. The plates come in a range of beautifully designed colours; the Black and White Galaxy, Mortadella, Minty Pink Galaxy, Spotted Dog Galaxy and Deep Navy. All the plates and bowls are hand-shaped and hand-painted so each piece is unique. The colour is also created with impulse random movements so they are all different from one another.

Founder, Sine says, After I graduated I kept on doing my own work sculptures, paintings and prints. At the end of 2016 I came up with Ophelia and I really enjoyed creating the different patterns and shapes of the bowls and plates. I really hope to bring joy to everyone who uses them and I am excited to create new collections in the future.

New Fashion App Helping Retailers and Consumers Avoid Returns

NEW YORK, NY, September 30, 2021 — Online shopping is booming. But with online shopping comes the cost — and the hassle — of online returns, and this occurs quite frequently when it comes to clothing.

Analysts predict a 75.2 percent increase in online shopping returns in the USA, especially in light of the pandemic. Currently, around 50 percent of shoppers return clothes they bought online because of sizing issues. Furthermore, many customers engage in so-called bracketing: they buy the same item in multiple sizes, try them on at home and return the ones that don’t fit. Each return represents lost revenue to the retailer because of shipping and warehousing costs. If the system for processing returns is inconvenient, the online store may lose customers. Another factor is the issue of online retail giants attempting to curtail the actions of shoppers who return large volumes of clothing.

One company has created a solution to help both the retailer and consumer. It’s an innovative way to reduce size uncertainty and drive customer loyalty by helping online shoppers find the right fit — across brands and size charts — conveniently and privately. MySizeID is an app that uses a patented algorithm to take measurements using the technology already available in mobile phones without accessing the camera.

“There are no pictures taken. It is completely private,” said MySizeID CEO Ronen Luzon. “You can do it whenever and wherever you are. It’s very easy, and it’s very fast.”

Offering a win-win solution for online shoppers and retailers alike, MySizeID lets consumers create a secure, online profile of their personal measurements, which can then be used with partnered online retailers to ensure that no matter the manufacturer or size chart, the consumer will always get the right fit. And when every item fits perfectly, customers buy more and return less.

MySizeID can help reduce size uncertainty, drive customer loyalty, and decrease the percentage of returned merchandise — all plusses that flatter a business’s bottom line.

More on Ronen Luzon
Ronen Luzon is a serial entrepreneur and a skilled manager with a track record of success across various industries. Prior to founding MySizeID, he established and led startups in the medical devices and communication sectors. Among his other endeavors, Luzon founded Malers, a company that has grown to be a leader in the global security solutions market and provides some of the most advanced technological solutions for integrated communication infrastructures, security and control systems. Prior to that, he held several senior marketing, sales management and professional services positions in a variety of international high tech companies. Luzon graduated from Middlesex University in London with a in IT and Business Information Systems.

For more information, please visit

The gin filled Christmas crackers make perfect stocking fillers for any gin connoisseurs. They contain a 5cl miniature of either Glaswegin standard gin or their new Raspberry and Rhubarb flavoured gin.

The Knut Hansen gin gift set comes complete in a lovely wooden box with a ceramic branded mug. This is a multiple award winning German dry gin with a distinctive mixture of Juniper and 13 other finely sourced botanicals of which basil, cucumber and apple are the most distinctive.

Incredible Gift Ideas for Little Ones (and older ones too)

The Plum Lookout Tower Wooden Climbing Frame With Monkey Bars £779.99 from Little voyagers can embark on imaginative journeys and epic adventures with our Lookout Tower with Swings. The set includes a ladder that leads up to the tower as well as a rock wall with multi-coloured grips providing a more challenging route to the deck. Keep lookout for enemies in the distance or steer the ship. An 8ft wave slide will see them soar down and hideout in the sandpit that sits below deck. If it wasn’t feature-rich enough, the Lookout Tower also comes with play binoculars, steering wheel, and mirror accessories for more fun imaginative play! Made from pressure treated, ethically sourced FSC® certified wood, the Lookout Tower is super durable meaning years of play and value.

Geomag Magicube Shapes 13 Piece set £29.99 from The Entertainer. – Little inventors will love getting creative with this 13-Piece Magnetic Blocks & Wheels set from the Geomag Magicube range. This exciting construction set is the perfect first introduction to the world of block building. With unique magnetic blocks, children will love using their imaginations to create anything they like. As well as colourful blocks, this set includes 4 magnetic wheels to help bring their creations to life. Plus, the blocks are all made from 100% recycled plastic

Dantoy BIOplastic Kitchen Dinner Gift Set £19.99 from Smyths. Cook up a storm with the Dantoy BIOplastic Play Kitchen set. This eco-friendly toy kitchen set has everything your child needs to whip up tasty creations and teddy bear picnics. With pots, pans, and accessories, this 12-piece kitchen toy set opens up a whole world of role-play fun. The strong and durable Play Kitchen set is perfect for indoor and outdoor play. Eco-Friendly Toys. Made with renewable plant-based materials, BIOplastic toys offer a greener way to play. Produced in Denmark and made from 90% sugarcane, these eco-friendly toys are 100% recyclable. It’s a sustainable way to support early learning and child development. All BIOplastic toys are certified to carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

The Plum Globber Flow 125 Lights Scooter costs £79.99 from The Flow 125 is a stylish scooter for 6 years plus. The robust materials and 360° front wheel spin make the scooter ideal for stunts and intensive use. The wheels light as it moves, ideal for the dark school rides home this winter.

Taskmaster The Board Game £24.99 from Smyths. Based on the BAFTA-winning Channel 4 TV show hosted by the mountainous Greg Davies and his assistant Little Alex Horne, Taskmaster the Board Game brings the very essence of this popular show to the comfort of your own home. Compete with your friends and family in a series of ludicrous tasks to be crowned Taskmaster Champion. Judge or be judged. It’s time to summon your inner Taskmaster!

Dantoy BIOplastic Bio Truck Gift Box £19.99 from Smyths. Get to work with the Dantoy BIOplastic toy truck. This eco-friendly toy has rolling wheels and a dumper that really tips! Kids can transport sand or small toys in the dump truck, then lift the opening tailgate and see them tip out. This sturdy and durable toy truck is ideal for indoor and outdoor play. These eco-friendly toys are 100% recyclable. It’s a sustainable way to support early learning and child development.

The Hornit Airo Balance Bike £139 from Made from a super lightweight, ultra-hard-wearing magnesium alloy, at 2.95kg this balance bike is levitatingly light! Airo offer frame and fork lifetime warranty meaning all children will be able to start their cycling journey on the same bike.

The Retro Arcade Mini Punch Bag Game £30 from Menkind. Get ready to throw smaller punches faster than an angry Smurf? Just like the punching bag game at the arcade, only smaller and throw many mini punches as you can before the timer hits 0. The highest score gets recorded on the screen for bragging rights. All you need is fast thumbs.

Geomag Mechanics Loops and Turns 130 Piece Construction Set £34.99 from The Entertainer. Mechanics Gravity Magnetic Track harnesses the invisible forces of magnetism and gravity through original and surprising means. The spheres inside the circuit are set in motion by an innovative magnetic cannon that uses the force of attraction of the accelerating magnet. Gravity is the innovative evolution of the Geomag Mechanics line. Developed with expert players in mind, the new construction system is based on an innovative “gravity motor”: this uses the weight of the Geomag spheres to kickstart the mechanisms and movements of the Geomag Mechanics structures. The motion is provided by the invisible forces of Gravity and Magnetism, without using electricity or batteries. The play experience is based on these fundamental principles of physics. Mechanics Gravity is a STEM product that can truly stimulate curiosity and inspire to learn more about science.

MyFirst Camera Insta 2 £95 from MyFirst.Tech in pastel pink or blue.
The myFirst Camera Insta 2 encourages children to experiment with the camera and is really easy to use and see results. Enjoy instant print out within 10 seconds with our 12 Megapixel myFirst Camera Insta 2. Camera Insta 2 uses quality thermal printing paper and supports microSD cards up to 32GB. This lightweight camera comes with a lanyard and extra selfie lens which your child will be able to take photos from sun-up till sun-down.

Griddly Delivers Good, Clean Fun
with Just Add Soap STEAM Kit

Vancouver, BC – (Oct. 12, 2021) – Griddly Games Inc. today announced a neat new entry to its Just Add __(ingredient)___ line of successful Science + Activity kits with JUST ADD SOAP.

The good clean fun of Just Add Soap is the eighth product in Griddly Games’ signature “Just Add _(ingredient)__” line of multi-award-winning STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) Kits. Soap joins the branded series of kits, that already “adds” Milk, Glue, Sun, Egg, Sugar, Baking Soda, and Fruits & Veggies.

Just Add Soap, recommended for ages 8+, is a fun kit that has the underlying study of elasticity and geometry. This bubbly STEAM kit will slip in an increased interest from any budding scientist and artist. Using the new kit, children learn about the geometry of bubbles, density of liquids and chemical reactions while they enjoy over 20 different sparkling fresh new experiments and activities, that can be done over and over again.

Reisa Schwartzman, founder and president of Griddly Games, said, “Expanding off of our Just Add (ingredient) kits, we continue to develop more activity-based products that encourage and engage children about the fun and interest in science.”

About Griddly Games: We are the creators, manufacturers and marketers of original games and activity kits that are designed for the entire “grid” of people. Our mission is to inspire creativity, imagination, out-of-the-box learning, healthy living and lively interaction through the fun of games and activities. Our multi-award-winning line of STEAM activity kits and STEM games continues to “Just Add” more and more new “ingredients” that cultivate natural curiosities and memorable experiences. All of our products inspire and engage people in a lifetime of play and learning about themselves and their limitless capabilities. The company, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, was founded in 2007 by Reisa Schwartzman, a mother of three boys, who took it upon herself to deliver wholesome family fun that multiple ages could enjoy at once. Griddly Games’ instills a strict company philosophy to encourage social interaction, learning, strategy and challenges that anyone (from across the grid) can enjoy. To discover more about Griddly Games, visit and get all of the most up-to-date, immediate information by interacting with the company on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour Shampoo and Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour Conditioner were created for women who are undergoing treatment for cancer that is gentle enough to use on their scalp. The products are fragrance, colour, paraben and SLS-free for extra gentle cleansing and are suitable for daily use. In 2006, the late Philip Kingsley himself created No Scent No Colour Shampoo and Conditioner for his wife Joan, whilst she was being treated for breast cancer.

Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour Shampoo and No Scent No Colour Conditioner, £20.50 each,

A percentage of each bottle sold is donated to the Look Good Feel Better charity. 50p from every 250ml bottle of Philip Kingsley No Scent, No Colour Shampoo and Conditioner. These donations are taken throughout the year, not just for the month of October.

A handful of fantastic festive recipes from the Easy Peasy Baking Campaign, all of which are brilliant for entertaining, whether it’s your turn to host this Christmas or you’re in charge of bringing the pud to the party.
All of the recipes below are designed to make Christmas baking simple and easy, ideal for those who are short on time or new to the baking scene.
I’ve attached all recipe files with credit lines and high res images for the following recipes here:
Baileys Profiterole Stack: Perfect for a festive party, these soft profiteroles are filled with a decadent cream and Bailey’s centre. Made with just 7 ingredients for an impressive but quick and easy crowdpleaser!
Self-Saucing Mint Thin Pudding: Made with only 9 ingredients and 5 pieces of kitchen equipment, the combination of rich chocolate sponge and gooey layers of mint chocolate thins make this the ultimate, easy peasy self-saucing dessert.
Christmas Wreath Bundt Cake: A showstopper for the table, this bundt cake topped with seasonal berries is made with just 8 ingredients in 8 simple steps, guaranteed to impress your guests.
Vegan Yule Log: A Christmas family favourite, this Vegan Yule Log is coated and rolled up with a generous helping of chocolate buttercream. Made with 10 ingredients and less than 10 steps, this is a truly irresistible pudding for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Whether it’s for Secret Santa games, stocking stuffers for the family or gifts for friends, FINIS’ Smart Goggle is an ideal choice for the water lover in your life – regardless of the gift-giving occasion. As the perfect gift for those looking to remain active and track their workouts – FINIS continues to innovate its portfolio of swim products to keep up with rapid advances in sports and health technology.

To help you plan your gifts early, FINIS’ Smart Goggle is on sale for $199 (+ free goggles) from November 22nd – 29th.

FINIS’ Smart Goggle is powered by the Smart Coach which displays custom metrics in the corner of your left eye, including lap count, lap splits, swim time, rest time, and more. The display is designed to live outside the eye’s normal field of vision but is easily seen at a glance, minimizing any distractions. The product helps swimmers track and view various metrics while swimming as well as set goals and track their training within the accompanying app.


• Digital Display: The digital display allows swimmers to track laps, splits, time, and rest in the corner of your eye. A customizable view enables swimmers to adjust the display based on optical needs.
• Activity Tracking: No more watches–Smart Coach automatically tracks laps, distance, stroke count, stroke type, calories, and more.
• Ciye™ Swim App: The Ciye™ app lets you review in-depth analytics, customize your Smart Coach digital display, and share your workouts with friends and fitness apps, like Strava. Available through the Apple Store or Google Play.
• Interchangeable Smart Coach: The Smart Coach module can be inserted and removed from the goggle lens for easy and affordable goggle replacement.
• In the Box: This kit includes goggles, the Smart Coach module, a magnetic USB charging cable and six interchangeable nose bridges.

This time of the year should be about spending time with the important people in your life, so let this recommendation serve as one less thing to worry about this holiday season!

Choose from diamante stone cuffs, colourful scarves, cosy knits and a gin kit
Looking for the perfect Christmas present for best friend, girlfriend, wife or mother? Independent fashion brand Belle-Modelle has a fabulous selection of affordable gifts.
Choose from:
Day to night wrist candy: Stella Cuff £20.00
Decorated with stars and lightning bolts in diamante stones, the Stella Cuffs provide the perfect day to night wrist candy making them the ideal Christmas gift. The soft faux suede back and twist and lock clasp mean they’re comfortable to wear and easy to take off and on too.

Sustainable style: Chara Bamboo Scarves £18.95
Made from 100% bamboo, the super soft Chara Bamboo Scarves are both sustainable and stylish. Available in two bright bold prints, Ikat and Geo Star, they are perfect for brightening up any Christmas outfit.

The Perfect gift for gin lovers: Artisan gin maker’s kit £29.99
Transform a cheap bottle of vodka into a smooth glass of gin in under 24 hours with the GinEtc. Artisan Gin maker’s kit. The kit enables the user to manipulate the character of the gin to suit their taste and will make two 750ml bottles of homemade gin, one classic blend and one spiced blend – the ideal gift for gin lovers

Cosy, colourful Christmas jumpers: Knit 21 £44.95

Belle-Modelle’s cosy new Knit 21 range features six loose fit jumpers in vibrant colours. Available in two sizes 1 (8-14) and 2 (16-20) and in a selection of stripe and star combinations and colourways there is a style to suit all. Perfect for Christmas are the Knit 21 GEM Red Star – a bright red knit emblazoned with hot pink stars and the Knit 21 BELLE Colour Block, a dusky pink jumper with tomato red sleeves and cuffs.

Super soft faux star suede gloves: £14.95
These gloriously soft, faux suede ladies gloves are available in navy, pink and dark emerald green with contrasting star detail – adding a pop of fun to any winter outfit.

Cosy checked scarves: £19.95
Ideal for winter walks and on trend too, Belle-Modelle’s ultra-soft oversized check scarves come in Lilac and Mulberry and will bring a splash of colour and fun to the everyday.

Leila Gregory, 50, is the creator of Belle-Modelle’s joy-inducing collection. Her mission is to inspire real women of all shapes and sizes to embrace stylish, colourful clothing.
Affordability and comfort have been key in the development of the first BM branded capsule collection which targets women aged between 30 and 58 but appeals to those younger and older too. The initial edit, available in two sizes 1 (8-14) and 2 (16-20), focuses on cosy knits and bright scarves with comfortable trousers, bold clashing print dresses and mohair sweaters to follow.
Having worked in retail for 35 years and sourced fashion and homeware for her online and Dorchester based Belle-Modelle retail shop since 2014, this is the first collection that Leila has designed. Her long term goal is for 90% of the clothing she features to be BM branded.
Belle-Modelle monitors its supply chains to ensure that it upholds ethical and sustainable practices at every stage of its process. Shipping is free on orders over £60 and all of its packaging is 100% recyclable. Returns are FOC too!

Endless Games Creates The Most Hip Game in Town

Matawan, NJ – (October 5, 2021) – Setting the trend for 2021, Endless Games is ready to release the coolest pop culture game of the year as Hip Town hits store shelves just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Brian Turtle, National Sales Manager for Endless Games, explains, “It’s one of the coolest games we’ve ever created. We’ve designed Hip Town as a game that challenges players to create the hippest neighborhood on Earth.”

To play Hip Town ($19.99 for 2-6 trendsetters ages 13+), players enter Hip Town, the home of Hip Coin Capitalism, where it’ll take style, street smarts, and a sense of humor to beat fellow developers to create the trendiest neighborhood in Hip Town. Start with a blank canvas; then fill your streetscape with niche businesses of your choice, from craft pickleries to modern speakeasies. Will you construct a culinary empire? A nightlife epicenter? Or something else entirely, marked with your own brand of wit and wisdom? With over 100 unique businesses and a wide variety of game-changing “reality” cards, you’ll never play the same game twice. Buying, Selling, Bidding and Building; it’s all part of being hip… in Hip Town.

• Stay snuggly and stylish this Christmas with super-soft Sherpa fleece throws and bedding from Happy Linen Company
• Festive bedding designs and matching accessories to transform any bedroom into a winter wonderland

WITH THE chill of winter approaching and the cold months drawing in, there’s nothing better than getting tucked up into a cosy bed.
This Christmas, treat yourself to beautiful festive bedding that is bound to keep you warm and toasty with Happy Linen Company’s Sherpa Fleece range.
Available exclusively online at the pop-up Christmas Shop, Happy Linen Company’s range of high-quality, adult Sherpa Fleece bedding and blankets are made from OEKO-TEX® certified materials, meaning they are safe and non-toxic.
With stunning, traditional festive designs, you can transform any bedroom or lounge into a cosy winter wonderland and get the excitement for Christmas brewing.

Have a Cosy and Classic Christmas
Embrace cottage-core chic in your home this winter with the Christmas Patchwork bedding. Traditional yet undeniably on-trend, this set will give any bedroom a homely, festive appearance and is available in a wide range of sizes. The luxurious Sherpa Fleece will keep the cold at bay, creating a bed so cosy you won’t want to leave it, even on Christmas morning!

Complete your Christmas interior décor with this gorgeous Sherpa Fleece Throw, perfect for wrapping up warm and injecting some festive cheer into your home. Whether you want to match it alongside the Christmas Patchwork bedding or drape it on your sofa ready for snuggly winter nights in front of the TV, this high-quality throw is a must-have this season. With three sizes available, you have plenty of choice when it comes to finding the right throw for your home.

Wrap up with Stags and Reindeers
WARM ALASKA SHERPA FLEECE THROW – From £25 (3 colourways – Red, Burgundy, Taupe)
Keep warm and stay stylish with this luxurious Sherpa Fleece throw, available in three different sizes. Its Scandinavian-inspired design perfectly captures the magic of Christmas, complete with snowflakes, reindeers, and Christmas trees, making it perfect for spreading some festive cheer around your home. What’s more, with red, burgundy, and taupe colour-ways to choose from, there’s a Warm Alaska Throw to suit every taste and home.

Feel the Warmth of Flannel
If Sherpa fleece isn’t your thing, then you can still keep warm this season with Happy Linen Company’s luxurious flannel bedding. Winter nights have never been cosier than with the homely Warm Alaska bedding, which will add festive cheer to your home in a subtle and stylish way this winter. Available in a range of sizes as well as burgundy, red and taupe, there is a set to suit every bedroom and colour palette.


Jack & Beyond, a cake shop and café on Fulham Road, London, has expanded its Christmas range for 2021 – all available to order from their online shop for delivery nationwide. In addition to their divine mince pies, they have Christmas Macarons, Gingerbread and moreish truffles which make tasty Christmas gifts or simply a luxurious way to entertain your guests this Christmas.

Mince Pies
Jack & Beyond’s Mince Pies are handmade in the Fulham bakery with melt-in-the-mouth butter pastry and fragrant and fruity homemade vegetarian mincemeat The Mince Pies have a prestigious Two Stars Award from the Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards whose judges remarked: “A beautiful, artisan mince pie which looks totally different from a more commercial pie. Generously filled with an immediate aroma of Christmas.” There are also Chocolate Mince Pies and Gingerbread Mince Pies made with a gingerbread spice mix and a generous filling of mincemeat and Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mince Pies. They can be delivered anywhere in the UK in boxes of 8 at any time of year with your own personalised Christmas message.

Macarons & Gingerbread
New for 2021 are Christmas Macarons hand-decorated with quirky festive designs with four flavours raspberry, salted caramel, chocolate and lemon & elderflower all presented in a beautiful gift box. The new Christmas Gingerbread Cookies are packed with flavour and the fun decorations make them popular with adults and children.

Brownies & Truffles
For chocolate fans, Jack & Beyond’s range of smooth gooey brownies also make a luxurious Christmas gift. Made with luxurious dark Callebaut chocolate and finished with beautiful patterns, they achieve the perfect balance of sweetness and intense chocolate. Choose from White Chocolate and Pistachio; Red Velvet; Salted Caramel; Peanut Butter; and Vegan Chocolate and Raspberry brownies and new for this year Bailey’s Chocolate brownies fans – a classic Chocolate Chip Brownie topped with a generous layer of indulgent Bailey’s & Chocolate ganache. Delicious on their own or with fresh whipped cream on the side, we promise you won’t be able to stop after just one!

Gift Bags
Ideal for gifts for colleagues, clients or teachers, Jack & Beyond has attractive gift bags of brownies, shortbread, fudge and new for 2021 Chocolate Truffles – Champagne, Dark Chocolate, Gin & Tonic, Raspberry & Champagne and Salted Caramel Truffles

Christmas Cakes
For cake lovers, Jack & Beyond’s Christmas Yule Log and Fruit Cake Loaf are perfect treats or gifts and can be delivered nationwide. The Yule Log is an indulgent chocolate sponge cake roll with a swirl of spiced chocolate ganache, while the Fruit Cake has a lovely soft texture and packed with flavours of mixed dried fruits, spices and ground almonds. Perfect as a treat with coffee or tea or as a delicious gift.

For customers in London, Jack & Beyond’s Classic Christmas Cake is handmade to their own recipe with luxurious spices, ground almonds and mixed dried fruit and elegantly decorated with white fondant and Christmas decorations.

The talented team of cake artists can creatively customise any cake to make it totally unique for your special occasion from Christmas to weddings, birthdays and Valentines. From classics like Coffee & Walnut and Lemon Cake to the more playful and unusual Chai Layer Cake or Vegan Coconut Chocolate Cake, Jack & Beyond’s cakes are all made with top quality ingredients including free range eggs and British dairy. They can be ordered online and delivered across London within 24 hours.

Mince Pies – boxes of 6 – £12.00; boxes of 16 – £25.95
Brownies – boxes of 4 – £15.00; boxes of 8 – £28.80
Gift bags from £7.95
Christmas Macarons – box of 8 – £25
Christmas Yule log and Fruit Cake Loaf – £14
Christmas Gingerbread Cookies – box of 4 – £11
Christmas Cake – £14

Nationwide delivery from £2.99
Mince Pies, Brownies and cakes available all year round.
Christmas items will be available from 1 November from the online shop and in-store.
They can be ordered in advance for a specific delivery date nearer Christmas.
You can request a personal message to send with a gifts.

Create Beautiful Prints At Home with Drop of Colour’s Painting Kits
Painting kits contain everything you need to bring out your artistic flair

Drop of Colour launches its stunning collection of floral and foliage themed paint kits that are easy to use and make a beautiful addition to any room or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, the kits provide an escapism from hectic schedules while encouraging a creative outlet.
As well as the fulfilment that painting and crafting can bring, taking time to create has been proven to help reduce anxiety and improve mental health, while also experiencing an increase in overall wellbeing.

Fern Leaves – A4 Painting Kit – £14 Monstera Plant – A4 Painting Kit – £14 Pothos Leaves – A4 Painting Kit – £14

Created by two art enthusiasts, Drop of Colour is a small business with an aim of teaching people to develop their artistic skills and provide them with all the tools they need to make beautiful artwork that can then be framed in the home or office space.
Maria Terzieva, Co-Founder of Drop of Colour, commented, “Me and my partner decided to launch Drop of Colour to encourage people to bring out their creative side and take some me-time. We’re both passionate about art and find pleasure through painting and making our own creations. We want others to experience the same joy that we get from slowing down and taking time to paint. Our range of kits are suitable for all levels of experience and are perfect for completing in your own time or enjoying with friends.”
Each Drop of Colour painting kit is priced from £14, including free UK delivery, from and Etsy.

Bespoke and Luxurious Clothing from Dressarte for the Winter Season
Using eco-friendlier fabrics for more sustainable wardrobe choices

This winter, Dressarte, the virtual couture service, has a range of eco-friendlier outfit options to add to your wardrobe for work to evening wear. Each item is made to measure and can be altered to include different fabrics and trims to suit every style preference. Dressarte’s clothing is made from luxurious but more sustainable fabric options including ramie, deadstock and surplus fabrics from Italian fabric houses.

As well as ready to wear clothing, Dressarte offers packages to create a garment or wardrobe collection from scratch, with prices starting at £250 for a completely bespoke item. With bespoke garments, Dressarte can provide styling consultations, remote fittings, fabric sourcing, and everything in between to make the process as simple and smooth as possible. Dressarte also works with suppliers to offer accessories to finalise a look.

Emilie Dress – £230

Tweed Trimmed Wool Blazer – £290

Black Ruffle Dress – £155

Louise Blouse- £250 Kate Blouse – £225 Charlotte Jacket – £250

Pussy Bow Silk Blouse – £185 Eco-Dyed Silk Blouse – £225 Long Sleeved Blouse – £185

As well as bespoke packages and ready-to-wear items, Dressarte launched the world’s first digital wedding collection using AR. With an aim to keep fabric waste to a minimum, but also provide brides with a completely bespoke package, the digital collection uses AR models that can be personalised to the bride’s body shape and bridal gowns that can be customised to the bride’s style preferences.

Dressarte’s design and tailoring service is completely virtual with worldwide shipping also available.

Christmas home gifts: Sustainable rugs and runners made from recycled t-shirts

Are you looking for a sustainable gift to give home interiors enthusiasts this Christmas? Look no further than these environmentally friendly rugs and runners made from recycled t-shirts from Flooring Superstore.

The rugs come in a stylish geometric pattern in four neutral shades – fossil grey, midnight blue, Tuscan sun, and slate grey.

All rugs are available in two sizes – small (100cm wide x 150cm long) and large (160cm wide x 230cm long) – while runners come in a standard size (60cm wide x 180cm long). Large rugs are manufactured from 19 disused t-shirts, small are made from eight recycled t-shirts, and the runners are each made of 5.5 of the clothing items.

As the products are made completely from waste materials, for every square metre sold, Flooring Superstore saves 1.6kg of discarded products entering landfill. The fabric waste is collected from the UK, EU and Turkey waste sites and may include other cotton items, such as curtains and pillows.

The flat woven rugs and runners are not only eco-friendly, they’re also hard wearing, low shedding and suitable for use with underfloor heating.

• Aztec rug in Fossil Grey (large – £89.99 / small – £38.99)

• Aztec runner in Fossil Grey (£26.99)

• Aztec rug in Midnight Blue (large – £81.99 / small – £38.99)

• Aztec runner in Midnight Blue (£26.99)

• Aztec rug in Tuscan Sun (large – £89.99 / small – £38.99)

• Aztec runner in Tuscan Sun (£26.99)

• Aztec rug in Slate Grey (large – £89.99 / small – £38.99)

• Aztec runner in Slate Grey (£35.99)

The Gardener’s Wife by Jane Allison – Perfect for Mothers/Grandmothers/Aunts etc.
RRP £9.99, available online and in all good bookshops
Emma Holt has been happily married for many years to the gardener of the local Quaker school. Headmaster Philip Manners, on the other hand, has been unhappily married to the Bishop’s daughter for just as long. When Philip finds Emma in the school library, he can’t help but be intrigued by her. Emma, dealing with her two eldest sons going off to war, is overloading herself with work to keep her mind focused. Philip, meanwhile, is trying to understand how his students could enlist when he teaches them pacifism, but is also struggling with his conscience: is he really falling in love with another man’s wife? When conscription finally arrives and all the eligible men are called up, Emma and Philip find themselves unavoidably tangled up in each other’s lives more and more. Emma is pushed to her limits with worrying about her sons and trying to juggle all her new duties, while Philip, ineligible to be called up, can’t help but rush to comfort her when the worst happens overseas. With Emma torn between the loyalty she has for her husband and the passion she’s been missing for so long with Philip, will she fight to hold on to Philip or stand back when events conspire to rip them apart for good?

Daisy Chain by Julia Vaughan – Perfect for crime lovers
RRP £8.99, available online and in all good bookshops
In 2009, the body of five-year-old Daisy Prospero was found in Shropshire woodland. Her killer has never been caught.

Ten years on, Detective Chief Inspector Kath Fortune and her new Cold Case team are on the hunt to find the truth.

With psychic Lane Petreus and tech expert Byron on board, the team must call on all their resources to close the case.

Alongside the new investigation into his daughter’s murder, Todd Prospero has his own mystery to solve. Who is the woman he finds in his garden in the middle of the night on the brink of death?

A chain of secrets and lies leads the team to uncover connections that no-one could have imagined.

Can the killer be brought to justice?

The Camel and the Butterfly by Michael Whitworth – Perfect stocking filler for fans of A Man Called Ove
RRP £8.99, available online and in all good bookshops (Released 8th November 2021)
All Thomas Mirren wants is a simple life. He’s an old man now, after all. On his ninetieth birthday, while selling poppies, Thomas interrupts two shoplifters. To get back at him, they start a rumour that the former soldier had never served in the army. Just an old man pretending to be a hero. But who would believe such a thing?

Ian Rogers is a journalist. Things are quiet in the office, but then one day, he’s handed a story: something about a military imposter. Someone is claiming that Thomas Mirren is a fraud. And it seems there’s no record of the old soldier either. Could there be something to it?

In a world where perception is reality, does the truth even matter anymore? Does the past matter? Well, it matters to Thomas Mirren, and it looks like his past is about to catch up with him.

Why not try a gift voucher for iFLY, where the recipient can buy the ultimate gift – flight! iFLY Indoor Skydiving vouchers can be used at either Manchester, Milton Keynes or Basingstoke and make an amazing gift for anyone aged from 3 upwards. Gift vouchers can be bought for a variety of flight experiences, with introductory sessions starting at under £50.

If you would like more information about the experience, visit

Yorkshire-based countrywear brand, Glencroft, have a stunning range of luxury 100% British Wool Christmas gift ideas for him, her, the kids and the home including:
• Glencroft British Wool Christmas Jumper – made using 100% British Wool
• Leather Saddle Bag with adjustable strap – Made entirely in the North of England by expert leather workers
• Chunky British Wool Aran Scarf – beautifully made in the UK from 100% British Wool
• Glencroft Harris Tweed Flat Cap – Made entirely in the UK, from genuine Harris Tweed handwoven on the Outer Hebrides
• Glencroft Clapdale Jumper – with zip collar, this 100% British Wool jumper is good for layering under a winter coat, for that Boxing Day walk in the hill
• Glencroft ‘Dales’ Sheep Jumper – this 100% British Wool Aran jumper is Made in Britain using British wool and features a cheeky sheep ready to go on adventures
• Children’s Moccasins – luxury slippers in beige and pink with fluffy collar, perfect for keeping little toes warm this winter
· British Sheepskin Rug – rare breed, hand trimmed sheepskin rugs responsibly sourced from British sheep tanned in the UK

Glencroft is a small family-run business based in a 200-year old converted cow barn in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.
They make sustainable, British-made clothing and accessories from natural products including sheepskin, wool and Harris Tweed, including Yorkshire-made flat caps and 100% British Wool jumpers / cardigans, to stylish sheepskin rugs made from British breeds, which are still hand-finished by the 78-year old owner, Richard.

Christmas gifts – Give animals a better life in 2022
Cards feature bears rescued and living in the World Animal Protection funded bear sanctuary in Romania

If you are wondering how to thrill an animal-loving friend or family member this Christmas, World Animal Protection’s Christmas shop provides some great options. Many of the gifts and cards feature cute and cuddly animals who have benefited from the charity’s support.
This year iconic British designer Sue Timney is launching an exclusive planet friendly product range with World Animal Protection to raise awareness of the issues animals face around the world. Animal lovers can get Sue’s exclusive designs on t-shirts, tote bags and tea towels, all ethically sourced using Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton and AZO-free dyes

Really Wild Gifts are ‘virtual gifts’ that can help us pay for our work such as the rescue of a bear or providing special treats in our bear sanctuaries, such as honey, buffets of food or bear-friendly ice cream. You can also gift the cost of vaccinating a dog against rabies to prevent it from being culled.

World Animal Protection works to end the suffering of animals around the world and has; persuaded 250 travel companies to commit to stop selling and promoting cruel elephant entertainment; saved hundreds of thousands of animals from natural disasters; delivered vaccines to over a million dogs against rabies; helped ban international trade in two species of otter and the Indian star tortoise; helped end bear dancing in India, Turkey and Greece; and are working to end the cruel bear bile trade across Asia.

World Animal Protection Sue Timney Collection

Sue Timney, “Throughout this project with the World Animal Protection I was able to express my own personal thoughts and feelings for the natural world. It is wonderful to have an opportunity to work with people who have similar ethics on animal welfare and meat reduction and it also means a lot to me as a Designer as well.”

World Animal Protection Marine T-Shirt
£24.99 adult sizes, £17.99 children’s sizes.

Made from premium super soft 100% organic GOTS cotton, and proudly printed with AZO-free dyes in the UK. To eliminate mass production, we print it to order, for you! Unisex Adult sizes/chest size: S 34/36″ M 38/40″ L 42/44″ XL 46/48″ 2XL 50/52″. Wash inside-out at low temperature and iron on reverse.</p>

World Animal Protection Wild T-Shirt
£24.99 adult sizes, £17.99 children’s sizes.

We are delighted to partner with Sue Timney and bring to you these special t-shirts so you can show your support to World Animal Protection. Made from premium super soft 100% organic GOTS cotton, and proudly printed with AZO-free dyes in the UK. To eliminate mass production, we print it to order, for you! Unisex Adult sizes/chest size: S 34/36″ M 38/40″ L 42/44″ XL 46/48″ 2XL 50/52″. Wash inside-out at low temperature and iron on reverse.

World Animal Protection United Pattern Edge to Edge Tote Bag

All over United print design by Sue Timney. Show your support for World Animal Protection with the stylish yet practical tote. A fantastic alternative to plastic carrier bags. Each one printed edge to edge and made with 100% organic cotton. Perfect for taking to school, to work, or here, there and everywhere.

World Animal Protection Farm Edge to Edge Tote Bag

We are delighted to have partnered with Sue Timney and to bring to you a special set of farm animal totes. Show your support for World Animal Protection with the stylish yet practical tote. A fantastic alternative to plastic carrier bags. Each one printed edge to edge and made with 100% organic cotton. Perfect for taking to school, to work, or here, there and everywhere.
World Animal Protection Wild Bear Mug

Enjoy your favourite hot drinks whilst helping us to protect these amazing animals. Show your support for World Animal Protection with our fantastic colour insert mugs, featuring a very special design by the one and only Sue Timney. Porcelain 11oz mug. Duraglaze coated. Independently tested to BS EN 12875-4 to over 2000 washes. Confirmed 100% dishwasher proof and microwave friendly. Proudly printed in the UK.</p>

World Animal Protection Wild Mug

Show your support for World Animal Protection with our fantastic wildlife mugs, featuring a very special design by the one and only Sue Timney. Porcelain 11oz mug. Duraglaze coated. Independently tested to BS EN 12875-4 to over 2000 washes. Confirmed 100% dishwasher proof and microwave friendly. Proudly printed in the UK.

World Animal Protection United Pattern Tea Towel

Show your support for World Animal Protection every time you wash up with this all-over print, whilst helping us protect these amazing animals. To eliminate mass production, we print and handmake each tea towel to order, for you! Made from 100% GOTS organic cotton canvas and proudly printed with AZO-free dyes in the UK. Size: 70cm x 46cm with a tape hook for hanging. Care: Wash at low temperature and iron on reverse. Design by Sue Timney.

World Animal Protection Farm Print Tea Towel

The farm is home to some of our most important and loveliest creatures. Show your support for World Animal Protection every time you wash up, whilst helping us protect these amazing animals. To eliminate mass production, we print and handmake each tea towel to order, for you! Made from 100% GOTS organic cotton canvas and proudly printed with AZO-free dyes in the UK. Size: 70cm x 46cm with a tape hook for hanging. Care: Wash at low temperature and iron on reverse. Design by Sue Timney.

Colourful creatures memo pad £3.00

Fun, sweet, cute animal designs, perfect for children. They are a colourful way to leave a quick reminder, mark a page or leave a note.
Memo pads inside:
• 12.5 cm X 7 cm (lined, large)
• 6 cm X 8 cm (lined, small)
• 6 cm X 2 cm (bookmark tabs)
• 7 cm X 7 cm (blank, small)

Dimensions: Width 14 cm, length 19 cm, height 5 cm, weight 149 g

Bruno the bear mug

A beary special mug featuring Bruno the Bear. With a matte finish, this ceramic mug comes in a presentation box – so it’s a perfect Christmas gift. Its dishwasher safe and has an approximate volume of 350ml. Sipping from this lovely ceramic mug, they’ll feel like they’re getting a bear hug.

Dimensions: Length: 8 cm, Width: 8 cm, Height: 9.5 cm

Miko the panda make-up bag £9.95

This cute Miko the Panda makeup bag makes an ideal gift for animal lovers on the go.

Dimensions: Width: 5.5 cm, Length: 19 cm, Height: 13.5 cm, Weight: 60 g

Best in show stainless steel bottle £14.99

Perfect for the dog-obsessed person in your life, this cute stainless steel bottle features a variety of dog breed illustrations. Plastic-free, multi-functional and covered in dogs – this stainless steel bottle has it all! Keep drinks cool for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, ideal for drinks on the go.

• Capacity 500 ml
• Dimensions – height 25.5 cm
• Diameter 6 cm

World Animal Protection t-shirt
Our classic design, minimalist and bold. This unisex white t-shirt is perfect worn with jeans for a timeless look!
Available in organic cotton and in running fabric for the sporty ones…
Fruit of the Loom classic fit with a rib crew neck. 100% cotton. Machine washable at 40 degrees.
Size guide:
• Small 35/37”
• Medium 38/40”
• Large 41/43”

Limited edition World Animal Protection KeepCup

Give the gift of saving the environment with this beary special KeepCup. Its dishwasher safe and made from toughened soda lime glass.

Size 12 oz / 340 ml, 12 cm high x 25 cm circumference

Virtual gifts for real change
Prices from £12

Our virtual gift selection is a great way to make a donation on behalf of a loved one. You’ll receive a lovely card to give them, explaining how your donation is going to affect the lives of animals.

Browse them all!

World Animal Protection Christmas Cards

Bears, Bears, Bears

Greeting inside reads: With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

All 3 designs feature bears rescued and living in the World Animal Protection funded bear sanctuary in Romania.

• Size: 11cm X 13.5cm
• Quantity: 12 cards

Snowy Bear Christmas Cards

Greeting: With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

• Size: 11cm X 13.5cm
• Quantity: 10 cards

Shoppers can browse the full range online at the World Animal Protection shop.


Actor Martin Freeman (a fan of the company and not a paid spokesperson) wears the The Camden Watch Company No.29 Type II timepiece

The Camden Watch Company (, an independent British brand based in the heart of Camden founded by wife and husband team Anneke Short and Jerome Robert, has a large number of timepieces as well as other gift ideas (backpacks, mugs and wall prints). Anneke and Jerome have curated a small selection of their watches followed by their recently created backpacks for those on the go – whether off to work or off rambling.

The Camden Watch Company
No.24 Type II Tan and Rose Gold
Price: £89


The No.24 Type II is a revised edition of our classic No.24. Featuring a sunburst rose gold dial with a raised index frame, this is a modern yet timeless dial design set in our vintage watch case. It is named after bus route 24 which is London’s oldest unchanged bus route and runs through Camden Town.

Case size: ø 27 mm
Case depth: 8.4 mm
Gender: Ladies
Case Material: Stainless Steel, PVD Rose Gold Plated
Strap type: Genuine Leather
Water resistance: 50 metres
Movement: Japanese Quartz (battery)

The Camden Watch Company
No.24 Brown and Gold
Price: £79

The No.24 is designed to be worn on its own or mixed with bracelets & bangles. It is named after bus route 24 which is London’s oldest unchanged bus route and runs through Camden Town. The minutes are designed in what is known as a ‘train-track’, a fitting reminder of Camden’s industrial past.

Case size: ø 27 mm
Case depth: 8.4 mm
Gender: Ladies
Case Material: Stainless Steel, PVD Gold Plated
Strap type: Genuine Leather
Water resistance: 50 metres
Movement: Japanese Quartz (battery)

The Camden Watch Company No. 24 Type II Mesh, Steel, Silver
Price: £99

Sunburst silver dial with a raised index frame

The No.24 Type II is a revised edition of our classic No.24. Featuring a sunburst silver dial with a raised index frame, this is a modern yet timeless dial design set in our vintage watch case. It is named after bus route 24 which is London’s oldest unchanged bus route and runs through Camden Town.

Case size: ø 27 mm
Case depth: 8.4 mm
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Strap type: Stainless Steel
Water resistance: 50 metres
Movement: Japanese Quartz (battery)

The Camden Watch Company SMALL No.88 Gold and Green Nato
Price: £95

This is a smaller version of our classic and bestselling No.88. The lugs of the No.88 are based on those found on classic vintage watches, in contrast to the modern case shape. The dial and crown are reminiscent of steam train gauges. The seconds hand is the same turquoise-blue as the iconic Camden Lock bridge.

Case size: ø 36 mm
Case depth: 8.4 mm
Gender: Unisex
Case Material: Stainless Steel (PVD Gold Plated)
Strap type: Interchangeable (Genuine Leather, Nylon)
Water resistance: 50 metres
Movement: Japanese Quartz (battery)

The Camden Watch Company No.27 Oxblood and Rose Gold
Price: £108

The No.27 is a modern reworking of the classic vintage dials found on Victorian floor clocks and pocket watches. The Roman numerals have been slimmed down and refined, and the added addition of triangular studs evoke the rivets used in the railways on bridges, tracks and trains.

Case size: ø 37 mm
Case depth: 8.4 mm
Gender: Ladies
Case Material: Stainless Steel (PVD Rose Gold Plated)
Strap type: Genuine Leather
Water resistance: 50 metres
Movement: Japanese Quartz (battery)


The Camden Watch Company Memento No.253 Memento Mori Rose Gold
Price: £175

The No.253 is a complex and intricate timepiece designed as a homage to the great advancements in engineering during the Victorian era.

Our Memento Mori (translated as ‘Remember you must die’) special edition is based on a Victorian tradition and designed as a reminder that death is inevitable. Contrary to the morose name, it serves as an inspiration to live each day as it comes and not get caught up in the stress of daily life. Because to remember you must die is to remember you must live.

Case size: ø 41 mm
Case depth: 9.2 mm
Gender: Unisex
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Strap type: Genuine Leather
Water resistance: 50 metres
Movement: Japanese Quartz (battery)

The Camden Watch Company No.27 Type II Brown and Steel
Price: £108

The No.27 Type II is a modern unisex timepiece that takes its cues from vintage clocks and pocket watches. The design has been stripped back to leave a minimalist face free of clutter, and the leather strap is textured and thick lending a refined yet robust feel to the watch.

Case size: ø 37 mm
Case depth: 8.4 mm
Gender: Unisex
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Strap type: Genuine Leather
Water resistance: 50 metres
Movement: Japanese Quartz (battery)
The Camden Watch Company No.88 Rose Gold and Brown Leather
Price: £109

The lugs of the No.88 are based on those found on classic vintage watches, in contrast to the modern case shape. The dial and crown are reminiscent of steam train gauges. The seconds hand is the same turquoise-blue as the iconic Camden Lock bridge.

Case size: ø 39 mm
Case depth: 8.4 mm
Crystal: Curved Mineral
Gender: Unisex
Case Material: Stainless Steel (PVD Rose Gold Plated)
Strap type: Interchangeable (Genuine Leather, Nylon)
Water resistance: 50 metres
Movement: Japanese Quartz (battery)

The Camden Watch Company No.29 Type II Steel, Navy and Navy
Price: £190.00

The No.29 Type II is inspired by vintage pilot watches and reworked for the modern wrist. Large, contrasting and highly legible numbers punctuate the two-layer dial that sits within the tapered contemporary case.

Case size: ø 43 mm
Case depth: 9.2 mm
Gender: Gent
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Strap type: Genuine Leather
Water resistance: 50 metres
Movement: Swiss Quartz (battery)

The Camden Watch Company No.29 Green and Tan
Price: £110

The No.29 is inspired by Victorian pocket watches, such as those worn by Camden train workers in the 1900s. The coloured details and clean sub-dial numbers modernise the design, ensuring that it looks as good with a suit as it does with a t-shirt.

Set in a stainless steel case, the green dial features white Roman numeral markers, and a subdial featuring seconds. The hour, minute and seconds hands are set in stainless steel.

Case size: ø 43 mm
Case depth: 9.2 mm
Gender: Gent
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Strap type: Genuine Leather
Water resistance: 50 metres
Movement: Japanese Quartz (battery)

The Camden Watch Company No.253 Black and Red
Price: £139.00

The No.253 is a complex and intricate timepiece designed as a homage to the great advancements in engineering during the Victorian era. The dial itself is based on the wheel of a steam train, a beautiful and often overlooked piece of design.

Luminous indexes, triangular studs and stencil numbers on the platform lend a robustness to the design.

We wanted a watch that reflected this, so we worked hard on shaping a case that was complex and interesting while still retaining a look of understated style.

We used a screw down case back with integrated lugs, which houses the main case. The main case is then in turn split into to sections, the body and the bezel, which allows us to achieve a high level of polishing and brushing on each separate element.

As a final flourish, the lugs are adorned with screws that a touch of industrial grit.

Case size: ø 41 mm
Case depth: 9.2 mm
Gender: Gent
Case Material: Stainless Steel (PVD Black Plated)
Strap type: Genuine Leather
Water resistance: 50 metres
Movement: Japanese Quartz (battery)

The Camden Watch Company No.27 GMT Rose Gold and Black
Price: £165.00

The No.27 GMT Edition is our homage to the rich maritime history of Greenwich and Great Britain in general. In 1880, Greenwich Mean Time become the legal standard time across the island of Great Britain and has since become the time upon which all other time zones across the globe are based.

Case size: ø 37 mm
Case depth: 8.4 mm
Gender: Gents
Case Material: Stainless Steel (PVD Rose Gold Plated)
Strap type: Genuine Leather
Crystal: Mineral
Water resistance: 50 metres
Movement: Swiss Quartz (battery)

The Camden Watch Company No.29 Type II Automatic Steel and Black
Price: £375.00

The No.29 Type II Automatic is a rework of our original automatic watch in a totally different style. A two-layer dial with Arabic numerals lends the dial the feel of a pilot watch, and the domed sapphire crystal adds to the vintage flair. As a finishing touch, the seconds hand is coloured in our signature ‘Camden Lock’ blue, inspired by the blue of the famous Camden Lock bridge.

The crown engraving is based on a section of bridge that spans Regent’s Canal in Camden.

A perfect example of the Victorian engineering that inspires so much of what we do.

Case size: ø 43 mm
Case depth: 11.55 mm
Gender: Gent
Case Material: Stainless Steel 316L
Strap Width: 22 mm
Strap type: Genuine Italian Leather
Water resistance: 5 ATM / 50 metres
Movement: Japanese Automatic (Time Module NH35)
Vibration Frequency: 21’600 bph
Reserve: 42 hours
Lens : Sapphire with dual anti-reflection coating
Case-back Lens : Sapphire with dual anti-reflection

The Camden Watch Company No. 29 Brown and Blue
Price: £110


The No.29 is inspired by Victorian pocket watches, like those worn by Camden train workers in the 1900s. The coloured details and clean sub-dial numbers modernise the design, ensuring it looks as good with a suit as it does with a t-shirt.

The dial of the No.29 features tall, thin roman numerals, the seconds sub-dial, the outer minute track and thin faceted hands. A second level gives it a more interesting relief and features an outlined external minute track, turning it into what is colloquially known as a ‘train-track’ minute indicator.
Sharp Arabic numbers feature on the sub-dial along with an added a flash of colour on the seconds hand and the circular outline.

As a finishing touch, stitching on the strap matches the sub-dial accent colour

Case size: ø 43 mm
Case depth: 9.2 mm
Gender: Gent
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Strap type: Genuine Leather
Water resistance: 50 metres
Movement: Japanese Quartz (battery)


Known for their Victorian watch designs, The Camden Watch Company founders Anneke Short and Jerome Robert decided since they’re always on the go to create a backpack that’s both stylish and practical. Using waxed canvas, which was widely used in the 1850s, the backpacks are great for those trekking through a city, rambling over hills and even those who are on their bikes riding across country hills and city streets – rain or shine. Available online and in-store.

The Camden Watch Company Black Waxed Canvas and Leather Backpack
Widely used from the 1850s onwards, waxed canvas is an extremely durable woven fabric that is impregnated with wax, originally used for sails and waterproofing by the Royal Navy and on British tea-clippers.
The backpack has two exterior pockets, one interior pocket and a laptop pocket.

Size : 46 x 32 x 15 cm
Price: £125.00

The Camden Watch Company Khaki Waxed Canvas Backpack
Widely used from the 1850s onwards, waxed canvas is an extremely durable woven fabric that is impregnated with wax, originally used for sails and waterproofing by the Royal Navy and on British tea-clippers.
The backpack has two exterior pockets, one interior pocket and a laptop pocket.

Size : 46 x 32 x 15 cm
Price: £125.00

About The Camden Watch Company

Founded in 2014 by the Anglo-Swiss duo Anneke Short and Jerome Robert, The Camden Watch Company timepieces are designed in Camden, inspired by British heritage and the rich industrial past and vibrant present of the local area.

With prices from £69, they use all their high-end expertise to create beautiful yet affordable timepieces, which can be purchased on their website or at one of their three bricks and mortar stores in Camden and Greenwich.


The Camden Watch Company – Camden (Flagship)
31 Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, NW1 8AH
MON – SUN 10am-6pm

The Camden Watch Company – Greenwich
Greenwich Market
2 Greenwich Market, London, SE10 9HZ
TUE – FRI 11am-6pm
SAT – SUN 10.30am-6.30pm

 Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Carbon EVO*
o Ideal for the busy multitasker who needs to be on top of their game, the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Carbon 13.3-inch Intel Evo laptop features an Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor packs performance-driven features inside its slim, compact exterior. It incorporates Wi-Fi 6 standards, giving it access to fast and seamless wireless connectivity even when on the go.
o Images available here.
o If you require the product to be sent to you, please let us know.
o Available from: Harvey Norman and Lenovo online (visit respective links for pricing)
 Asus Zenbook Flip UX363
o Breeze through your day-to-day tasks with the help of the Asus Zenbook Flip UX363 13.3-inch i5-1135G7/8GB/512GB SSD 2 in 1 Device. This Intel Evo laptop will let you work without compromises even when you’re out and about with its capable hardware, NumberPad, and intuitive Intel Evo platform all in a slim, lightweight design.
o Images available upon request.
o Available from Harvey Norman.
 ROG Zephyrus M16 GU603
o True portability for the gamer. Featuring the new 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900H processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX Laptop 3070 GPU drive for next-level performance. 19.9mm thin and only 1.9kg, with fast-charging 90Wh battery that enables up to 10 hours of video playback.
o Images available here.
o Price: Starting from $2899
o Availability: JB Hi-Fi/Asus Online

What is Intel Evo? Laptops featuring the Intel Evo sticker have met a strict set of requirements that include more than 9 hours of battery life, instant wake, and fast and responsive performance. This class of premium laptops have been co-engineered, tested and verified by top laptop makers around the world.

Join the rescue and fill your Christmas stocking
Buy the paw-fect gift for your partner, friends and pets while supporting the RSPCA and helping to help animals this Christmas

‘Tis the season for giving and receiving; and we’re here to help you find the paw-fect gifts!

By shopping with the RSPCA you can treat your family, friends and pets to fabulous gifts while also supporting the charity’s work to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome or release animals in need.

Browse our Christmas catalogue or check out our online shop to find cards, crackers, wrapping paper and gifts for this festive season. Here are our top 10 picks:

1. Brain Games for Dogs (£19.99) – Created for dog owners to develop calmness, confidence and connection with their dog, this beautifully illustrated pack of 52 activity cards has a booklet with guidance for each activity.
2. Wildlife Christmas crackers with flower seed favours (£14.99) – Six crackers featuring wildlife illustrations, each cracker contains a pack of flower seeds (Nigella, Oxeye Daisy and Poppy), hats, and mottos.
3. Insect House Kit (£11.99) – Easy-to-build kit in a tin, comes with everything you need to build your own insect house; a perfect stocking filler.
4. Mini LED Hedgehog night light (£14.99) – Ideal as a nightlight or desk companion, this cute hedgehog is a suitable gift for anyone, young or old. Includes batteries and USB charging cable.
5. Christmas cards and wrap (from £3.99) – Beautiful selection of fully recyclable RSPCA branded Christmas cards and assorted sheets of quality, animal-themed wrapping paper.
6. RSPCA calendars and diary (from £5.99) – Show your support for the RSPCA with these handy month-to-view calendars, full of stunning photos of animals, and our week-to-view pocket diary.
7. The Good Life board game (£29.99) – Monopoly with an eco-twist! Use your wheelbarrow to move around the board collecting and trading fruit, vegetables, pigs and chickens. The winner is the first to become totally self-sufficient whilst avoiding unexpected twists and turns along the way.
8. Tartan animal welfare scarf and facemask (from £12.00) – Beautifully soft and stylish lambswool scarf, produced by Lochcarron in a unique tartan design to raise money for animal welfare charities, and matching antiviral face mask with replaceable filters.
9. Christmas Treats for your pet (from £6.50) – Tasty festive treats for your furry friends. Choose from a cat or dog advent calendar or stocking, each filled with tasty dried real meat treats.
10. RSPCA charity gift (from £10) – Support our work by buying A Gift of Comfort for a Cat, A Gift of Rehabilitation for a dog, A Gift of Sanctuary for a horse or donkey, or A Gift of Protection for wildlife (plus lots more!); the perfect pressie for animal lovers.

View our catalogue online or visit the online shop to see all of the gifts we have available this Christmas. Or why not become a sponsor or make a donation to celebrate this festive season?

Ancestry® – the global leader in family history to see if their brand-new AncestryDNA®

Whether readers have loved ones who want to have their very own ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ moment or are keen to see whether a family legend is true, exploring our family history is a great way to connect with our family today and discover more about our past – and what better time to explore this than during the festive period?

What’s more, this Christmas, AncestryDNA Traits will also be available to new UK customers for the first time, offering new Ancestry customers the chance to further explore who they are, where they came from and what makes them unique. Combining cutting-edge science with data, Traits can help you discover up to 36 traits and attributes influenced by your DNA such as what colour hair or eyes run in your family or even whether you have the sprinter gene!
The brand-new kits are £59 and for more information, you can check out the website too. Images are here.

Blueberry Milk (

These necklaces feature gold plating and quirky designs perfect for any teen/young adult!

The necklaces come in multiple colours and styles, so please do take a look at our link attached in case any other varieties take your fancy.

The WF-1000XM4 features high performance dual noise sensor microphones for excellent noise cancellation. By having two noise sensing microphones per ear – one feed-forward, and one feed-back – ambient noise is heard and analysed, resulting in highly accurate noise cancellation.

A newly designed 6mm driver unit with a 20% increase in magnet volume also improves the WF-1000XM4’s noise cancelling capabilities. The increase in magnet volume and the high compliance diaphragm gives improved performance in low frequencies and enhances noise cancelling by generating a high-precision cancellation signal to the low frequency range.

RRP: R 6 999.00

Alpha ZV-E10
The Alpha ZV-E10 features a video-first design in a lightweight form factor and includes the popular side-opening Vari-angle LCD Screen that allows creators to connect external mics on top of the camera. This simplifies their setup while still allowing users to see the screen in selfie shooting mode and from high and low angles.

The new camera also includes advanced video features such as 4K video shooting and Slow Motion with high picture quality (FHD 120p). Electronic image stabilisation with Active Mode[iv] is also available and delivers stable video recording even while walking and shooting hand-held. Further, the Alpha ZV-E10’s advanced AF (autofocus) technology provides fast, precise AF with excellent tracking performance, as well as high quality audio for clear sound recording.

RRP: R16 795.00 at Outdoorphoto

The HT-S40R has been made with design at its core. With a slim, compact soundbar, unobtrusive subwoofer and wireless rear speakers, the HT-S40R is designed to fit perfectly with BRAVIA TVs and complement your living room. Plus, the compact soundbar and rear speakers can be wall mounted to fit neatly in your room and you can place the wireless amplifier wherever you like – flat on a table shelf or mounted on the wall.

The speaker system comes with 4 sound modes; cinema, music, standard and auto sound so that you can choose the one that’s right for whatever you’re watching or listening to. You can also choose Night and Voice modes when you need them and the subwoofer’s volume control to fine-tune your viewing experience.

RRP: R5 999.00

Christmas is in the bag!
Show how much you care this holiday season with these great gifts.

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about what gifts to get your nearest and dearest for the holiday season. There are only so many times that you can give your loved ones some bubble bath or aftershave for Christmas before it gets a bit samey. So, if you’re stuck for ideas this year, check out this list of stand-out gifts that will show your partner, friend or family members that you’ve really thought about choosing the perfect present for them.

Fjӓllrӓven – Kånken
A timeless wardrobe staple that looks just as at home on journeys to and from school or work as it does on daytrips into nature, the Kånken backpack is available in almost 70 different colours so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your friends and family. Made from light and durable Vinylon F fabric, the Kånken has a 16 litre capacity and can be carried as a backpack or a handbag.

Primus – Klunken
Sustainable, hygienic and practical, the vacuum-insulated Klunken bottle will keep your loved one’s morning cup of coffee hot when on the go. Designed to perfectly partner with the iconic Kånken backpack, this 0.5 litre bottle fits neatly into the side pockets and it is available in eight of the bag’s most popular colours so you can get them a bottle to match their beloved backpack as well as their personality.

Hanwag – Wagner 100
A stylish yet comfortable mid-cut boot ideal for everyday use and easy outdoor life, the Wagner 100 is made in Germany using environmentally conscious Terracare Zero leather. Constructed using a prized, double-stitched technique which not only looks great but will last for a lifetime of use, these boots are sure to be a gift that they’ll love for years to come.

Hanwag – Bunion Socks
While socks may not be the most original Christmas present, we guarantee that your parents, grandparents or partner will be over the moon to receive these Hanwag socks if they suffer from bunions. Made from sustainable EX-Pollution merino wool, they provide additional room around the big toe joint and the ball of the foot, helping to alleviate pressure on the affected areas for ultimate walking comfort.

Go Travel – Travel Towel
The perfect present for gym bunnies and travel enthusiasts, the Travel Towel XL is substantially lighter and more compact than a conventional bath towel, yet has extra-cosy, super-sized dimensions. Made from high quality microfibre, it feels incredibly soft next to your skin, is super-absorbent and dries amazingly fast so that you can pack it straight back into your bag for the journey home.

LifeSaver – Liberty
The ultimate water bottle for travel enthusiasts and outdoor lovers, the LifeSaver Liberty™ removes a minimum of 99.99% of dangerous viruses, bacteria and cysts from any water to provide safe drinking water on demand. Its unique 2in1 design also means it can be used to pump purified water into other clean containers, so it will keep the whole family hydrated when out on a Boxing Day adventure and beyond.

Coleman – Camping Wagon
A great gift for gardening and camping enthusiasts, this foldable and durable wagon can carry up to 85kg across uneven ground with ease. Unlike a wheel barrow, the base of the Camping Wagon remains level when you move it and it can be pulled with one hand. Plus, it concertinas into a compact package when not in use for easy storage. Includes bungee straps to secure larger, uneven loads.

Go Travel – Ultimate 2.0
Whether your loved one is a bookworm, gamer or travel fan, they’re bound to be pleased to receive this uber-cosy memory foam pillow. From its plush, velvety fabric to its 360° personalised fit, every element provides comfort and helps to prevent neck pain when sleeping or sitting upright for prolonged periods of time.

Campingaz – Attitude 2go CV
Help the budding chef in your family or friendship group take their outdoor cooking experience to the next level with this lightweight and portable gas barbecue. Easy to pop in the car and transport to the campsite or a picnic spot, this barbecue features Blue Flame Burners ensuring even heat distribution for great cooking performance and it is easy to clean with a sturdy, front loading grease tray.

Fjӓllrӓven – Övik Knit Cardigan
Upgrade your loved one’s Christmas jumper this year with this cardigan made from traceable and ethically produced lambswool. Its high collar is perfect for keeping icy winds at bay and its stylish, Nordic-inspired pattern means they’ll want to wear it all winter long, not just on Christmas day.

Prepare Your Heart for the Joys of the Season With Daily Advent and Christmas Devotions

Cleveland, OH, October 14, 2021 — As one of our holiest, and busiest, times of year fast approaches, it’s natural to get caught up in the tasks of the season — shopping, crafting, baking, decorating and perhaps traveling. You can bring more meaning and clarity to all of your holiday experiences by spending just a few minutes each day in peaceful reflection.

Father Dr. Maurice Emelu offers readers a daily, prayerful walk with God’s Word in his new, seven-volume series, An Encounter: A Daily Discovery in Divine Word. In Volume One, Fr. Emelu offers insights and Bible verses to accompany the seasons of Advent and Christmas.

“I wrote most of these reflections before the blessed Sacrament. In the presence of the Lord, I found the serenity and peace of soul that inspired more profound, prayerful sentiments within me,” Fr. Emelu said. “I then began to dialogue with God’s words.”

Drawing upon his West African roots, Catholic spirituality as well as his many years of pastoral ministry, Fr. Emelu combines the story-telling culture of Africa with a Western worldview to offer a unique perspective on faith-life and what it means to grow closer to the Lord. He communicates his sentiments and ideas in compelling, relatable ways and applies them to today’s realities. Each passage aims to heal, inspire, teach and encourage through the power of God’s Word.

The next two volumes in Fr. Emelu’s An Encounter series focus on messages for the seasons of Lent and Easter. The topics of future volumes will be announced soon.

An Encounter is suitable for both personal and group faith sharing — for anyone seeking a daily walk with God. It would be the perfect gift for your pastor or loved one.

“Alone with God, the soul hears words that the noisy world often silences,” he said. “Call them a boost for the day or a spiritual companion for everyday life. They are empowering words meant to accompany readers on their own journey of life as they continue to discover the gentle Word of God.”

About the Author
Father Maurice Nkem Emelu, Ph.D., is a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Orlu in Nigeria, and the founder of Gratia Vobis Ministries, Inc., a global ministry for cross-cultural Catholic evangelization and works of charity. He is an Assistant Professor of digital media and Communication at John Carroll University in the United States. The author of seven books, and over 700 blogs and professional articles, he provides robust cross-cultural educational programs through digital media. He is the host of EWTN’s The Faith with Father Maurice and the host/executive producer of Word for a Wounded World teaching series, plus numerous other television and radio works in the global Catholic network. He holds a Ph.D. from Liverpool Hope University, UK, focusing on digital storytelling, media aesthetics and theology, among other academic degrees. An encounter with the Lord when he was 14 changed him in fundamental ways, and today he describes himself as “passionately in love with God and His body, the Church.”

For more information, please visit, or follow the author on Instagram (@mauriceemelu), Twitter (@revemelu), YouTube (Fr. Maurice Emelu) or Facebook (Fr. Maurice Emelu).

An Encounter: A Daily Discovery in Divine Word, Volume One: Advent and Christmas
Publisher: Bien LLC
ISBN-10: ‎0960109706
ISBN-13: ‎978-0960109708
Available from,, and wherever books are sold


The ultimate selection of beauty essentials for spoiling your loved ones this Christmas

Christmas could not come sooner and Beautifect, the go-to platform for all your beauty essentials, is getting ready for the festive season, showcasing its brilliant and must-have products that are the perfect gift for any makeup fanatic.
Whether you are looking for the ultimate makeup storage space, makeup applicator or skin perfector, Beautifect has got you covered.
The range includes Beautifects best-selling Beautifect Box, Beauty Blender, Vanity Bag, Beauty Sculptor Face Roller and Tote Bag.

There is no better necessity to store all your beauty essentials this Christmas than with the Beautifect Box, the perfect investment to improving your daily routine.
Consisting of an advanced lighting system, designated compartments and flaps, 5 lighting colour modes, 3 brightness settings, powerful LED simulating daylight quality lighting, a magic hinge to angle the mirror, distortion free mirror, and a rechargeable and cordless luxury vanity case; you never need to be tied down to one place to do your makeup.
This product is available in two colours. To purchase please visit

Christmas is the time of the year to get dolled up for all your celebrations, and the premium Beautifect Blender is the top airbrush applicator to give you a flawless look. Water activated, reusable and latex free, this beauty blender is set to soften fine lines, contour cheekbones whilst also absorbing minimal product for placement on all skin types and blending any formula. Perfect for a stocking filler or Secret Santa present!
To purchase please visit

For all your festive travels, an extra makeup or toiletries bag is always necessary. Created with vegan leather, rose gold zip and a faux suede lining, this chic, compact vanity bag has three designated compartments for ultimate organisation. Once packed in its durable clear case, its deep storage is fit to pack all your full size beauty favourites.
To purchase please visit

Festivity comes in gold, and this luxury edition Beauty Sculptor is not just any ordinary roller. With the power to knead away tension, contour, define and transform your complexion, it is the ultimate stocking filler to roll your way to younger looking skin!
This device has been expertly crafted from cooling zinc and aluminium alloys with 2 round easy to manoeuvre gliding ends for targeted facial and neck contour. It has an array of benefits to de-stress and reduce puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles to give your skin the extra glow it needs after the stressful year we have had.
To purchase please visit

No Christmas would be complete without the Beautifect Tote Bag. Designed to protect your Beautifect Box or to carry other beauty tools and products, this stylish bag is ‘totes’ amazing!
Created with carry handles and clear exterior, this easy access tote is essential to storing all your beauty products or Christmas gifts with minimal effort. Travelling on the go has never been easier and rest assured, you will always be travelling in style.
To purchase please visit

A round-up of the latest smartwatches from Amazfit

Amazfit has a diverse portfolio of smartwatches offering highly sophisticated health and fitness tracking technology. The watches range from £39.99 up to £159, so there is an Amazfit for every budget this Christmas.

Available in a range of colours and designs, there’s a smartwatch to suit Mums, Dads, kids, partners, friends, and the rest of the family!

Amazfit GTR 2e – RRP: £119.00
Available from: Amazon
The Amazfit GTR 2e is an all-in-one elegant smartwatch with a classic round design, health and fitness features, and ultra-long battery life.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro – RRP: £139.00
Available from: Argos
The T-Rex Pro is a rugged smartwatch that is built to withstand most kinds of extreme conditions and challenges, making it the perfect partner for an active lifestyle.

Amazfit GTS 2e – RRP: £119.00
Available from: Argos
The Amazfit GTS 2e is an all-in-one modern smartwatch with a fashionable square design, health and fitness features.

Amazfit Neo – RRP £39.00
Available from: Argos
The Amazfit Neo is a retro-design sports tracker watch that measures heart rate, monitors sleep, is water resistant up to 50 metres, and features 28-day battery life.

Amazfit GTS 2 – RRP: £159.00
Available from: Argos
Product breakdown: Where style meets health, the GTS 2 is an all-in-one modern smartwatch with a fashionable square design, health and fitness features, built-in Alexa, and 7-day battery life.

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini – RRP: £79.00
Available from: Argos
The GTS 2 Mini brings fashionable fitness to all with ultra-slim and light design, always-on AMOLED display, blood-oxygen saturation measurement, 70+ sports modes, and Amazon Alexa built-in.

Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3 Series Smartwatches Launch, Fusing Fashion and Technology Across Three Standout Wearables: the GTR 3 Pro, GTR 3 and GTS 3

Powered by the Smartwatch-tailored Zepp OS for Smart Health Made Easy

(Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3 Series Is Designed to Make Smart Health Easy)

Shenzhen, October 12, 2021 – Amazfit, the leading global smart wearable brand has unveiled three new smartwatches: the GTR 3 Pro, GTR 3 and GTS 3.

Delivering smart health made easy, Amazfit’s latest series of wearables enable users to up their game, improve their health[1], and upgrade their lifestyle without sacrificing personal style. They pack a suite of cutting-edge health and fitness features into a sleek and stylish design powered by the Zepp OS.

Health and Lifestyle Features

All three of Amazfit’s new smartwatches bring about a wealth of innovative health, fitness and lifestyle features, showcased in the Zepp OS. Through an intuitive, powerful interface, this OS empowers users to unleash their full potential, explore their passions and live life positively.

The new OS is tailored to optimize the performance of Amazfit smart wearable devices – instead of transferring a power-draining smartphone OS to users’ wrists. Built around the concept of being light, smooth and practical, this OS will enable easier interaction and help users eliminate tedious operations with lower power consumption compared to the previous smartwatch operating system.

It also works across Android and iOS devices, and connects to popular health platforms, like Apple Health or Google Fit, to sync your health data, and Strava, Relive, Runkeeper, and TrainingPeaks to sync and share sports data. Other highlights include:

– Customization: Up to 150+ vibrant watch faces with matching always-on displays[2] for every mood or occasion, as well as dynamic effects and smooth animations. Wearers will even be able to design their own watch faces and mini apps with the app developer kit (coming soon).
– 4-in-1 easy health measurement: The ability to test four health metrics in one tap[3] thanks to the built-in 6PD (photodiodes) BioTrackerTM PPG 3.0, which measures four health metrics (heart rate, blood-oxygen[4], stress level and breathing rate) in as little as 45 seconds.
– Easy 24-hour health management: Monitors your heart rate all day[5] – even while swimming. With alerts for abnormally high or low heart rates, as well as tracking heart rate zones so you can optimize your workouts, the watch is a comprehensive and easy-to-use health partner for everyone.
– Easy to understand: Your current health and wellbeing are calculated in a flash and converted into a single PAI[6] score, collated from data based on your past seven days of activity.
– Advanced sleep tracking from your watch: Monitor[7] your light, deep and REM sleep stages, plus your waking times during the night, daytime naps over 20 minutes, and even monitor your sleep breathing quality. For added convenience, check your sleep data directly on the watch.
– Advanced menstrual cycle tracking: Easily understand your cycle and plan ahead. After recording your menstrual period, you can intelligently and intimately predict the time and length of the following menstrual and fertile window, so you can stay on your game without any surprises.
– Efficient, quick-access screens: Save time, customize what matters to you and access Shortcut Cards to flow through your day with peace of mind. Get easy access to key information with a swipe or a tap.

– Voice control: With Alexa[8], you can set an alarm, ask a question or more when online, and when offline, use the Offline Voice Assistant[9] to open a sports mode or health feature, or even access Home Connect to control smart home devices. Also enjoy a growing ecosystem of over 10 mini apps.
– Swift and accurate GPS: Get started faster with accurate[10]location tracking based on five satellite systems.

– Options to personalize: Prioritize your preferred features, upload a photo to customize your watch face background, or choose from 15 dynamic animated designs to match your outfit whether at work, rest or play.

– Motivation tools: Track your runs with the optional Virtual Pacer[11], then optimize your progress and recovery with the PeakBeats performance algorithm.

– Life admin tools: Manage your day with message notifications, sedentary and drink water reminders, calendar, events and to-do lists, weather forecasts, Bluetooth remote camera control, and more.

The Zepp OS also comes loaded with a host of comprehensive health and fitness insights, and the Zepp App on your smartphone serves as a hub where you can access additional advice to help you achieve your goals.

The GTR 3 Pro, GTR 3 and GTS 3 have been created to bring out your inner go-getter and peak performer – to help you navigate effortlessly in and out of your digital life, and strike balance and success.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro: Built to Empower

As the premium choice in Amazfit’s new series of fashion wearables, the GTR 3 Pro smartwatch offers some market-leading innovations while encouraging you to lead a healthy lifestyle, and activate your inner drive.

Boasting a vibrant 1.45-inch, 331 ppi AMOLED ultra HD display, the GTR 3 Pro delivers dazzling visuals and an easy-to-use interface. As its large circular screen showcases a high refresh rate for seamless, smooth interaction, the watch enjoys an impressive 70.6% screen-to-body ratio, so despite having one of the largest round watch displays on the market, with no wasted space, the GTR 3 Pro is still a comfortable size.

Glance at and cycle through a wide range of features and sports modes with the classic navigation crown, for some satisfyingly reassuring and intuitive haptic feedback as you twist with your fingertips.

Whether you’re firing up activity tracking through one of the 150+ built-in sports modes, or monitoring your stress levels, the GTR 3 Pro empowers you to stay aware of your health 24/7. And if you forget to activate your sport mode, don’t worry – the smart recognition[12] feature kicks in for up to eight popular sports to make sure you never accidentally miss out on activity tracking.

Edging the GTR 3 Pro ahead even more is its battery life, as the watch benefits from an ample 450 mAh cell, which provides up to 12 days[13] of non-stop battery life on a single charge. So no more worrying about running out of power.
Additionally, music lovers will adore the GTR 3 Pro’s 2.3GB[14] of onboard memory, capable of storing up to 470 songs. This means independent music playback directly from your watch without your phone to hand. For added convenience, the GTR 3 Pro can take and make phone calls when connected to your smartphone over Bluetooth, so you can have a hands-free conversation.

GTR 3: Built to Last

Made from lightweight yet durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy complete with an elegant rotatable crown, the GTR 3’s bezel-less design seamlessly integrates with the curved glass screen to give a heightened sense of immersion.

The stylish design with comfortable antibacterial silicone straps deliver classic styling to match different outfits – from your suit to your workout gear, and you can also customize your GTR 3’s watch faces to showcase all the information you need at a glance.

Sporting a 1.39-inch AMOLED HD display, the GTR 3 brings Amazfit’s immersive Zepp OS to life, powered by a 450 mAh battery for an extensive battery life of up to 21 days. That means up to three weeks on a single charge, and even longer if you fire up the GTR 3’s Battery Saver Mode.

GTS 3: Built to Move

With a modern square 1.75-inch, ultra HD AMOLED screen with 341 ppi, the GTS 3 is one of the slimmest and lightest smartwatches around, yet still has a huge 72.4% screen-to-body ratio. Designed for anyone who wants a stylish, slim smartwatch display, its shape mirrors your smartphone in style, but its features match those of the GTR 3 almost across the board.

“These three watches achieve the promise of Smart Health Made Easy. The GTR 3 Pro is built to empower. The Amazfit GTR 3 is built to last. And the GTS 3 is built to move. We hope you are as excited for this new generation as we are. Connecting health with technology is the core philosophy behind the Zepp OS. And so, we created the Zepp OS to be a health-focused operating system, that helps our watches achieve our mission of making it easy for everyone to live a healthy life”, said Wayne Huang, CEO & Founder of Zepp Health

Pricing and Availability
The Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3 Series will launch globally on October 11th, 2021 (GMT+1).

In Europe, pricing will start from £149.00 for the Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3, and from £179.00 for the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro. All three products will be available via the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain Amazfit stores, from October 11th, 2021 (GMT+1).

In the US, pricing will start from $179.99 for the Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3, and from $229.99 for the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro. The GTR 3 Pro and GTR 3 will be available at the US Amazfit store from October 11th, 2021 (GMT+1). The GTS 3 will be available soon.


GTR 3 Pro GTR 3 GTS 3
Screen Size 1.45” (round) 1.39 (round) 1.75” (square)
Screen to body ratio 70.6% 66% 72.4%
Resolution 331 ppi 326 ppi 341 ppi
Battery (typical usage) 450 mAh (12 days) 450 mAh (21 days) 250 mAh (12 days)
Speaker Yes No No
WiFi Yes No No
Music Storage Yes (2.3GB) No No
Bluetooth calls Support No No
Weight 32g 32g 24.4g
Sports modes 150+ 150+ 150+
Classic Navigation Crown Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Recognition of Sports Yes Yes Yes


From the tastiest Advent Calendar, to irresistibly delicious chocolate bars and sweet treats to add to your Christmas tree,
the Love Cocoa chocolates from Royal Opera House shop are sure to delight all hearts (and stomachs!) this Christmas!

Avocado, Strawberry Champagne, Honeycomb, Earl Grey, Salted Caramel, and more… whatever your favourite, there is sure to be something for everyone!

Beautifully wrapped in plastic-free packaging, there really is no better stocking filler than chocolate,
and we all know everyone loves a bit of chocolate after Christmas lunch…

Love Cocoa Advent Calendar – £24.95 • Love Cocoa Chocolate Bars – £4.50 each • Love Cocoa Bauble Chocs – £4.95
Dark Sea Salt • Peppermint Bark • Avocado • Gingerbread • Salted Caramel • Champagne and Strawberry • Honeycomb Earl Grey

Royal Opera House shop –

Add some sparkle to your home this Christmas, with the Midnight Luxe Christmas 2021 homeware range from wilko.

Create a stunning and vibrant home with the Midnight Luxe trend. Wrap up loved ones’ presents early so the gorgeous gift-wrap becomes part of your luxe Christmas style. This opulent trend features rich burgundy shades paired with dark midnight blue and gold.


wilko Luxe Gold Decorative Roll 10m

wilko Luxe Oak Leaf Christmas Decoration 6 Pack

wilko Luxe Navy Quilted Velour Stocking

wilko Luxe Cocktail Glass Christmas Ornament

wilko Luxe Christmas Baubles 7 Pack

wilko Luxe Large Gold Tabletop Tree

wilko Luxe Beaded Leaf Christmas Baubles 10cm 6 Pack

wilko Luxe Prosecco Bottle Christmas Ornaments 4 Pack

wilko Luxe Gold Sparkle Twig Pick

wilko Luxe Jewel Shape Crackers 6 Pack

wilko Luxe Peackock Deco Christmas Bauble 10cm

wilko Luxe Gold Sequin Twig Garland 1.8m

wilko Luxe Large Beaded Christmas Bauble

Pull The Pin Spirits ™️ … Live life with adventure and passion #pullthepin on convention, to make a change, and to celebrate life Great spirits, unique flavours, iconic bottle

Pull The Pin craft exquisite spirits of exceptional flavour and personality. Their trademark stopper unleashes a fun pop to ensure every pour lends a sense of celebration.

Ex-Army Commando Tom Foster founded Pull The Pin when he left the military. Specially selected whole and ground spices are combined with charred oak to create their signature spirit, a unique spiced rum with incredible smoothness and depth of flavour.

Produced with passion in the UK using the finest blend of Carribean rum, all-natural fruit extracts and infusions, they fill and seal each and every bottle by hand.

Pull The Pin and let your celebration begin.

Created with GIMP

Pull The Pin gin is one of the finest gin’s on the market. Distilled in coppers stills the specially selected botanicals include; juniper, Seville orange, orris root, coriander seed and others to create a traditional gin.

Silver to frosted ombre spray

To serve:
With a great quality tonic and a slice of orange. Pop in a clove for some festive spice.

‘Tis The Season For Tinsel, Toys and Togetherness

TOMY reveals the tops toys every child wants under the tree this Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and this year’s celebrations are more poignant than ever before. With many of us required to spend 2020’s festivities away from loved ones, unable to recreate usual magical traditions, the nation is eagerly awaiting this year’s merriment filled with laughter, delicious food and of course the giving and receiving of gifts. To help make this Christmas the best one yet, TOMY, the leading global toy creator and manufacturer, has revealed its top picks of toys and games that everyone will want underneath their tree on Christmas Day.

From the perfect stocking fillers and toys ideal for babies and little ones right through to the grownups, as well as exciting new games certain to keep the whole family entertained – these are the presents set to be on everyone’s Christmas wish list this festive season.

Sensational Stocking Fillers
Active Snap

Take one of the simplest and best-loved card games, give it a twist, and you might just have the best stocking filler gift of all time!
With the same underlying rules as traditional snap, Active Snap has a twist – aimed to encourage players up on their feet and get active!
Participants take it in turns to flip over a card and when the same one appears twice, the quickest player to shout ‘snap!’ wins. But here is the best bit – all of those too slow, must complete the activity outlined on the cards whether its 20 sit-ups or a round of shadow boxing.
Perfect for on-the-go, Active Snap won’t just provide the family with hours of entertainment with guaranteed laughs and fun – you can also get fit along the way.
SRP: £4.99
Suitable for ages 4+.
Stockists include: Amazon and Independents

Ahoy There!

A card game alternative to the ever-popular Pop Up Pirate, each buccaneer will be loaded with a hand of loot cards and must steal cards from their neighbours, aiming to keep the best ones for themselves – with curse cards along the way to determine who will sink or swim.

Once each player is on to their last card, players will tot up their haul to see which pirate will captain the ship, and which will be shown the plank. It’s the perfect stocking filler this Christmas for any budding pirates!
SRP: £4.99
Suitable for ages 6+
Stockists include: Amazon and Independents

Simpl Dimpl

Simpl Dimpl is perfect for fidgeting fun, whether you’re young or old and makes for the ideal stocking filler! Featuring two colourful bubbles, in a variety of colour combinations, after one touch your fingers won’t be able to stop pushing, poking and popping the classic, soft durable silicone bubble Fat Brain Toys is known for.

The lightweight hand-held device features a handy clip, meaning your Simpl Dimpl can go with you everywhere – the prefect stress reliever for both adults and kids alike.

SRP: £4.99
Suitable for ages 3+.
Stockists include: Amazon

Gifts for Babies
Lamaze Walla Walla Tree Sorter

Lamaze’s exciting brand-new Walla Walla Tree Sorter is perfect for problem-solving fun this Christmas.
The colourful tree holds three different shaped friends for little ones to sort and arrange. Organising each shape correctly helps develop problem-solving skills and equally as important – is a lot of fun! Multiple textures and colours make for hours of play, and with the hidden rattle, crinkle and squeaker sounds, there’s even more to explore!
For classic put-in and take-out play, simply lift the leaves on top of the tree to put all of your Walla Walla’s friends away until they’re ready for your next playtime!

RRP: £14.99
Suitable for ages: 9 months +
Stockists: Amazon

Bea the Banana

Tying into the ever-increasing trend of healthy eating, Bea the Banana is one of Lamaze’s latest award-winning launches from its My First Garden collection. Encouraging fine motor skills, tactile development and problem solving, Bea is full of fun textures waiting to be explored, from the knottie arms and satin ribbons to its chewy leaf perfect to support teething babies.
Little ones can peel Bea for peak-a-boo fun, and with its clip and go function, simply attach it to your pram, highchair, or baby bag so your baby never needs to be away from their new best friend!
The perfect toy for keeping little ones entertained Bea the Banana is the perfect stocking filler this festive period.

SRP: £12.99
Suitable for ages: 0 months +
Stockists include: Smyths


Geared towards early learners, Dimpl includes five silicone bubbles to push, poke and pop through requiring simple-pull motions. Complete with visually engaging bright colours, Dimpl can help little ones develop and practice both gross and fine motor skills and is particularly beneficial in the educational and special needs market.
It’s so simple, yet fun and fascinating – and impossible for your babies to put down! Little fingers won’t be able to resist playing with their brand new Dimpl toy on Christmas Day.
RRP: £9.99
Suitable for ages: 10 months +
Stockists: Amazon

Gifts for Toddlers

Toomies Egg Bus

The Toomies Egg Bus is a must have for any Christmas list this year.
Packed with exciting features certain to keep babies from 12 months plus entertained, this fun and colourful bus features a spinning driver and five squeaking ‘egg-cited’ passengers.
Perfect for crawling play whilst helping to accelerate the development of a little one’s gross motor skills, this exciting new toy includes a penguin, chick, chicken, parrot, duck and budgie cheeping characters.
Each cute character has a colourful egg base and matching egg shell top, which can be swapped for mix and match play. Each of the eggs can fit in any space, ensuring everyone can have a go at driving the bus. Little one’s will love the ranges egg-stra special feature watching the driver spin around as the bus moves along – encouraging fun and imaginative play.
Unlock shape sorting play with some old friends as the Toomies Egg bus is designed to work alongside the classic Toomies toy Hide & Squeak Eggs (sold separately). Discover the shapes in the seats to shape sort an entire carton of the classic eggs inside!
The Toomies Egg Bus takes little ones through key play milestones, designed to be a toy that last and lasts, making it the perfect addition to Santa’s sack this Christmas.

RRP: £16.99
Suitable for ages 12 months- 36 months
Stockists include: Smyths, Argos, Amazon, Very, The Range, Selfridges, John Lewis and independents

John Deere Kids Farming Friends Hauling Set

For anyone seeking the perfect gift for a farm-fanatic this Christmas – John Deere’s Farming Friends Hauling Set is the perfect duo to unwrap under the tree!
This three-piece set comes complete with an easy to connect hitch, a ramp that lowers and raises, a steerable trailer and a rotating boom arm – kids will love discovering all the ways to play. Plus its working boom and pivotal bucket make it a great toy for interactive play

What’s more, the hauler truck features lights and sounds for extra fun during playtime and both toys have free rolling wheels for even more push along fun. The truck can even be used to haul other Johnny Tractor vehicles – it’s as though a young tractor fan’s Christmas wishes have come early!

RRP: £18.99
Suitable for ages: 12 months +
Stockists: Smyths

Toomies Bubble & Bake Bathtime Kitchen

From the makers of best-selling Foam Cone Factory, Toomies Bubble & Bake Bathtime incorporates key play patterns of water and imagination, ensuring hours of role play fun while in the bathtub.

Full of favourite kitchen accessories, little ones will love placing the saucepan on top of the stove top to hear the sounds of boiling water with a press of a button – they can even add bath soap to make the pan bubble over.

Kids can scoop and stir with the Bubble and Bake Bathtime Kitchen ladle or have their hand at baking by popping the pie in the oven and then twist the pot to send water down a tube to the oven below where it spins the pie dish inside.
Kids can even do the washing up afterwards with a working tap and plug – perfect to get them training for the real thing!
Ideal for sensory play, the Bubble and Bake Bathtime Kitchen supports fine motor skills and stimulates the senses – the ideal gift to unwrap for water loving kids!
SRP: £19.99
Suitable for ages 18months +
Stockists include: Toymaster, Smyths, Argos, The Entertainer, Very, The Range, John Lewis, Next, Selfridges and Ocado

Jurassic World Pic & Push T.Rex

Part of Toomies’ new preschool licensing collaboration with Universal Brand Development, Pic & Push T.Rex is one of four products in the line based on the blockbuster movie franchise Jurassic World.
The Pic & Push T.Rex encourages walking activity play, with a fun take on the iconic gyrosphere from the 2015 Jurassic World film. Push the T.Rex along and pick up the rock balls as you go. If your little one isn’t quite at the stage of walking, you can disconnect the rock collecting gyrosphere and use it as a crawling toy, meaning it can grow as they do.
With bright vibrant colours and 2-in-1 features, it’s perfect for tactile role play, and sure to put a smile on any avid dinosaur fan’s face this Christmas!
SRP: £19.99
Suitable for ages 12months +.
Stockists include: TOMY to advise

Gifts for Children
Britains Farm in a Box

For budding farm enthusiasts, Britains Farm in a Box will be the perfect gift under the tree this Christmas.
The first-of-its-kind ‘Farm in a Box’ 11-piece set is packed full of authentic farm toys, including a John Deere tractor and its detachable front loader for the heavy lifting, as well as hay bales and fences, allowing little ones the opportunity to create their very own unique and personalised farm set up.

It wouldn’t be a farm without the animals and that’s why this interactive addition to the Britains portfolio has everything a budding farmer could need. Watch as horses trot around the yard or as cows and their young calves graze out in the fields with the ‘Farm in a Box’ expansive farm scene.

Farm in a Box’s clever cardboard packaging opens out into a ready-made farm you can build, re-build and colour in. The box is made of recyclable card with durable precision-moulded toys that will go on working generation after generation. Just as every great farm should. What’s more, each part of ‘Farm in a Box’ fits seamlessly back together, ideal for keeping every farmer’s equipment safe for the next big adventure, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, meaning mum and dad will be pretty happy too!

RRP: £24.99
Suitable for ages 3+.
Stockists include: Independent Toy Retailers and Amazon

Lightning Rescue Ricky

Get ready to zoom into adventure with Lightning Rescue Ricky this Christmas!

This extra-large 9-inch version of Ricky Zoom features plenty of action to get kids’ imaginations into gear. Ricky’s satchels transform with the push of a button, raising up grappling hooks. Kids will love putting Ricky into launch position to send the hooks out to aid in rescue.
For even more zoomtastic fun, Ricky’s wheels light up, and you can even hear him make awesome sounds, including sound effects from the show! Ricky’s wheels are expertly designed to be steered left or right and can stand alone when stopped.

The ideal Christmas present for avid Ricky Zoom fans – it’s Ricky to the Rescue once again!
RRP: £19.99
Suitable for ages: 3 years +
Stockists: Toymaster

Crafters and Creatives

Mache Magic

Just in time for the festive holidays, Maché Magic® is perfect for helping to keep the kids entertained, whilst allowing them to explore their creative flair!
New for 2021 and combining the fun of DIY paper-maché making, with the ever-popular handmade gifting trend, Maché Magic® is the perfect addition for children who love creating their own unique creations to give to their friends and family.
Maché Magic® couldn’t be easier to use, requiring only toilet paper and water, meaning no messy paste, and with no batteries needed the product runs simply on kid-powered creativity! The Maché Magic® kit has everything included, complete with heart-shaped and egg-shaped moulds, glitter glue pens and decorative sticker sheets, alongside the Maché Magic® Craft Maker – there are endless opportunities to be artistic.
Creating paper-mache has never been easier – just twist, press and gift, it’s a fantastic and versatile activity that makes for hours of fun, perfect for Christmas Day and beyond.
RRP: £19.99
Suitable for ages: 6-9 years
Stockists: Smyths

Aquadoodle In The Night Garden

Without creating mess, let your kid’s imagination run wild this Christmas with their favourite characters thanks to TOMY’s brand new Aquadoodle In The Night Garden.
Not only is it a great way for kids to get creative, but the no-mess element will have you using this brand new Aquadoodle time and time again, whenever and wherever you want!
This mat is bright and colourful and features all of the loveable In The Night Garden characters that your child will know and love. With letters and phonetics corresponding to individual characters, the Aquadoodle In The Night Garden encourages bonding and storytelling time with family.

RRP: £19.99
Suitable for ages: 18months +
Stockists: Amazon, Argos, Very, Independents

Motorised Megasketcher

Learning to draw, count and write has never been easier with the Motorised Megasketcher and with its no-mess fun, the opportunities to learn are endless!
The perfect Christmas gift for budding young artists, its high-quality, non-honeycomb screen allows kids to let their imaginations go wild with a thick and thin pen and 4 different shaped stamps. With one pull of the motorized eraser, they can go again and again.

The large drawing area provides hours of fun and is the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas, as the easy to carry Megasketcher will never be far away wherever you go!

RRP: £21.99
Suitable for ages: 3+
Stockists: Amazon and other Online retailers

Film and TV Lovers

Jurassic World Spin & Hatch Dino Eggs

A clever twist on Toomies bestselling Hide and Squeak Eggs, the Jurassic World Spin & Hatch Dino Eggs are one of its latest launches for 2021.
Part of the newly launched licensing collaboration with Universal Brand Development, the Toomies Jurassic World collection is one of Toomies’ biggest ever collaborations in the preschool category.

The perfect gift for little ones with an interest in dinosaurs, the Spin & Hatch Dino Eggs come complete in their own little incubator, which spins around. The magic happens once the lid is removed from the incubator, and the faster it spins, the quicker the dino eggs will hatch.

Each of the five eggs feature their very own dinosaur character, complete with growling sound effect features, perfect for role play.

SRP: £14.99
Suitable for ages 12m+.
Stockists include: Amazon, Argos, The Entertainer, John Lewis, Next Online, The Range, Selfridge’s,, Toymaster and other Independents

Harry Potter Wizarding Quiz

Think you know all there is to know about Hogwarts? Well the newest arrival to TOMY games is a magical quiz, perfect for the Harry Potter enthusiasts!
Pick up your wand and defend the colours of your house as your knowledge is tested on over 1,000 questions by the virtual quiz master, but be careful, if you’re wrong, you can lose your house points.

Who will be Head Boy this Christmas?!

RRP: £29.99
Suitable for ages 8+.
Stockists include: Argos, Amazon, Independents, WHSmith, The Range, Very, Selfridges and John Lewis

FRIENDS The Interactive Quiz

If this year’s FRIENDS Reunion fever is anything to go by, anyone who receives the FRIENDS Interactive Quiz will certainly be your best friend!
In what is the very first interactive Friends quiz, there are over 500 questions about the legendary TV show to keep any FRIENDS fans guessing for days!
Select a team by choosing your favourite FRIENDS character, before answering a series of true or false questions. But be careful, the game master will throw in crazy challenges at random.
FRIENDS Interactive Quiz’s retro VHS-style electronic game-set places players right back in the 90s, for a true FRIENDS experience this Christmas. Could this be any more exciting?!

RRP: £24.99
Suitable for ages:14 years +
Stockists: Toymaster, Smyths, Argos, WHSmith,, The Range, Next and The Works

Club Mocchi- Mocchi- Sonic the Hedgehog Mega Plush

Designed in Japan, Club Mocchi- Mocchi by TOMY, is a range of super soft and addictively huggable plush toys with a unique squishy texture unlike other ordinary plush products on the market. One of TOMY’s latest additions to its Club Mocchi-Mocchi range is the iconic Sonic the hedgehog. The legendary character is celebrating its 30th Anniversary making this latest addition the perfect way to mark the occasion this Christmas.
RRP: £32.99
Suitable for ages: 3 years +
Stockists: Smyths

Games for the Kids

The Magic Oven Baking Board Game

The Magic Oven Baking Board Game is the perfect addition to the games’ cupboard for budding young bakers this Christmas!
Providing an exciting race around the kitchen, simply move across the board to make pies and then ‘bake’ them in the magic oven by simply turning the cooking pot on the stove. Upon opening the oven, kids will be amazed as the pie transforms from the ingredients to a baked deliciously sweet-smelling apple pie complete with a golden pie crust.
Be aware of the hazards around the kitchen, and if the kids drop their pies, or it burns in the oven, they need to start all over again!
This fun-fuelled game will provide hours of entertainment and amazement this Christmas.
SRP: £19.99
Suitable for ages 5+
Stockists include: Argos, Smyths, Amazon, Very, John Lewis, Hamleys, Indies

Greedy Granny

Would you risk it for a biscuit in this fun-fuelled kids game?!
With granny fast asleep on her chair with the full stash of biscuits, kids will take it in turns trying to sneak biscuits from the tray as carefully and quietly as they can. But one wrong move and you’ll end up waking granny and sending her teeth flying!
Ideal for Christmas Day and beyond, this best-seller is bound to keep the laughter going.
RRP: £19.99
Suitable for ages:5+
Stockists: Argos, Smyths, Very, The Entertainer, Sainsburys, The Range, Selfridges, Next, Amazon, Indies

LOGO – The Best of Kids

Forget the adults this Christmas – this is The Best of Kids! The latest addition to the LOGO board game family this 2021, The Best of Kids is created especially for youngsters – grown-ups don’t have to have all the fun!
Featuring over 1,000 pot luck, picture and themed questions testing your knowledge on all the weird and wonderful things kids have hidden in their minds. And if they behave, maybe the adults can join too!
From Disney and dinosaurs, to science and snacks, playing is our brains’ favourite way of learning, and playing LOGO The Best of Kids is the perfect way to end Christmas Day!
RRP: £19.99
Suitable for ages 7+
Stockists include: Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer, Amazon, John Lewis, Very, Iceland, Hamleys, Indies

Super Magic Jinn

Ready to have your mind read this Christmas? With Magic Jinn, think of anything that fits into one of five categories, and Jinn will ask you a series of yes or no questions. Using its psychic skills to guess what you are thinking. If it guesses correctly – Jinn wins!
Magic Jinn’s interactivity means it will be your new best friend, with its clever voice recognition leading to hours of telepathic fun!
Coming to the UK for the first time following worldwide success, Magic Jinn is the perfect game to keep little ones entertained and a great Christmas gift this Christmas!
RRP: £22.99
Suitable for ages 5+
Stockists include: Smyths, Argos, Very, Hamleys, Indies, Amazon

Screwball Scramble Level 2

If you’re in search for a game that will keep the kids entertained for hours, look no further than the topsy-turvy crazy maze that was last year’s run-away success, the newly launched Screwball Scramble Level 2.
Featuring ten new obstacles and fun surprises, this game is certain to challenge kids’ skill, patience, and dexterity as they steer their ball through the tabletop board.
The sequel to the classic game of Screwball Scramble, Screwball Scramble Level 2 also connects to the original game to form one giant maze with a bridge attachment, perfect for those wanting to enjoy hours of fun this festive period.
RRP: £22.99
Suitable for ages 5+.
Stockists include: Smyths, Argos, Tesco, Hamleys, Amazon, Very, Costco, Next, Sainsburys, Selfridges, Entertainer, The Range, WHSmith, John Lewis, Indies

Pop Up T.Rex

Pop-Up T-Rex game brings Christmas fun for the whole family…especially any dino-fanatics!
Taking you right to the heart of Jurassic World, TOMY’s Pop Up T-Rex is like travelling back in time! In the middle of the barrel there’s a dinosaur trying to escape. The only way to discover if he is trapped or on the loose, is for players to take it in turns to slide a dinosaur bone through the sides of the cretaceous crate. If nothing happens, you’re safe – but wham! If you make dinosaur pop – you’re out of the park and out of the game!
Heart rates will rise, fingers will quiver… Who will be the one to disturb T-Rex this Christmas?

RRP: £17.99
Suitable for ages: 4 years +
Stockists: Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer, The Range, WHSmith, Very, Next, Hamleys, Independents
Whole Family Fun

The LOGO Board Game (Second Edition)

Ideal for families seeking a bit of healthy competition this Christmas, LOGO 2 is the brilliant ALL NEW version of the UK’s favourite logo team game.

With a whole new set of cards and all the excellent fun of the original, the opposing teams will be tested by four colour coded questions – picture, theme or pot-luck cards – helping them move around the board.
The race is on, but just who will be crowned the Christmas champion?!
RRP: £32.99
Suitable for ages 12+.
Stockists include: Smyths, Argos, Amazon, Aldi, The Works, Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco, WHSmith, Independents, Iceland, The Range, Selfridges, Very, Costco, Hamleys, Next and Ryman

The LOGO Board Game: Best of Food

Part of The Logo Board Game family, the LOGO Best of Food really is the cream of the crop, or the icing on the cake this Christmas.
Perfect for food-loving families – and let’s be honest who doesn’t come under that category – teams will be given logo style questions on everything from fast-food and eating out, to forks and interesting ingredients.
Who will come out on top in this easy to play family favourite? Just one small piece of advice, be sure to eat your Christmas dinner first or your food cravings will go through the roof!
RRP: £24.99
Suitable for ages 12+.
Stockists include: Argos, Amazon, The Works, Independent, Iceland, WHSmith, Selfridges, Aldi, Asda, Very, Tesco, Entertainer and The Range


For a lively Christmas game guaranteed to entertain the whole family over the festive period, CoOperate is the wilder, more collaborative cousin of the ever-loved Articulate.
It’s an all-or-nothing team game full of noise, laughter and passion. To play, your whole team must collaborate to predict, in only 30 seconds, how many words you will shout out that meet the CoOperate card challenge. As soon as you have predicted your score, turn the timer again to give your team another 30 seconds to actually shout out their predicted number of words. BUT if you don’t reach that number – YOU SCORE NOTHING.
The CoOperate game challenges come in four categories; List Play, Describe Play, Word Play and Link Play, making it ideal for parties and families with teenagers.

There’ll never be a dull moment when playing CoOperate, especially with its unique bonus dice that can land on its faces OR its corners, adding even more excitement to every throw.
RRP: £24.99
Suitable for ages: 12 years +
Stockists: Argos, Smyths, Very, Amazon, Indies, Next, Iceland, Hamleys

Word Fever

Word Fever will be top of any word-lover’s Christmas list this year, the perfect addition to family fun on Christmas Day.

Given one topic and one letter, all players need to be on their A-game to quickly find a word that matches! Questions could include “A black and white animal starting with P”; “A superpower starting with I” and with stressful sounds to throw players off, and only 12 seconds to answer – who will give the fastest response? The faster you answer, the more points you score!
Using Artificial Intelligence, the game adapts so that players of all skills can play together. With 3,000 questions available, this exciting game will be loved all year round!

RRP: £24.99
Suitable for ages: 7 years +
Stockists: Smyths, Argos, Amazon, Hamleys, Iceland, John Lewis, Very, The Range, The Works, WHSmith and Indies


As the UK’s best-selling adult game, Articulate is fast, intense, loud and fun and a Christmas Day classic!
Taking it in turns, teams must guess the words being described by their team-mates.
Suitable for those 12+, everyone from grandad to the older kids will love getting involved. But beware, it might just get a little too competitive – let’s hope you’re still one big happy family when the game is over!

RRP: £32.99
Suitable for ages: 12 years +
Stockists: Aldi, Amazon, Argos, Asda, Costco, Iceland, Next, Ryman, Sainsburys, Selfridges, Very, Smyths, Tesco, The Works, Waitrose, WHSmith, Indies

LOGO Best of Sport and Leisure

On your marks, get set, GO! The LOGO Best of Sport and Leisure is one of the newest members of the popular LOGO family, perfect for those sport lovers this festive season.
From fishing to basketball, and walking to weightlifting, in true LOGO style, you’ll surprise yourself with just how many questions you actually know the answer to.
And if you’re lucky, this one might just be coming home this Christmas!
SRP: £24.99
Suitable for ages 12+
Stockists include: Aldi, Amazon, Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer, The Range, The Works, WHSmith, Very, Hamleys, Tesco, Indies, Iceland

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas will be here in no time, and to save you from the pressure of searching for the perfect present this Christmas, we have got your back and have compiled a list of various drinks and technology products we know everyone will love.


Beavertown Advent Calendar
After the year we’ve had, we could all do with a little bit of TLC in the form of a Beavertown beer – or 24. Sip into Christmas with Beavertown’s fridge-packable Beer Advent Calendar that cleverly breaks down into 5 fridgepacks, so you can keep the element of surprise, and the beers as cold as a Rocketdeer’s nose. With 24 new and returning Beavertown beers, plus a limited-edition glass, Beavertown’s calendar is the perfect treat for counting down the days in the lead up to Christmas.
Available at: Beavertown webshop.

Buffalo Trace
Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky is distilled, aged and bottled at the most award-winning distillery in the world.
Made from the finest corn, rye, and barley malt, this whisky ages in new oak barrels for years in century-old warehouses until the peak of maturity. The taste is rich and complex, with hints of vanilla, toffee and candied fruit. The smooth finish lingers on the palate. This will never change. The recommended serving of Buffalo Trace Bourbon is the Festive Old Fashioned.

Available at £23.99

Eagle Rare
At 45 percent ABV, Eagle Rare is smoother than some of the alternatives to boot. As soon as you pour a glass, you’re enveloped with aromas of toffee, honey, leather, oak, herbs and orange peel. Masterfully crafted and aged in oak barrels for no less than 10 years, Eagle Rare boasts a complex array of flavours, offering a distinct taste experience. The recommended serving of Eagle Rare is the Revolver cocktail.

Available at £36.99

Bourbon Cream
Bourbon Cream is handcrafted using Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon, making it a perfect marriage of rich delicious cream and smooth Kentucky bourbon. You can enjoy it chilled, on the rocks, or pour it in a cup of coffee for an indulgent after dinner treat. For the ultimate cocktail for the winter festivities try the Buffalo Float made with Bourbon Cream.
Available at £18.00

Sazerac Rye
Sazerac Rye Whisky symbolizes the tradition and history of New Orleans. It was at the Sazerac Coffee House on Royal Street where local patrons were served toddies made with Rye Whisky and Peychaud’s Bitters. The libation became known as the “Sazerac” and America’s first branded cocktail was born. This is the whisky that started it all. The recommended serving of Sazerac Rye is The Sazerac cocktail.

Available at £38.25

Kopparberg Gin
Indulge in one of Kopparberg’s three flavoured gins: Strawberry & Lime, Mixed Fruit or Passionfruit & Orange. Fancy a drink on the go? Kopparberg’s pre-mixed Strawberry & Lime gin and lemonade will do the trick, and make sure you’re the envy of all your friends at your next social gathering.
Available at: Selected Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Morrisons stores for £20

Kopparberg Rum
Get your night in (or out!) started the right way with Kopparberg Rum – offering the mystery and depth of a rum with the powerful fruit flavour you’d expect from Kopparberg. Perfect for Christmas party season as the energy picks up and the music comes alive, Kopparberg Rum comes in two flavours: Cherry and Dark Fruit and is sure to get the party started this festive season.

Available at: Selected Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Morrisons stores for £20

Kopparberg Vodka
Kopparberg is raising the tempo as the evenings get longer with its favoured vodka range, bringing with it an explosion of taste and colour. Kopparberg Flavoured Vodka will be available in an array of exciting fruit flavours, including Lemon, Passionfruit, and the iconic Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime, giving the vodka a much-needed splash of taste and colour.

Available at: Selected Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Morrisons stores for £20


Unplugged – The gift of better sleep
It’s no surprise that reported rates of insomnia have soared during the pandemic. This Christmas, give the ultimate gift of sleep with Lab Tonica’s deeply soothing Unplugged collection, on hand to help you relax and switch off after a hectic year. With the Unplugged tea featuring premium cuts of chamomile, passion flower and rose, and a soothing sleep balm made up of a unique blend of dreamy essential oils, you’re sure to be in for a gentle night’s rest. For added relaxation, combine with the Unplugged pillow mist, a blend of high-grade essential oils including frankincense, lavender and bergamot; simply breathe in and drift off.

Available at: LabTonica

Breathe – Give the gift of calm
This December, take some time to relax, unwind and breathe. A grounding collection of botanical products to help you relax and take a moment to yourself, the Breathe tea combines premium cuts of lemon balm, ashwagandha, gotu kola, linden blossom, peppermint and fennel for the ultimate relaxation aid. Use in combination with the indulgent Breathe balm, a unique blend of calming essential oils such as sandalwood, sweet-orange and chamomile with moisturising organic coconut. Add the calming Breathe pillow mist to feel the ultimate ommmmmmm.
Available at: LabTonica

POW – Give the gift of energy
Prolonged stress and sleeplessness has taken its toll on our energy levels. Give the gift of energy with Lab Tonica’s POW collection, which uses energising botanical products to wake you up naturally – no caffeine needed. With invigorating ginger, zesty lemongrass and stimulating chilli, the POW tea has all you need to energise the body and waken the mind. Pair with the POW balm gently massaged into pressure points, which uses essential oils including patchouli, lime, blackpepper and eucalyptus, to help recharge your batteries this December.

Available at: LabTonica

Fend – Give the gift of stronger immunity
Immunity has become increasingly important to us all over the past 18 months. Boost your immune defences with the Lab Tonica Fend tea, which combines elderberries, echinacea, hibiscus and lemon balm to create a fortifying fusion of healing herbs. The Fend balm is the perfect addition, using high grade essential oils including eucalyptus and thyme to bolster the immune system and help clear blocked airways.

Available at: LabTonica

Saucy – Give the gift of better sex
This Christmas, whether its for a partner or friend, give the gift of better sex with Lab Tonica’s Saucy collection, made up of a libidio-lifting tea and a luxurious aphrodisac balm. Made with all natural jasmine blossom, rose petals, ginkgo biloba, cocoa, and strawberries, take a sip of the Saucy tea to stir up sensual desires. Pair with the stimulating Saucy balm with essential oils of sandalwood, rose, jasmine and clary sage blended with organic coconut and vitamin E- massaged over the body for the ultimate sensual experience.

Available at: LabTonica


Braun LE Range
The LE range is beautifully eye-catching and offers the perfect balance of performance and sleek elegant design. The perfect addition to every family home, the LE speakers have multi-room functionality, as well as the ability to be wirelessly stereo paired.

As well as delivering a premium sound experience, the speakers can also serve as a control hub for your smart home and come equipped with smart speaker functionality.

LE01 price: £1,099.00
You can buy the LE01 here

LE02 price: £749.00
You can buy the LE02 here

LE03 price: £349.00
You can buy the LE03 here

Pure Elan Connect
Discover a world of music and radio with the Elan Connect radio. With access to DAB+/FM radio, Internet radio stations anywhere around the world and seamless Bluetooth connectivity, Elan Connect provides you with a unique listening experience.
Price: £79.00 You can buy here

Pure Elan Connect+
Elan Connect+ combines the best of digital radio, wireless music streaming and stereo sound, at an affordable price point. With access to stations anywhere around the world, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, Elan Connect+ provides unparalleled listening choice.

Price: £99.00 You can buy here

Pure Elan DAB+
Elan DAB+ is the practical and contemporary radio from Pure, with DAB+ and FM allowing you to listen to all your favourite radio stations in crystal-clear quality. The vibrant colour display and simple controls makes accessing stations and using Elan DAB+ a joyful experience.
Price: £49.00 You can buy here

CBD usage in the UK is becoming increasingly popular, for common aches and pains, relaxation, and to add recovery or help sleep.

HuGG Clay Mask – 100ml

Perfect for a pamper night with your pals and a glass of wine! This clay mask from HuGG combines essential oils and mud from the Dead Sea it will leave your face feeling hydrated and moisturised.
Use daily or when needed. Apply liberally to dry skin ensuring the pores are totally covered. Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. For the ultimate unwind, apply while indulging in a CBD salt bath.

Perfect present for beauty lovers

Available for £34.99 at

HuGG Coffee Body Scrub – 100ml

Wake up and smell the coffee!

Give your skin a boost to perfection and help maintain a youthful glow with this caffeine inspired scrub enriched with CBD from HuGG. Thanks to the coffee butter and essential oils your skin will feel moisturised and your pores tighter – making you the fairest of them all!

Apply liberally to wet skin, and massage into the skin using circular motion from head to toe – rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Perfect present for beauty lovers

Available for £34.99 at

Provacan Premium Gold Balm 300MG – Suitable for Vegans

This premium high-quality balm is great for targeted application to release joint stiffness and aches and pains after exercise.

To relieve and relax, simply apply a small amount on the target area and gently massage the balm into the skin until it is well-absorbed.

Perfect present for fitness lovers and a great stocking filler!

Available for £34.99 at

Provacan Premium Gold CBD Oil Spray 600MG / 1200 MG – Suitable for Vegans

This spray is perfect for those who want the benefits of plant-based CBD to soothe aches and pains, but don’t want the added stress of measuring oil drops.

Using the spray is easy – just a spray or two under the tongue every day is all that’s needed to experience the empowering benefits of quality hemp extract enriched with coconut and rapeseed oils.

Perfect present for fitness lovers and a great stocking filler!

Available for £39.99 (600mg) or £69.99 (1200mg) at

Provacan Blemish Control Gel – 15ml – suitable for Vegans

Natural antioxidant, anti-sebum formula for blemish prone skin.

Provacan’s CBD Blemish Control Gel incorporates natural infusions of tea tree oil, aloe vera, and other plant-based oils and CBD to hydrate the skin and reduce swelling and redness. This gel is perfect for daily use to ensure you maintain an ever-youthful glow!

Perfect present for beauty lovers

Available for £22.99 at

Provacan CBD Bath Salts 100MG

Relax and unwind during a painful and stressful time with a long, warm bath with the added benefits of CBD.

Made with only the finest salt from the Dead Sea and Himalayan salts, Provacan CBD Bath Salts can provide a relaxing and calming soak to melt away menopausal symptoms such as headaches and joint stiffness.

Perfect present for beauty and fitness lovers

Available for £19.99 at

Provacan Age Control Eye Cream 15ml

Maintain a strong, firm and youthful you! Why not try this infused CBD Age Control Eye Cream?

It is specially formulated by dermatologists specifically with Matrixyl 3000 to help stimulate and promote the natural development of collagen.

For best results, apply morning and night daily after using a cleansing face wash – leaving skin looking healthier, brighter eyes and reduction of visible wrinkles. It is 100% free from parabens, artificial colours, sulphate material, and alcohol solvents.

Perfect present for beauty lovers
Available for £24.99 at

Provacan CBD Sun Lotion SPF 30

Whether you are planning to jet off for some winter sun or for everyday use to protect your skin.
Provacan Sun Lotion SPF 30 absorbs easily into your skin leaving it feeling light and hydrated and is suitable for use on sensitive and delicate skin. It is 100% free from parabens, free from artificial colours, and vegan.
Perfect present for fitness and beauty lovers

Available for £28.99 at

Provacan CBD Capsules 180 MG / 720MG – Suitable for Vegans

Perfect for those who want to destress and relax! Provacan’s premium capsules are enriched with CBD for easy, accurate dosing to help relieve headaches.

Made from HPMC wood pulp, the capsules are free from gelatine and perfect for vegans. They are flavourless and simple to take – simply swallow a capsule with a sip of water.

Perfect present for beauty and fitness lovers

Available for £19.99 (180 mg) or £49.99 (720 mg) at

Provacan Premium Gold Gummies 100MG – 100% Vegan & Vegetarian

Feeling stressed and distracted from a long day? Provacan’s Premium Gold Gummies are vegan-friendly, fat-free and naturally juicy to help you relax and unwind at the end of your day.

Made with fruit fibre pectin and not gelatine, we recommend taking two of these vegan gummies a day to soothe your mood.

Perfect present for beauty and fitness lovers!

Available for £12.99 at

IMPACT – CBD Arnica Balm – 300ml – Suitable for Vegans

A sports bag essential, IMPACT’s CBD Arnica Balm is a natural sports formula designed to help ease muscular strains – for both pre and post workout. Once applied users will feel a warming sensation to support recovery.

Perfect present for fitness lovers and a great stocking filler!

Available for £34.99 at

IMPACT – CBD Power Balm – 300ml – Suitable for Vegans

Impact Power CBD balm offers cooling relief for aching muscles, shoulders or necks; it can also be used for back pain or general muscle discomfort.

Perfect present for fitness lovers and a great stocking filler!

Available for £34.99 at

Gente de Mezcal – Greeting the Diminishing Storm –

From the shores of Mexico to the UK using a network of
carbon-free sail boats, Gente de Mezcal’s Greeting the
Diminishing Storm
Small scale, locally produced mezcal that represents
years of ancestral knowledge, using traditional stone mills
and natural fermentation processes.
Their artisanal joven (meaning a younger, unaged mezcal
preserving the natural flavours of the agave) mezcal uses
sustainable espadín agave from the Oaxaca region.
Its floral taste is followed by a small kick of chilli and
smooth caramel, and as gold medal winners at the San
Francisco World Spirits Competition, you can guarantee a
unique taste experience.

Create Your Very Own Vegan Year with Brand New Book by Best-Selling Author Niki Webster, of Rebel Recipes
• Niki Webster, the best-selling author of Be More Vegan and Rebel Recipes is about to launch her third book – My Vegan Year
• The plant-based recipe and lifestyle book published by Welbeck launches on 11th November 2021

[London] Niki Webster, alongside Welbeck Publishing, has announced the release of My Vegan Year, the first ever young person’s guide to a whole vegan year. It will be published on 11th November 2021.

Following her 2020’s best-selling title Be More Vegan, which was aptly dubbed her ‘go-to bible’ that she wishes she had when she was younger, Niki continues to fill a gap in the market for the younger audience by creating a complete ‘365-day’ guide into bringing celebrations to life, with everything anyone would need to know in order to effortlessly glide through the seasons and create their own vegan year.

Starting in Spring, the book explores seasonal plant-based eating, creating recipes to make any event a celebration and intertwined with helpful tips, tricks, inspiration and qualified nutritional advice to help bring celebrations to life, across the globe. With a main focus on seasonal produce, Niki has carefully and thoughtfully ensured her loyal international audience is able to enjoy the book too, by providing adaptability and flexibility throughout, as she invites her audience to join her throughout the year and celebrate with over 50 delicious and simple recipes that utilise local, seasonal and even home-grown ingredients. Fun, educational and exciting activities are also included for each seasonal section making this the perfect guide for anyone looking to add more meat or dairy free options to their diet or for those who are looking to go 100% plant-based.

Niki comments: “I’m thrilled to be releasing my third cookbook; I poured my heart and soul into creating this guide for young people that looks at a vegan lifestyle across a whole year. Utilising my own experience and knowledge, I’ve created a seasonal approach to help readers make everyday a celebration. It brings me so much joy to be able to continue sharing seasonal content and to help young people start or continue on their own journey.”

“Veganism isn’t just about the food we eat,” Niki continues. “It’s about doing the best for your body, for animal welfare and for the environment. Which is why I have compiled everything in one guide – including growing your own vegetables, making eco-friendly presents and even focussing on your own wellbeing, with helpful pages filled with essential advice from everything from food to fashion and cosmetics, and everything in between.”

Designed with her audience in mind, the book, which shows you how to get the most out of the year, can be used in multiple ways to ensure Niki’s “My Vegan Year” turns into your vegan year. Each chapter focuses on a different season to help build the blueprint foundations for a complete year.

Key features include: Foraging In Nature Across The Seasons, Growing Your Own Herbs and Produce, Creating The Perfect Plant-Based Party Platters, Staying Healthy in Winter and Making Deliciously Edible Festive Presents. It includes delicious rule-breaking recipes such as Tilly’s Easter Caramel Rice Krispie Bites, Summer Green Lasagne, Jerk BBQ Skewers with Mango and Black Bean Rice, Chocolate Pizza with Gooey Berries, Pumpkin Harissa Hummus, the Ultimate Hot Chocolate and a show-stopping Mushroom and Chestnut Wellington finished with a Clementine Fizz.

My Vegan Year by Niki Webster will be published on 11th November 2021.

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