REPORT: Tensions Were running High at Lime Park for the 2.30 Kick Off v Belfast High school Former Pupils after refusal of early kick off

After asking for an early ko and being refused, tensions were running high. And with stories of how Armoy could be ruffians, things couldn’t be tenser leading up to 230. High School kick off on a beautiful spring(ish) afternoon, and Armoy return it with intent. Great tackling in the forwards soon put the aggressive running […]

REPORT! Belfast High School Former Pupils I XV v Civil Service RFC (NI) Kukri Qualifying League 4

High School bounce back against Civil Service after losing previously in their last encounter 29 – 0. With an unbeaten record this season at home the former pupils took pride in this and showed another spirited performance by coming from behind to win in the second half. The home team remained calm in the second […]

Belfast High School Former Pupils RFC 1s, Action Images v Monaghan RFC, KQ4, Intensity & Focus & Professionalism in all areas.

Grassroots rugby very much sets the example of professionalism that provides spectators and those who join the sport with the ethos of the game we play. The physicality of the game is such that controlling emotions and channeling that towards perfection of the game has compelling consequences on all aspects of our lives. Having fun […]