Belfast High School Former Pupils RFC 1s, Action Images v Monaghan RFC, KQ4, Intensity & Focus & Professionalism in all areas.

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Grassroots rugby very much sets the example of professionalism that provides spectators and those who join the sport with the ethos of the game we play. The physicality of the game is such that controlling emotions and channeling that towards perfection of the game has compelling consequences on all aspects of our lives. Having fun in this environment is of course vital and sometimes teams have worked so hard behind the scenes over a number of years to put together a high level squad who compete for league honours.

The game on Saturday was a superb showcase of club rugby in Ulster, the athletes impeccable in all aspects frankly. Across the key indicators in set piece, defensive and attacking line the game of chess was excellent to watch!

We managed to capture images of high resolution and reflecting the various unique pictures that can be taken in a game of rugby. the set pieces provide a unique shot which is unavailable in any other sport in the world and in themselves are the very essence of team work.

We have two albums of images which can be downloaded free of charge with no copyright or credit required.

CLICK HERE for album 1
CLICK HERE for album 2

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