BOOK: Summer at Tangents Kindle Edition by Roderick Easdale

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Summer at Tangents Kindle Edition by Roderick Easdale

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Tangents is a decaying village with a poorly attended church and a struggling golf club. Now the church is threatened with closure. So the vicar’s good friend, a wily golf club committee member, acts to save the church in ways which also benefit the club and his friends and involve duping almost everyone along the way.

Reviews For Summer At Tangents:

“…a beautifully crafted tale involving many laugh-out loud moments.”
(Golf Monthly)

“Summer at Tangents is a brilliant comic novel but also, ultimately, a feel-good story.”

“Roderick Easdale is an authority on P. G. Wodehouse and he is clearly channelling the great author in this rollicking tale of golf-club shenanigans in a very English village. Sentences are brilliantly crafted…”
(Country Life)

Reviews of Roderick Easdale’s previous books:
‘Roderick Easdale is a natural writer. He makes an impact where others don’t. This excellent book defies convention’ (Cricket Lore)
‘Preposterously entertaining’ (Press Association)
‘This book is a winner’ (The Cricketer)
‘This fascinating study’ (The Independent)
‘A rattling good read’ (Northants Evening Telegraph)

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