Re:Water teams up with Marks and Spencer.

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Re:Water bottles. Can be re:sealed, re:used and re:cycled.

The perfect environmentally friendly outdoor accessory – Re:Water bottles.

Available from both M&S, Pret and many more!

Made from recycled aluminium and suitable for using again and again, they can be re:sealed, re:used and re:cycled.

Get your guilt-free water from M&S as they begin to cut down single use plastic!

Yep, you read that right, Re:Water is landing in Marks & Spencer. The two iconic brands are joining forces to be able to tackle the issue of single use plastic head on.
With eight million tonnes of plastic being dumped in our oceans every year, the drive for retail stores to offer more sustainable food and drink packaging options is growing as consumers become more environmentally conscious. All of this means that Re:Water has so far removed over 100 tonnes (100,000kgs) of single use plastic from the UK supply chain so far this year. At an average of 8.5 tonnes a month (that’s the weight of 2 killer whales!).

Re:Water bottles can be refilled, reused, resealed and once finished with, disposed of through standard recycling. The bottle itself is produced from 100% recycled aluminium and was developed in response to the growing global problem of single-use bottles. Not only this, but Re:Water bottles also help to keep the water cooler and fresher for longer.
All customers will be able to buy their bottle of Re:Water From the 1st January 2024 as either a quick drink to rehydrate or has a part of a lunchtime deal. The introduction of Re:Water into a major supermarket will be excellent for customers wanting to get their hands on guilt-free water. M&S customers are able to get Re:Water bottle from the chilled section of Marks and Spencer, as a single purchase or as part of a lunchtime meal deal.

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