YOUNG FARMERS Clubs Of Ulster – Turbo! Tag Rugby Tourno in 400 Action Shots – NOW LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Omagh RFC!

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Young farmers ruled tag rugby yesterday with the finals @ Omagh RFC. A brilliant day for rugby with the players astounding the crowd. The games kicked of at a frenetic pace just after 11 and the superb Omagh RFC pitches and location (BBQ in full swing by 12ish courtesy of Omagh RFC) hosted what has to have been the best standard seen so far. Teams warmed up, had their team talks and then it was down to business, highest qulaity tag. There were winners and losers of the games of course, and though not by much in most caes, the winners on the day were all the clubs who put together teams and got involved. It was great fun and we were delighted to get 400 action shots and team shots. A social bunch the teams participated in the bling shots!!!!!!!!!! thanks for a great morning and for the 400 action shots CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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