You might not be on the pitch, but that doesn’t mean your money should be resting…

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American business mogul Warren Buffet famously said “Be greedy whilst others are fearful.” Whilst we wouldn’t advocate all out greed, the man is the fourth richest in the world, so he must be doing something right.

During these unprecedented times, investors and landlords are understandably concerned about their investments and we are no different. However, here at Sourcing Investments it’s business as usual; and in our view, the situation may end up providing opportunity in the property investment sector, as investors seek to recover from losses experienced in other asset classes (with the FTSE100 sitting about 35% off its 12 month high as we write).

Del Huse, COO of Sourcing Investments said: “We’ve actually seen an uptake in people visiting our platform since Covid 19 has taken hold… perhaps people are looking to put their new-found spare time to good use, or are thinking about the way they are invested in what is now likely to be a sharp recession.

One new investor, Mr Ellis, signed up for a 10-day free trial on Wednesday 25th March and has already found a property of interest. Michael told us: “I’m working from home at the moment, but have got the spare time to get my finances in order. I’ve been considering somewhere reliable for my savings for some time, and I checked out Sourcing Investments using their free trial to see if there were any interesting investment properties. I’ve currently bookmarked a great place in Liverpool…. just down the road from Anfield. The only problem is, as a Reds fan, I might not want to let it to anyone except myself!”

With the Bank of England base rate now reduced to a record low of 0.1%, having savings could be costing you money in real terms, but at the same time property mortgage rates are comparatively cheap. Perhaps it’s time to consider whether property is the right investment for your capital – Sourcing Investments is the platform to help. Visit Sourcing Investments to register for your 10-day free trial, and explore the hundreds of investment properties that our expert sourcers have exclusively listed on our site.

Del Huse concluded: “We understand that people’s routines have been completely shaken by the Covid-19 outbreak, and also that the world will keep turning – particularly in business. We’ve worked a lot with Rugby players and the close knit RFU community, and we’d love the chance to share what we’ve learned with you. We’re delighted that our team are working remotely and safely to keep our platform up to date and the number one place to source an investment property.”

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