Coping in Love during Quarantine/// Blog Live by the InTouch Rugby Love & Relationships Editor… At large!

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Coping in Love during Quarantine/// Blog Live by the InTouch Rugby Love & Relationships Editor… At large!

Its just so poignant when we see loved ones having to speak through glass windows as they are having to quarantine and socially isolate… with lovers meeting behind glass casings such as windows. There can be no physical contact you see. You can only physically meet with members of your own family and really physical quarantining means that while groups of two can meet they really should not. That really in actuality the advice is to stay inside and not meet others. Lovers must separate and not meet.

They can speak and communicate using digital devices and even have real time chatting in video linking. They can see each other. The devices have become so powerful that people can speak and see each other in real time…! So all is not lost, it could be so much worse! It is saving lives and saving the health system. Not meeting is saving so many lives! For this we must be happy with our sacrifices for the effort to defeat the virus.

If everyone observes social distancing and does not meet then the spreading rate of the disease is actually halted… we must observe the rules of isolation and quarantine to achieve this victory. Humanity depends on it! Still… when you see loved ones who are so distraught as they cannot meet physically it is so terribly distressing. The emotional toll is just unimaginable, some people are being very terribly affected and yet amidst all of this, miracles are happening!

People are finding strength within themselves that they never thought possible, that they never could have imagined. Couples who may have met via a Leeds dating site or a Birmingham dating site are discovering new potentials.

Literally overnight people who have been terribly depressed have found purpose and renewed focus in life. that focus is to beat the virus. Many have actually realised through social distancing how much they do actually love their boyfriend or girlfriend. They may have met by searching for Fife sex or Suffolk sex and then began a relationsip. Whilst others have realised that person just was not right for them that social distancing has helped them realise they must break up!

For other couples who are living together and are socially distancing from others, they are exploring a new world of almost quarantine conditions! Many are realising that they were not spending enough time together. Many couples are starting victory gardens. In anticipation of potential global food shortages if the almost quarantine conditions last for three to five years! The garden will mean they can supplement during rationing with their own country vegetables. They are producing cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, strawberries, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, peas, beans, onions, and so the list goes on. With greenhouses for grapes and extending the growing season. Then at harvest time they are canning and storing produce during dark winter. Combining this with home schooling people are discovering incredible levels of self sufficiency. They are even thinking about finally getting off the power grid by generating their own electricity through wind and solar technology. These are projects loving couples and families can do together. Creating essentially pockets of culture and learning whilst in isolation and fully utilising the educational power of our online devices. Supplies can still be delivered by post too!

It is a wonderful time in which people will also realise the practical importance of having children. Thankfully most children are spared the worst effects of the virus. Saving humanity will begin with newborns during and after the crisis, to rebuild our decimated communities and economies and get our civilisations back and thriving again. After this many will be stronger and more prepared to cope with more war efforts that will arise in future generations!

It is at times like this that the true spirit of people shines through. Particularly amongst young couples who can help the war effort by producing gardens, by teaching and learning, by expanding their families! So people are really doing what they do best… raising families and loving each other even amidst the ravages of the war.

Thank you so much!

Very, very best wishes!

The InTouch Rugby War Effort & Survival Correspondent.

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