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Why are we Sick? The seven major pathways determining your health. By Linda Burke, The Linda Burke Holistic Wellness Centre Enniskillen

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Why are we Sick? The seven major pathways determining your health. By Linda Burke, The Linda Burke Holistic Wellness Centre Enniskillen

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True optimal health is about the whole person.   It is essential that ALL aspects of what it is to be a human being are in alignment with each other, functioning coherently and in harmony.   When this occurs, vibrant health is the automatic result. (homeostasis)

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All disease is a process which has a beginning or triggering point.   Disease does not start for no reason…it only develops within a disease-promoting context.

The context is the blueprint for the ultimate manifestation of something. This applies in all aspects of life, but especially so in health and healing.

We are an embodiment of our context.   Our biology is instructed by our context.   It is possible to have an empowering context which promotes healing, and a dis-empowering context which promotes dis-ease.


We have identified Seven Pathways, seven roads, which lead to either health or disease. Where you are and in which direction you move on each pathway will ultimately determine the state of your cells, and therefore your health.

 The Seven Pathways are:

  • Nutrition: Physically, we are what we eat. Our diets have become deficient in many nutrients due to the consumption of fast food, heavily processed convenience foods, and our obsession with confectionary.   A chronic deficiency of even a single nutrient can cause susceptibility to cellular malfunction hence disease
  • Toxicity: Exogenous toxins from our environment, air, water, sprayed on our food produce or injected into our livestock, household cleaning products, makeup and fake tan, alcohol, cigarettes, medication etc, and endogenous toxins from unhealthy bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and purification of foods interfere with cell chemistry.
  • Mental/Emotional: every emotion produces a corresponding molecule in our body and affects every cell…instantly. This can be either life affirming positive thoughts and emotions or disease affirming negative ones.
  • Physical: How we use our body has a huge effect on its ability to support us. Poor posture, poor breathing technique, lack of exercise, and over exercising,  will cause degradation of the cells of the musculoskeletal system, and our organs.
  • The spirit of heart: Being true to your spiritual self.   We need to feel loved and connected. Lack of connectedness leads to a feeling of disempowerment, depression and worthlessness.  These feelings create chemicals which degrade cells.
  • Energetic blueprint: Science has demonstrated that we have a field of electromagnetic energy surrounding our body.   Energy contains information.  The Morphogenetic Field.   Negative information held here, such as unresolved issues, grudges, hurt, fear or bitterness, will download into your physical body if not transformed and upgraded.
  • Genetic: genes control our cells, but we control our genes. Cutting edge science is proving that our genes respond to out internal and external energetic environment, and our DNA is the mediator.   Negative instructions held in our energetic field download into the body as disease.

Regardless of the name of the disease, to maintain full health, or heal dis-ease, it is essential to discover and address the root cause, resolve it, then reboot and realign all these aspects of our being.

At the Linda Burke Holistic Wellness Centre we have expertise in a wide spectrum of complementary approaches…Main Stream Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Functional Nutritional Therapy and Natural Healing.   We also offer state of the art fast change psychological and emotional treatments such as NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy and much more.  We specialise in Root Cause diagnosis and resolution.

Consultations available in person or by skype

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