Who is the most successful of them all? Six Nations all time table toppers!

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Who is the most successful of them all? Six Nations all time table toppers!

Its hard to believe that the Six Nations Tournament is 20 years old! All those years ago Italy joined the tournament and the Five Nations became the Six Nations! Arguably the modern era started at the same time and the age of professionalism had just started 5 years previously!

Rugby has always been very deeply associated with trade and commerce and in face was arguably spread by that very means, very often players come from the very highest performing groups within its home societies. People who simply adore the classics, poetry, literature, the sciences and humanities! 

It is not surprising that debate rages every year as to who really is the great natioj of the Six Nations!

In actually a very successful attempt to add some data to the discussion Betway have realised a table which centers the debate around verifiable facts such as games one and points scored some startling facts emerge!

England are the number one team. they have scored more than anyone else and they have won more games and six nations titles and more bonus points and losing bonus points!

What many people are not aware of is the that it is actually Ireland who are the 2nd best team. People very often say, but how can this be! Wales have won the most Grand slams. Surely Wales must be the best or at least second! It turns out that based on the data Ireland are not only 2nd but Wales are fourth!

The reason Ireland as you can see from the Betway table below are 2nd is entirely because of the points scored and games one and other facts!

All you have to do is compare the data to see the accuracy of the positions in the all time greatest status! Yet many of Irelands points and wins were achieved quite some time ago and as they say a year can make a big difference in sport and really if you look at the points the difference between 2nd, 3rd and fourth positions is not that much really so for the top 4 nations it really is all to play for!

Please take care whilst travelling and we hope you enjoy the most spectacular accommodation nights out and entertainment on your 2020 Six Nations journeys!

Very, very best wishes. The InTouch Rugby UK International Competitions Editor!

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