Welcare Launches Breatheasy Breathing Trainer Product Range for Improved Respiratory Health welcare.com.au

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Welcare Launches Breatheasy Breathing Trainer Product Range for Improved Respiratory Health

Welcare, a leading provider of health and wellness products, has announced the launch of its Breatheasy Breathing Trainer product range. Designed to help improve respiratory health, the range includes three different devices with varying resistance levels to suit different needs.

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The WBT-01, with low resistance of 33 – 87 cmH2O, is ideal for rehabilitation of lung function for people with respiratory illness or post-operative rehabilitation, as well as children over the age of 6 who want to strengthen and improve overall lung function. The WBT-02, with moderate resistance of 41 – 177 cmH2O, is suitable for healthy people and adults recovering from respiratory illness, including past smokers who want to improve overall lung function and increase the volume of the lungs. The WBT-03, with advanced resistance of up to 200 cmH2O, is designed for athletes and sporting people who want to improve their respiratory fitness and endurance.

All of the devices are 100% drug-free and come with a range of accessories, including a mouthpiece, nose clip, lanyard, and 5 filters. They’re also portable, lightweight and easy to use.

With the current focus on respiratory health, we’re excited to be launching our Breatheasy Breathing Trainer range. Our devices are designed to help people of all ages and fitness levels improve their respiratory health and lung function, whether it’s for rehabilitation, overall respiratory health, or improved athletic performance.

The devices are easy to use and come with a soft carry bag for convenient storage and transport. They are also latex, BPA, and Phthalate free for added safety.

Each device comes with a 12-month warranty, and users are reminded to always read the label and follow the directions for use.

The Breatheasy Breathing Trainer range is available for purchase on welcare.com.au and via all leading pharmacies.

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