BLOG BY BETWAY Peter Stringer QUOTE “Ireland have every chance at the World Cup”

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BLOG BY BETWAY Peter Stringer: Ireland have every chance at the World Cup

In a great blog on BETWAY Peter Stringer, former Ireland scrumhalf and Premiership Rugby stalwart for 13 seasons is regularly contributing to the betting / news site BETWAY and recently commented

“This Ireland team is different

When I was playing for Ireland, we always fancied our chances against the top teams in a one-off game.

But to win a World Cup you need to be on it every single week, and that was probably what we were lacking in terms of that experience of playing those top sides week in, week out.

We also didn’t really have the luxury of rotating our squad that much. We were confident in our top 15 or 20 players, whereas now you look at the squad and there’s real strength and depth there, which allows you to rotate your team a little bit more for Romania and Tonga.”

Commenting on the Ireland coach…

Farrell has changed the attitude

I have huge amount of respect for Andy Farrell, and I think that’s what he’s brought to the squad. He’s brought that level of respect where he is liked by the players, but they want to play for him.

He’s brought a complete change of attitude to the way they play the game. Under Joe Schmidt it was very regimented, and it was all about accountability. There still is that accountability, but there’s not so much of a fear factor.”

Crucially the realistic Stringer a seasoned Ireland and Premiershiop rugby commented on Ireland chances

How far can Ireland go?

“There’s no doubting the side of the draw that Ireland are on is just horrendous, with two of South Africa, Ireland, France, and New Zealand not making it past the quarter-finals.

I come up with different scenarios every time I think about it, but Ireland have every chance. When you look at each game in isolation, they can win them all, but it’s all about how you back it up in that World Cup environment.

Obviously, playing pool games against Scotland and South Africa brings more pressure. I think there’s a big win in Scotland in this tournament.

If Ireland can get past that quarter-final, whether it’s New Zealand or France, I wouldn’t put it past them winning the competition. ”

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