Tag Ulster At Malone June 3rd

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The Competition mounts!! Staggering pace and electric skills ensure another great night of tag. There’s not much room for front row forwards out there.

The teams have now settled into the first simmerings of the business end of this year’s season, the contenders for each competition now know who they are up against and the competition is becoming fierce.

All in the best spirit of course.

A quick chat with some of the teams before the evenings games commenced showed that while the spirit is fun and enjoyment, its still a case of scores on the board and these teams are out to win! Not to mention the expectations of a growing band of supporters on the side lines.

Tag Ulster organiser Claire McAteer said, “Week 5 produced several shocks, and now all leagues are wide open, with everything to play for!”

Once again, the DJC, Pumas, Knashers, Rustlers, Mengal, Flying Squad, Mooseknuckles, Transformers, All the 2’s, Galmen, City Slickers, KPMG, Corinthians, La Racing Club, Energia, Tubbies Revenge, City Church, Sporting Professionals, Le Racing Club, Bright Sparks, Angry Pirates, Racing Club Carick, Dragons, Tag-A-Roos, Only Taggin, Jocksons, Power Rangers, Wizards, Old Kirk, Too Big to Fail, Phoenix Knights, Up & Ova, all took to the pitches to battle out this weeks results!

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