Vegan Life launches in the UK as first supplement brand made from compostable, plastic-free packaging

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Vegan Life launches in the UK as first supplement brand made from compostable, plastic-free packaging

Health and wellbeing brand Naturopathica, has launched Vegan Life, the first supplement brand to be packaged in pouches made from compostable materials, to keep your inner health in tip-top shape and the planet in good shape too. The range comes in five unique blends in capsule form, all made from the highest quality unique blends of botanicals, herbs, vitamins and minerals, to ensure you get optimum nutrition where you need.

These powerful plant-based supplements are not only packed full of goodness for your body, but are packaged with the planet in mind, so you can take care of yourself on the inside in a sustainable way. Vegan Life’s plastic-free, compostable packaging goes a step beyond recycled packaging as the eco pouches, after use, can be popped into your normal rubbish, where they will then naturally biodegrade and turn into compost. The pouches are also resealable, to keep capsules fresh and prevent nutrient degradation.

Plant-based diets are on the rise year on year (the number of vegans in Britain shot up by a huge 40% in 2020), and veganism is no longer being considered a trend and more of a lifestyle choice, therefore it has never been more important to make changes to our vitamin intake, to ensure we are getting the nutrients we need. Many people who become vegan, or even simply reduce their meat intake will experience a lack of energy and will miss out on key nutrients. Vegan Life is not only targeted at vegans, but those who want to limit their meat intake and be mindful of the planet.

Designed to be taken once a day, the Vegan Society certified range meets every aspect of your wellness, from the all-round Immune Multi-Vit which incorporates 10 key nutrients (including spirulina and maca) for immune support, to Beauty Glow (made up of antioxidants, vitamins, and natural silica from bamboo extract) which ensures you have firmer skin, strong nails and healthy hair, and Brain Power, made to keep you on your A-game with Nootropic and Adaptogen herbs that assist with brain activity and improve mental performance, especially helpful for keeping focused and reducing stress whilst working from home.

Within the range is also Fatigue Fighter, which incorporates B vitamins and natural plant botanicals including guarana and bitter orange to ensure you stay energised, and Gut Care, which has 10 billion live cultures for microbiome support and liquorice extract to soothe the digestive system, especially helpful for minimising the IBS discomfort that can be triggered by plant-based foods.

With a range that caters for every aspect of wellness and self-care, Vegan Life offers a solution to the 57% of consumers concerned they would miss out on key nutrients when on a plant-based diet, ensuring they can still get all the nutrients needed for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The Vegan Life difference goes beyond personal wellbeing, as a proudly plastic-free and environmentally conscious brand, with pouches made from reclaimed agricultural waste (leaves and stems), with 100% green energy and CO2 neutral production. The environmental impact of these pouches is 47% lower than paper made from trees and 29% lower than recycled paper, meaning Vegan Life has the most eco-friendly packaging available, making it a must buy brand for the next environment conscious generation.

After a year of health being at the forefront of our minds perhaps more than ever, it’s time to look after every aspect of our wellbeing, and Vegan Life’s well-rounded range, which does good for you whilst also caring for the planet, has landed to do exactly that.

The full range can be found at with an RRP £14.99 for 30 capsules.

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