ULSTER RUGBY SCHOOLS I XV FIGHT & DEFEATED Connacht TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wind, RaiN, HAIL, SNOW, SUN, ULSTER RUGBY will fight whoever or whatever it is TO WINNNNNNNNNNNN. Allster Spartas were delighted to win this game. Focusing down inside themselves to take all the momentum away from the opposition attacks by reorganising and focusing and playing with a fight tooth and nail to beat them, and BEAT THEM THEY DID! At one point we heard to Connacht player son the sidelines talking negatively about their own side as ULSTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR pushed them back, tackled, them, hit them overpowered them focused on doing the man on man fighting and winning. Message to Connacht, it was not your fault, WE WON THE GAME by playing better rugby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



15 Jacob Stockdale (Wallace HS)
14 Robert Lyttle (RBAI)
13 Zach Bertenshaw (Sullivan Upper School)
12 Andrew Magrath (Ballymena Academy)
11 Angus Macartney (Sullivan Upper School)
10 Conor Kelly (Methodist College)
9 Cameron Stewart (Campbell College)
1 Conor McIlmurray (Campbell College)
2 Andrew Shaw (Bangor GS)
3 Elliott Boyd (Campbell College)
4 Harry Cleland (RBAI)
5 Jonny Harris (Regent House)
6 Conall Boomer (Methodist College)
7 Josh McIlroy (Ballymena Academy)
8 Duncan Maguire (Ballymena Academy)
16 Ben Pentland (Wallace HS)
17 Peter Cooper (Sullivan Upper School)
18 John Clarke (Portora RS)
19 Conal Murphy (Rainey ES)
20 Matthew McKinney (Methodist College)
21 Cameron Fulton (Coleraine AI)
22 Mark Adair (Sullivan Upper School)
23 Jordan Hylton (BRA)
24 Aaron Haig (Campbell College)
25 Max Trouton (Wallace HS)
26 David Campbell (BRA)

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