Ulster Rugby Juniors 21 v Leinster Rugby Juniors 21 Interpro Series 014 200+ Superb Shots from Sports Photographer George Heron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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An honour to have reported on what was a very very good series by the Ulster Rugby Juniors in a series of games in which a one point defeat at Munster was all that was in it. Being in the game, competing against the best that the other provinces have and registering 1 win, 1 defeat and 1 draw and scoring a cricket score of 80+ points on the way and being in the series up until the end of the series is something to be proud of as a province of CLUBS. These players have represented themselves, their province, their clubs, very very well. Ireland won the Six Nations this year not because France threw a ball forward in the last seconds of the last game but because they competed for everything to be in a position to win by the finest margins having lost by one penalty to England. THESE ARE FINE MARGINS and the Ulster Juniors competed for everything to be in a position to win the series. So well done to all teams who compete through hard work and graft to be in the fight right to the end.

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