Treviso just don’t belong at this level

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They now call it the Champions Cup and if the title sounds a touch grandiose, well the vast majority have been champions of something at some stage or other.

Over the last 15 years all but two of the 20 contenders can point to at least one major trophy, domestic or European.

Glasgow are one exception but nobody would insult the Clydeside Warriors as the most consistent team in the Pro12 by questioning their right to be there.

The same cannot be said of Treviso. The argument for their inclusion, that a tournament with any pretence to be pan-European, has to make room for one Italian club, is all very laudable but not if it throws the entire competition out of kilter.

As the softest of soft touches, Treviso have ensured that two clubs from their lop-sided pool, Northampton and Racing Metro, will make the last eight — one as winners, the other as one of the three best runners-up…………… see more at :-

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