Billy Keane: Smirking French just didn’t see this mini-miracle coming

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Clermont’s Camille Lopez is tackled by Munster lock Paul O’Connell during their European Rugby Champions Cup clash at the Stade Marcel-Michelin. Photo: Matt Browne / SPORTSFILE see more at :-

In these days of political turmoil, the word bonus has become a dirty word, but not any more.

For Munster’s miraculous losing bonus point against Clermont Auvergne in the high country of the Central Massif keeps us in the European Champions Cup. Just about.

Even as we speak, a phenomenon investigator who used to work for The Vatican is on his way to the Stade Marcel. It has nice ring to it. The Miracle Of The Stade Marcel.

I’m still trying to figure out quite how Munster managed to miracle the bonus.

Here’s a possible explanation. The French were smirking as they entered the last scrum. You could see they were madly in love with their own wonderfulness. Munster were out on their feet after being beaten up by a huge team. Clermont looked as if they had just had a manicure and a massage

There was only three minutes left and maybe the French half expected the Munster captain Peter O’ Mahony would graciously concede defeat, even though all the votes hadn’t yet been counted. Clermont were so far ahead they lost concentration and mistook the fat lady’s gargle for a song……………. see more at :-

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