Trendhim Grooming guide 1 > 5 BEARD-GROOMING TIPS – STRAIGHT FROM THE BARBER… featuring the Scandinavian River Grooming Range inspired by Denmark’s nature and rough winters.

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Trendhim Grooming guides featuring the Scandinavian River Grooming Range inspired by Denmark’s nature and rough winters.


Trendhim’s comprehensive guide has all you need to keep your beard looking and feeling its best. From taking care of dry skin to trimming and shaping, no question is left unanswered thanks to professional barber Alan Dashti’s expertise… read the full guide at >

You are met with an inviting silence when you walk into the Dashtis barbershop. The serious energy in the room feels like you are doing the right thing – something men have been doing for ages.

There is a focus in the air. But it feels personal and relaxed. Like everything is under control, and you just have to await the swift and precise movements of scissors and combs.

Trendhim’s team went to downtown Horsens, Denmark, to see the celebrated Dashti brothers in action. These guys have had more hair and beard oil on their fingers than anyone we know. Who else to learn from than barbers with over 20 years of experience and beards you can help but stare at?

Trendhim has put together several male grooming guides featuring their essentials and their newest collection of natural Scandinavian products River Grooming (

River Grooming is inspired by Denmark’s nature and rough winters, and is crafted with all-natural ingredients free from irritants.

Their beard-grooming guide was based on an interview with The Dasthis, a Danish barbershop owned by brothers who have a long professional experience and who know how to make you feel like you’ve come to the right place (

Their wet shaving guide is made in house, going through different types of razors, creams, lather and brushes, and how to choose them carefully. You can find it here:

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