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• Grass stains and mud can both be hard stains to remove, but leading laundry brand ACE UK has provided tips to easily remove them.
• ACE is available in all major supermarkets and many high street discount stores.

The rugby season may have been a little underwhelming this year, but that should not stop budding rugby players getting out into the garden, or the park, to practice. Even if the weather is not wet, rugby kits can easily get grass stained or muddy and these stains can be hard to remove. We have put some top tips together, with the help of leading laundry brand ACE UK, to help you remove tricky stains and keep your rugby kit looking fresh.

1. Tackle it as soon as possible
After a long training session or match it is easy to leave washing the kit until another day. However, the longer it is left, the worse it is going to get. Leaving a stained kit sitting around gives the mud and dirt time to set into the fabric fibres and will make it even harder to remove completely.

2. Master the mud
Even if the ground is dry, rugby is always a muddy sport. It is important to leave mud to dry and then remove any large clumps – this will make life easier for both you, and your washing machine.
If your washing machine has a prewash setting, use this to give the kit a rinse before the proper wash, then add a capful of ACE to your main wash to help remove stubborn marks.

3. Grass-free garments
A grass-stained uniform is not what anyone wants when turning up to a big match. Dab alcohol onto the stain with a clean sponge to lift off the green pigmentation, but make sure you do not rub it as this will make the stain spread. Never use hot water when pre-treating stains as this can cause them to set into the fabric. Massage some ACE for Colours – or ACE Ultra depending on the colour of the kit – into the stain, helping it to get deep into the fabric. Leave the kit to sit for five minutes and then put it in the wash with a capful of your chosen ACE product.

4. Get some air
Tumble drying sports kit is a common mistake and, although it is much quicker, it should be avoided where possible. The tumble dryer can cause colours to fade, stains to set and fabric to shrink; all things you do not want to happen when you have forked out a small fortune for all the kit. Leave clothes on an airer to dry overnight, or throughout the day, to make sure they are ready for the next practice or match.

ACE is the UK’s leading stain removal and cleaning brand. The laundry products protect your colours and whiten whites, to make sure rugby kit can last season after season.

To find out more about ACE visit ACE products can be found in most major supermarkets including Tesco and Morrisons and high street discount stores.


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