The British Hemp Company has just launched and their face oil and hand balm are fantastic gifts for mother’s day. First orders 10% off with HELLOHEMP… Perfect For Mothers…

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The British Hemp Company has just launched and their face oil and hand balm are fantastic gifts for mother’s day. First orders 10% off with HELLOHEMP. Hemp is amazingly good for your health as it is for the environment.

Please see some amazing facts about hemp below and the products.

Hemp Face Oil (

Hemp seed oil penetrates the dermis to promote healthy cell growth, and can soothe inflammation, dry skin and eczema. Simply apply a few drops to your fingertips and massage gently onto your face and neck after cleansing.

Hemp Hand Balm (

Nourishing, hemp seed oil goodness, with mango butter, for hard working hands. Hemp seed oil penetrates deeply to promote healthy cell growth — the recipe for smooth, soft skin. Can also soothe inflammation, dry skin and eczema. Keep close to keep dry skin away.

& Ten Reasons why Hemp really is all round good:

Hemp captures carbon like no other crop! During its growth cycle, one hectare of hemp can remove a whopping 20 tons of carbon from the atmosphere.
It needs no herbicides or insecticides to thrive so you know that your hemp food products will be pure, and the hedgerows, bees and butterflies will be happy
Its seeds and oil are bursting with vital nutrients including the full range of essential fatty acids, and have multiple health benefits.
Hemp plant fibres can be made into everything from building materials to textiles, paper, insulation, bio-fuel and car bodies. That’s right, car bodies! And they are at least 10 times more dent resistant than steel.
Hemp protein powder is the richest source of plant-based protein you’ll find – and it contains all nine amino acids.
Hemp food products have no known allergens, so are suitable for the most sensitive of stomachs.
Textiles made from hemp are four times stronger than cotton, but softer.
Hemp can be grown using ‘no till farming’ methods, which helps reduce soil erosion.
Unlike many other commercial crops, hemp needs little water – far less than corn, wheat or soya beans.

The British Hemp Company launches range of products to nourish and empower communities in the UK again…

Each tonne of harvested hemp takes the UK 20 tons of carbon closer to ‘net zero’

On the 3rd February The British Hemp Company (BHC) launched with three major initiatives in its strategy to harmonise people, profits and the planet.
Hemp is available in the UK but many suppliers sell seed-based products that are tainted with a massive carbon footprint. Few are transparent about the distances travelled by their products, many of which come from countries as far away as Canada and China. Locally grown and processed products are better for the environment as they do not come with a huge carbon footprint.

Amazing Facts!
Hemp out performs all other crops in carbon capture, and one hectare of plants can remove up to 20 tons from the atmosphere during its growing cycle.
Hemp is great for the insect population as it needs no pesticides or herbicides. This allows hedgerows to breathe and birds and butterflies to thrive. The British Hemp Company is hoping to make a huge impact with helping the Government achieve its ambitious carbon reduction target of ‘net zero’ by 2050.

Hemp History
Globally, hemp has been recognised for thousands of years as an extremely versatile, robust and environmentally friendly plant. It delivered considerable societal and economic benefits to people and communities – providing employment, food, clothes, shelter, medicine, fuel and nutrition. In the 1930s hemp fell out of favour after the price fell and a government disinformation campaign wrongly linked hemp with Cannabis. Up until the ‘well of information’ was poisoned this naturally occurring health giving resource had nourished and empowered communities. This is what the British Hemp Company wish to recreate in the UK. Hemp is due a hayday, according to Steve Glover, MD of The British Hemp Company.
“We exist on a warming, over populated and polluted planet,” said Glover. “It is our mission to farm hemp and make investments into processing that reverse extremely disturbing trends such as global warming. We need to replace all of the toxic industries that are responsible for the destruction that we see around us every day, and give back to UK communities with employment, education by promoting the huge environmental and health benefits of hemp.”

Nutritional Facts
Hemp seeds are one of nature’s superfoods. They are one of the best sources of complete plant-based protein containing all 9 essential amino amino acids along with omegas 3, 6 & 9, in the perfect ratio for the human body. Essentially one can survive on hemp alone and be very healthy. The health benefits of hemp include good digestion, regulated hormonal symptoms and a well performing brain function.

Today the British Hemp Company launch with a range of products including Hemp Protein Powder, Hemp Seed Oil, Whole Hemp Seeds, Hulled Hemp Seeds, Hemp Flour, Hand Cream and Face Oil. A full range of body care products will be rolled out over the next few months including Lip Balm and Body Moisturiser. In future The British Hemp Company will franchise its operation throughout the UK, a totally functioning UK Hemp industry on multiple sites stimulating economic growth through mass job creation and seeding new business. The opportunities created include the manufacture of soaps and body care products, packing, processing, farming and expanding its product lines to paper making and textile manufacture.
Support from the Industry.

The British Hemp Company launch with support from of an already firmly established partner network built from Steve Glover’s work with hemp farmers as founder of the Bristol Hemp Company. In 2017 after a great deal of communications with the Home Office, the Bristol Hemp Company obtained the first industrial hemp license. Steve Glover has been supporting farmers in obtaining Home Office Licenses ever since, supporting all the farms launching today in obtaining their licence as part of the British Hemp Company.

Scott McArthur, McArthur Agriculture Ltd said: “McArthur Agriculture Ltd are delighted to be supporting The British Hemp Company with the provision and set up of processing equipment for hemp seed. It is an exciting prospect that many of our fellows in the UK agricultural industry can grow hemp to diversify and strengthen their businesses, whilst progressing ‘green’ aspirations. The British Hemp Company certainly mean business in setting up state of the art processing lines that will transform the raw material into exciting and diverse products with global demand.”
NAFICI Environmental Research are at the forefront of the research and development into the use of cereal straw (wheat, barley, oat, rice straw, etc.), corn stover, reed, cotton stems and more, transforming it efficiently into unbleached paper pulp. The partnership with The British Hemp Company is to set to expand NAFICI’s research remit into the development of the Eco-friendly Hemp stalks into Pulp. Florence Miremadi- Nafici Co-founder & CEO explained: “We are very excited to be working with the British Hemp Company. The first hemp stalk prototype passed all our checks with flying colours and we should start the next phase of development soon. We see huge economical and environment benefits from the evolution of hemp stalk, which range from providing solid economic farming solutions to developing countries and providing sustainable alternatives for plastic, animal bedding, insulation, building materials, textiles, and paper.”

The British Hemp Company will be taking its lead from its European counterparts that have historically had government support and freedom for the cultivation of Hemp. Notably Poland and a partnership with the Polish Hemp Program. Witold Czeszak, Head of The Polish Hemp Program, owned by the Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants and funded by the Polish Government commented on the news and the partnership: “I have the upmost respect for the vision of The British Hemp Company and am very pleased to be working in an advisory role to support the expansion of ethical hemp farming in the UK. Steve Glover has expansive knowledge about Hemp and understands how to overcome the barriers to production innovative goods made from industrial hemp. We are confident that with Steve’s passion and expertise that the harvesting of industrial hemp will make the necessary strides forward for mass production in the UK to kickstart the development of industries dealing with the processing of hemp stalks – from textiles, cosmetics sectors, to construction.”

About The British Hemp Company
The British Hemp Company believe in plant powered living, clean air, healthy food, the birds, the bees and home grown prosperity. Seed by seed, farm by farm, the mighty hemp is helping us make this a reality. Our hemp is grown organically on twelve locations and 250 acres throughout the UK – from Totnes to Aberdeen, Colchester to South Wales and our farmers are at the heart of everything we do. Our mill in Warminster is accredited to Soil Association standards and ISO9001. We produce a range of nutritional and body care products and plan franchising our operation throughout the UK in the next years and expanding its product lines to paper making and textile manufacture. We have a commitment to a triple bottom line where profit, people and the environment are equally important.

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