Team Sky selects Wahoo Fitness as their official indoor trainer supplier for the 2014 season

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Team Sky selects Wahoo Fitness as their official indoor trainer supplier for the 2014 season

Team Sky will train exclusively with Wahoo’s award winning KICKR Power Trainer

London, UK – 21st January 2014 – Wahoo Fitness, the leader in developing connected fitness tools to enhance performance and monitoring, is now the Official Supplier of Turbo Trainers to Team Sky, winners of the 2012 and 2013 Tour de France.

Through this exclusive collaboration Team Sky will be provided with KICKRs for use during the racing season and each rider will be provided with an individual KICKR for “at home” training sessions. Team Sky will use the KICKRs for pre-race warm up and post-race warm downs. The KICKR provides the cutting edge technology that Team Sky is looking for as they constantly strive to improve.

“Wahoo Fitness is a young and innovative company, who has produced a fantastic product in the KICKR which will meet our requirements both in racing and training,” said Tim Kerrison, Team Sky’s Head of Performance Support. “Team Sky and Wahoo share a common approach when it comes to innovation and continuous improvement.  We believe they have developed a market-leading product and we are excited about using the KICKR in the team and working with Wahoo to continue to developand improve their products.  We love the wheel-off design and the big fly-wheel which gives an excellent, smooth feel.  The ability to precisely control the resistance, whilst retaining the smoothness, gives us the opportunity to do great quality and high intensity training efforts on the KICKR.”

“It is awesome that Team Sky chose us to work with as it further validates our rapid growth and shows the world that Wahoo Fitness has created the best trainer ever,” says Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness. “This collaboration gives us the opportunity to develop future products while enhancing existing products in cooperation with an organisation that understands the kind of training necessary to win. We look forward to a successful 2014 and Wahoo Fitness equipment quickly becoming synonymous with victory.”

Using Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ technology, the KICKR Power Trainer connects to smartphones and tablets, allowing full resistance control during your training session. While pedaling, users can increase or decrease resistance, structure interval workouts or even simulate real world bike courses all from their smartphone. Resistance adjustments are instant, making it easy to replicate everything from a flat or rolling hill course, to the coast down a hill after a hard climb. With a wheel off design and super flywheel, the iPhone connected bike trainer is engineered to produce an ultra-realistic road feel, equivalent to the inertia of an actual rider on the road. A direct power measurement at the hub provides consistent and lab accurate power readings for every grueling mile.

For additional information on the latest partnership between Wahoo Fitness and Team Sky please contact Karina Drinkwater at or (01296 394614). For more details on Wahoo Fitness, please visit and for a complete list of compatible Apps, please visit

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