Carrick 7S Saturday featured the Quigg Open. WE HAVE 10 Albums of Raw Images , super rugby / \ Queens, Hinch, Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers, Ballyclare Autism Warriors, Lisburn Exiles, NGN7S, Quins, Blue Flag Heroes, Weightwatchers, Edinburgh College, The Mighty Shire, Athletico Ards, The Green Machine, The Warrios, Malone. carrick, edinburgh, larne, belfast met, randalstown. […]

InTouch TV Presents: Carrick 7s Quigg Open Footie Vids, Tries, Plays includes Semis & Finals

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The 41st Guinness Carrick Sevens Official Organisers Report: Samurai U19, Quigg Open, Qualifying Open & Ladies 10s & 400+ NEW Team, Action & Winner Pictures LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 41st Guinness Carrick Sevens took place over the week-end of 3rd – 5th May at Tom Simms Memorial Park with, as last year, over forty teams competing. While the cross-channel entry was again smaller than in earlier years, there were four Scottish and two English teams and the Ulster Fijian community again entered three […]

Carrick 7s: Quigg GOLDEN Open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Saturday Open Competition Surpassed Its Billing – One of the most Outstanding group of teams to ever enter – 1000 + Action, Team & Winner Shots LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Quigg Golden Open on Saturday 4th May was dominated from start to finish by the NGN 7s team organised to honour the memories of Noel, Graham and Nevin Spence. The team, based around Ballynahinch RFC for which Graham and Nevin played, ran in a feast of tries in pool victories over Hawick Linden, Jack […]

CARRICK SEVENS ~ ENTRY FORM HERE + Tournament Details & NEW Section Announced ~ The Quigg Golden Qualifying Clubs 7s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GUINNESS CARRICK SEVENS 4th to 6th of May 2012 Working towards the 40th Guinness Carrick Sevens, the organisers have introduced a new tournament aimed at only Qualifying League clubs! This will take place on Saturday the 5th of May, with a prize fund of £1600 available, which will be known as the Quigg Golden Qualifying […]