♫ ♪ INTOUCH TV PResents: Neil Hinds’s Black, White & Red Army Wallace High School Medallion Burst Into The Medallion Final!!!!!!! Pitch Invasion!!!!!!!!!!! Vids Of Tries!!!!!!!!!!!! 700 Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! Rab Irwin Reports From Osbourne Park

Wallace are in the final of the Medallion Shield 2012!!!!!!!!!!!! They burst through the semi final and the hoards of supporters burst onto the pitch to celebrate with the black red and white army …….. on wallace high……. oh wallace high…….. oh wallace high is wonderful………………….. oh walace high.. is wonderful…..oh wallace high is wonderful! […]

OH WALLACE HIGH ~ OH WALLACE HIGH….. InTouch TV Vid Highlights: PITCH INVASION!!!!!!! Wallace Medallion + Interview With Coach Neil Hinds & NEW PICTURES

Wallace progressed to the next round of the schools medallion championship with a strong win away to last years holders Sullivan Upper with tries, solid mauls, turnover rucks and teamwork – the crowd entered the pitch in waht can only be described as a pitch invasion to the tune of “Oh Wallace high, Oh Wallace […]