Havaianas “Love Birds” Valentine’s Day!  www.havaianas-store.com/en

Havaianas “Love Birds” Valentine’s Day!  www.havaianas-store.com/en FACEBOOK | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | PINTEREST For the next Valentine’s Day, Havaianas has prepared Love Birds, a capsule collection inspired by the love of the sweetest birds in nature! The collection carries soft colours and and is named after the expression “Lovebirds”, commonly used when referring […]

Birds Eye Kite Photography Ireland

Birds Eye Kite Photography Ireland My name is Ciarán May & I live in my native Co Fermanagh, Ireland.  I try to spend most of my time capturing unique aerial photography of Ireland using a Kite to lift my camera. My style of Aerial Photography of Ireland is truly unique and is of course totally environmentally […]