Birds Eye Kite Photography Ireland

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Birds Eye Kite Photography Ireland

My name is Ciarán May & I live in my native Co Fermanagh, Ireland.  I try to spend most of my time capturing unique aerial photography of Ireland using a Kite to lift my camera. My style of Aerial Photography of Ireland is truly unique and is of course totally environmentally friendly. I am a commissioned aerial photographer for national and international tourism bodies, city & county councils, as well as businesses and private individuals.

An increasingly big part of what I do is to provide gift ready images from my extensive body of work.  If you have seen an image you like on our social media channels, just leave me a message.  We have a range of print options that are all hand finished by myself and are finding new homes worldwide.

When you’ve got this far why not take a look at our gallery covering Irelands four provinces, you’ll be delighted you did.

A small sample of Prints can be purchased in the shop.  All prints are shipped FREE!

If you would like to know more about me and my photography, please visit my blog.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my unique Aerial Photography & hope you catch some of the passion.

Warmest of wishes Ciarán

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