PROOF POSITIVE IT WORKS, “I JUST DID IT AGAIN!” “Using the methods and techniques I describe in my book, I took a 1st prize in the 23rd Annual International Popular Photography Readers’ Photo contest.” >>

So states Raymond J. Klein photographer and author of his book. CHECK THIS OUT: Just follow the techniques he outlines in his book! THE BOOK IS AVAILABLE AT: The entire contest categories can be seen here: The book, “Visions of Light,” real mission is about WINNING A PRIZE! In 2005 the author won […]

Dee boyz pick up awards at annual dinner notes

ANNUAL DINNER Another successful Annual Dinner & Awards Evening was held at Donaldson Park last Friday night. Thanks go to speakers John Kinnear (President IRFU (Ulster Branch)) and Mick Quinn (Ireland & Lansdowne RFC) but most special thanks are reserved for Bertie Bell for his impeccable organisation of the evening. Especially pleasing to see 53 […]