www.schoollistdone.com ! Submit Your School Supplies Shopping List, then…… Your Items Arrive Within A Week ! >> www.schoollistdone.com

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www.schoollistdone.com ! Submit Your School Supplies Shopping List, then…… Your items Arrive within A Week ! >> www.schoollistdone.com

With the first Back to School shopping season done, Schoollistdone.com has reinvested back into the business. In order to keep up with growing traffic, they are incorporating a virtual assistant as well as a full website makeover. Make sure you check back in to see all the improvements!


Schoollistdone.com are a recent innovative startup offering discounted school supply bundles. The innovation they offer is in their approach to traditional back to school shopping and addressing the angst usually associated with it. They offer their customers THE easiest carefree shopping experience ever! All the customer has to do is:

1. Send a picture of your back to school shopping list
2. Within a few hours you can view a picture of your specific bundle online with detailed descriptions and buy. Delivered within a week.
3. Since the bundle is now online and named after your school and grade, any other parents with kids in that same class can purchase as well without even sending us their list!

When parents are asked their thoughts on back to school shopping it’s nearly always an occasion to dread. From receiving school lists that seem to be more finicky and expensive every year, to fighting through crowded big name stores just to wait in long lines forever, to scrolling through miles of websites putting together a shopping cart one item at a time, to taking your kids to the stores with you…parents are just over it!

This approach has proved extremely successful with shoppers. Customers have reached out to them from NY, FL, TX, and even Alaska! For those parents that still hasn’t had a chance to do their shopping, this is the perfect solution. check Out some of the bundles already completed for parents and students below!

See more at >> www.Schoollistdone.com


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