Sponsorships In Sports

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Sponsorships In Sports

Sponsorships and sports go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter which sport you’re talking about. It’s going to have sponsors across all areas. And the deals between companies and brands with sporting leagues, teams, sportspeople, and more are designed to bring exposure and potentially custom to one side of the agreement and investment and revenue to the other.

We can give tons of examples of sponsorship sport, but one of the investment deals that stands out from the crowd came from Entain under its former guise of GVC Holdings in September 2020. “Pitching In” is an investment campaign into grassroots sports in the UK, pumping money into sports such as football and rugby.

And recently, Entain, which has many brands under its umbrella, with PartyCasino being one of the most prominent, has injected a further £150,000 into the Pitching In Project. So, the total agreement so far has seen over £1 million invested, and this will have long term benefits for sport at all levels in the UK.

We mentioned rugby, and this is one of the sports where sponsorships provide many benefits to the infrastructure, allowing the sport to thrive. Rugby can call on the likes of iconic sporting brands such as Adidas and Nike and health firms such as Optimum Nutrition and Holland and Barrett as key stakeholders. As a result, rugby gets the investment, while the associated companies gain the exposure, as a lot of the sport is televised nowadays.

Recently, where sponsorships in sports are concerned, there is a significant push by cryptocurrency and blockchain brands to find their way into as many areas as possible. Socios.Com are one brand impacting multiple sports and sporting outfits. They deal with football teams, the UFC, motorsport organizations, cricket outfits and numerous basketball teams.

Through the sponsorship deals they have, they deliver an increase in brand identity, engagement with fans and data-driven results. In addition, it’s an opportunity to bring blockchain, cryptocurrency and fan tokens to the mainstream. And, those with agreements with Socios.Com will reap the benefits financially and in other areas.

One of the primary routes to market for sponsors in sports comes via kit manufacture. 2021 is the year Castore started to make waves in sporting wear. They’re responsible for producing kits and training wear for football clubs such as Newcastle United, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Rangers. They also work with McClaren, the West Indies cricket team, Jos Buttler, Andy Murray and Adam Peaty.

Castore’s expansion into other sports and sporting people is a sign of things to come. And, the likes of rugby and other team sports could be next in line. All the deals mentioned above, and those in the media, follow the trend of brands and sponsors targeting multiple sports instead of focusing on one. And, it’s mutually beneficial, as there are advantages to being the sponsor and the receiver of sponsorship, especially where investment is concerned.

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