So Many Online Dating Options!

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I am to this day still totally amazed by the number and variety of online dating websites available across the nations from the most Northern & Southern parts of the countries, regions and continents. The internet has made online dating the norm! It is so accessable. As soon as someone has an internet connection they can search for the local sites in their neighbourhood and get connecting!

With most people in long term stable relationships, increasing numbers are saying that they did not meet through nightlife venues but actually online! thius has coincided happily with the change to online dating and the move away from traditional media mediums like set based viewing on televisions (an idea that was popular back in the 60s). The internet seems also to have increased peoples ability to pursue their own interests and research / explore their own personal passions. Dating too has moved online because that is really where people are congregating in something akin to the public space. Online is where the conversations are taking place and so too dating and finding life partners has moved online.

With people freeing up more and more time for their own personal development dating online is just such a natural thing to do. Simultaneously you can be working on your business, learning passages from your favourite poems… and dating. As messages either text based or visual via video are coming in or going out you can truly mutli-task to get everything done.

As a great example, take the geographical location of Fife. A simple search online will reveal their are many more than just one Fife Dating Site . Whilst this is very encouraging for those seeking dates in Fife it should equally be noted that individuals in Fife and the surrounding regions have so much going on in their lives. They are painting, learning instruments to play classical music. They are reading the classics like the English and Russion greats. They are following many subjects in the humanities and the sciences. They are inspired by the Greek philosophers and the Renaissance / Enlightnement. Most importantly they are also taking care of their health and fitness. So with all of this happening and so much of this self improvement taking place online. Having dating goals happening online is a really efficient way of keeping everything on just a couple of devices like a laptop and smartphone.

In this way people in fife a wonderful Scottish county are equally connected to centres like London or New York as they are to their local villages and neighbouring farmers. With the closest neighbours even a mile away many farmers in the Fife area are using online dating because the infrastructure has developed that much!

So as dating online is now the norm we wish you a very merry Christmas full of love and romance!

Best wishes!

InTouch rugby Dating & Relationships Editor at Large.

Ps… As with all dating… be careful, think about your personal security. Take a chaperone with you, have people know where you are, who you are supposed to be with and make a totally trusted person aware of your location at all times. This could even extend to a system to release a password to a very very close and trusted person likely a relative in the event of an emergency. Thank you so much.

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