Simply Amazing: Stories of inspiration, Triumph over tragedy, near death experiences and more as told on WMAPRadio by K.C. Armstrong (Author)

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Simply Amazing is a collection of uplifting stories of overcoming life’s greatest obstacles. KC Armstrong begins the book with the heart-wrenching story of his tormented years after leaving the Howard Stern Show and then his transformation to a life of hope and service to others. He shares thirteen favorite interviews from his WMAP radio station of people who’ve also overcome tremendous challenges to find their true life callings. This is a great feel-good antidote for turbulent times and an upbeat gift for any occasion.

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KC Armstrong, former cast member of the Howard Stern show and 20 year veteran of radio, has is on radio network called the “World’s Most Amazing People” radio, On his show he has interviewed hundreds of people about their lives, the impact of the world on themselves, and how they overcame adversity to inspire and help others.

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