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Seggiano Easter Gifts…

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Colomba Di Pasqua: The Italian Easter Cake
Perfect for Sharing with the Family
If you love panettone you’ll love this too…

Food lovers will rejoice this Easter as artisan Italian brand Seggiano releases its annual seasonal treat – the Colomba Di Pasqua.

The Colomba Di Pasqua, a light aromatic cake flavoured with candied orange peel and vanilla pods, has long been a symbol of peace in Italy with ‘La Colomba’ literally translating as ‘dove’. The iconic cake, traditionally shared with family on Easter Sunday, is baked in the shape of the bird to signify hope and renewal.

Available in the UK for just a tiny window of time, this delicious Easter cake is reminiscent of panettone. In fact, Seggiano’s Colomba cake is made by the same craft baker that produces its Christmas panettone range – Beniamino Bazzoli – the highly esteemed confectioner from the Lombardy region of Italy.

The Colomba’s perfectly light dough is made using the same 40+ year naturally leavened yeast that Beniamino uses for his panettone. Other ingredients include Italian almonds, wildflower honey, fragrant citrus peel, organic eggs and butter, as well as only the best vanilla pods. Topped with a traditional crunchy hazelnut glaze and whole nuts it’s incredibly satisfying to slice into.

Unlike many other Colomba Di Pasqua that are being commercially produced, this version from Seggiano includes no artificial baking agents and trans fat emulsifiers which are used to lengthen the shelf life of many baked goods. It’s for this reason that the Seggiano Colomba Di Pasqua is only available for such a short window – to ensure it reaches the table beautifully moist and light.

Wrapped in stunning vibrant paper and finished with a colourful ribbon, it makes a beautiful ready-to-give Easter present for those who might be a little too grown up for chocolate eggs… Enjoy it simply sliced alongside a cup of coffee, or better still toast and spread with salted butter. What’s more if there’s any left (unlikely!) it makes a wonderful bread and butter pudding.

The Seggiano Colomba Di Pasqua is available to buy online from 1st March 2022 for £18.49, delivery is free for orders of over £40, alternatively you can find the cakes stocked by fine food retailers across the UK, see here for more info.

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