Rugby World Cup 2015 Fitness Mental Alertness underpinned by the appropriate nutritional programme

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The highlight of rugby world 2015 was the defeat of South Africa former World Cup winners by previous minnows Japan. Hailed as the rising suns their alertness allowed them to re-organise with incredible speed and accuracy, they were first to every lineout and they were first to nearly every breakdown contest, they did not win every contest but they were more often than not the first there in numbers beacuase everything they did was faster, this is not possible without understanding and practicing the game and is also impossible without the physical reserves and muscle mass and the mental alertness to implement the training and knowledge during the game. The rugby organism so to speak and we are organic in nature cannot function without sports nutrition.
When a team of individuals have invested in people, training, experience, nutrition, pyschology, and healthcare, as well as their management andcoaching, analysis then they are putting themselves in the best possible position to succeed, some will call this culture, and that culture is driven by the pursuit of excellence. You truly can control all the variables and when you do that your platform is set to register upsets such as Japan beating South Africa. Of course understanding you limitations and developing your game to cope with that and understanding your advantages is critically important.
Win is exactly what Japan did, but they did not just win a game, they won more moments within that game, truly demonstrating that whether in attack or defence if you are faster at implementing your knowledge than the opposition then the perceived difference between the two teams reduces, if you are faster at getting numbers to the breakdown then you will slow down the oppositions recycling of the ball, but also psychologically if you
present yourself as the more eager and positive side by being at the lineout or ready for the scrum more quickly than the opposition, then a physically big side like South Africa will struggle, that was one of Japans edges, the South Africans play at certain pace which better suits their physiology, the Japanese upset their ability to physically replenish oxygen by being ready to play the next phase or scrum of lineout faster than them, to the point where if they do not run over to the lineout then the ref will penalise them.
This is nearly impossible to control without products like protein, magnesium, beta-alanine, carbohydrates, vitamin supplements, energy stimulation products, and a balanced healthy diet. having the desire to take your organisation to that higher level of functioning drives the implelmentation of nutritional and training regimes which produce outcomes like Japan v South Africa. A truely historic moment in World Rugby.

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