Report Live BHSFP 2s hard fought game against HALF A PACK OFFSIDE EVERY OTHER PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They would have won it only for that cheating.

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2XV match report courtesy of Steven Drennan
A great day for rugby, conditions perfect albeit a bit humid. The presidents select ventured out once more, welcoming Coleraine to the league at home.
A tight team had been announced and that was without Willy’s wallet in the picture. The pack dominated from the start, front five showing their expertise. Balmer a rock as ever with some old faces coming through Kerr driving forward. Syd Swarbrick and Thompson showing great rucking skills throughout.
First blow went to Coleraine, they couldn’t break through the blue wall and opted for posts, not long after after some pressure they recked their way under the posts. Soon enough though we got some back through the boot of Hayes.
Early chances went amiss for bhs as fingertips just slipping in the back three with space opening up. Again discipline was soon punished as Coleraine kicked again. The high school came back though again through the boot, dominant line-outs from the captain’s throws.
Adam has a brilliant game, especially when he had to deal with half a pack offside down his neck every other play. Soon the backs came up with goods through in the second half Davy Mayne just Davy Mayning it. Some more swift play saw Murphy break time and time again, too quick for support despite being a silver fox. An advert has been put in the telegraph for his lost forth gear.
Coleraine kept pressure on through the boot, despite some less than average clearances they always had a good chase, even forcing Balmer into an overhead clearance.
Patience paid off and with some overlaps jonny Murphy went under the posts combing with a dominant performance from “kirk” at ten.
The final phases were tense, line and after we went loosing Cully about six times, Davy Mayne twice, Michael Hayes and jackos pace on the wing Syd nipping in to finish the ball. Adams went for under the posts and the opposition were deserving of a yellow for infringement. Noble, Balmer and Damien all caught short, with dally having been successful in being overweight and making good ground at 12, tried to sneak over like a ballbag.
In the end, opportunites not taken leaving us in frustration, with a six point loss, but a good game all round and great platform to work from.
Final score 21-26
Man of the match; Adam Reid….. CLICK HERE FOR MORE!

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