Rugby Legends Black Friday ‘Fair Play Sales’ Rules…….. The Shop Side Rule……..Free pick……..Stock Blocking……… Mobile Sin Bin : FULL LIST HERE, Red cards are being issued!

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Black Friday ‘Fair Play Sales’

Black Friday shoppers kept in check by rugby legends at Highcross and Brent Cross

Last year’s ‘Black Friday’ saw people across flock to the shops for incredible deals ahead of the festive season. To keep eager shoppers in check this year, Brent Cross (London) and Highcross (Leicester) shopping centres have taken extra precautions by drafting in rugby legends to teach customers the Black Friday ‘fair play rules’ and ensure a harmonious shopping experience for all rather than a shopping scrum.

The ‘Fair Play Sale Squad’ includes Neil Back of Leicester Tigers and England rugby fame as well as players Nils Mordt, Max Wilkins and Biyi Alo from the Saracens Rugby Club. The squad were deployed in-centre throughout the week to show security guards, shoppers and shop assistants how to cope with the Black Friday melee.

Both centres have defined nine rules of play including the ‘Shop Side Rule’, ‘Stock Blocking’, ‘Free Pick’ and ‘Mobile Sin Bin’. If shoppers break the rules, they’ll be given a five-minute penalty outside the centre to eliminate ‘rail rage’!

Katie Tucker, Marketing Manager at Brent Cross commented, “Black Friday has become increasingly popular since migrating over from the US and as it grows in popularity we want to ensure shoppers avoid the shopping scrum. There’s nobody better placed than Saracens and Leicester Tigers legend Neil back MBE, to enforce our ‘Fair Play Sales Rules’ throughout the centres and we expect Black Friday to run smoothly following our week of training.”

Gurvinder Rupra, Marketing Manager at Highcross commented: “Retailers have really got on board this year and it seems that Black Friday is now widely recognised, and even expected, by consumers. Interestingly this year we have fashion and beauty retailers joining the white goods and electrical stores – even food outlets are providing discounts. Black Friday is definitely now an established event on the shopping calendar.”


1. The Shop Side Rule: Give fellow shoppers at least one metre’s distance whilst shopping
2. Free pick: Always allow shoppers a three second indecision ‘delay’ once an item is placed back on the rail
3. Tidy tactics: Do not drop discarded sale items on the floor
4. Sneaky swiping: Never take an item directly from another customers’ hands
5. Queue-sers: Never queue jump whilst paying for Items or save a space for someone in the queue
6. Pile ‘Em Proper: If replacing an item after looking at It, ensure it goes back in the right sizing pile, on relevant hanger to avoid sizing confusion for other shoppers
7. Stock Blocking: Do not stop in or block walkways without checking for traffic behind you first
8. Stop Watch: Do not spend more than ten minutes at a time in the changing room
9. Mobile Sin Bin: Use of mobile phones is banned in walkways to ensure all shoppers are 100% focused on the game ahead


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